n Vienna Sidebar provides you with fast access to frequently used applications and functions in Windows. It is a transparent sidebar menu that comprises a decent amount of tools and displays essential information concerning your system. By default, the sidebar is positioned in the right side of the screen, but you can also place it to the left, provided you don't keep any desktop shortcuts there. There are various shortcuts integrated within the menu. You can use it to immediately launch frequently used folders and sections, such as 'My computer', 'My Documents', the 'Control Panel' or the 'Games' directory. Task manager, the command console, the 'Windows Security' section, the 'Network Connections' window or the 'Volume Control' can also be run with a single click. On the downside, the application does not offer you the possibility to customize the launch menu, which means new shortcuts cannot be added to the sidebar. n Vienna Sidebar also displays information about your computer, enabling you to monitor the CPU and the RAM usage, as well as the free storage space on each of your drives. In addition to this, it includes a section dedicated to power management options, where you can find buttons for shutting down, restarting or logging off the PC. The built-in search form provides support for various search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Thesaurus, Dictionary), while the integrated audio player offers basic playback controls, allowing you to listen to your favorite tracks. While it could use some improvements (customizable shortcuts, flexible item layout) that could really add to its value, n Vienna Sidebar comes in handy to any user, aiming to improve the daily workflow and offer one-click access to programs and system information.


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The Vienna Sidebar (AVS) is an excellent way to keep all of your essential information at your fingertips! It has a lot of useful functions and features that are easy to access without having to go through multiple windows. Its icon is very small and is designed to be resized to any resolution. You can also drag and drop your widgets from other places within Windows into the Sidebar, or, if you prefer, all of the program’s functions can be accessed with a single click. The Sidebar has a number of built-in widgets for your most used programs, which enable you to run them with a single mouse click. The Sidebar also monitors your system and refreshes itself when your computer starts or when you launch a task. You can adjust the Sidebar’s location with the “Bring to front” option, and you can also drag it around the screen. The Sidebar also provides you with a number of handy shortcuts. You can open the Task Manager, the Command Prompt, or any web browser with a single click. The Windows Security and Volume Control options are also available in the Sidebar. You can also toggle the Sidebar’s RAM and CPU monitoring, and you can manage the power settings of your computer.Q: What happens when you open a module’s __init__.py? Let’s say you have a modules structure like this: /foo /__init__.py module1.py module2.py … And you open __init__.py from the foo module, what will happen? I tried to do this: $ python >>> import foo >>> foo.__init__.py Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 1, in AttributeError:’module’ object has no attribute ‘__init__’ What is the expected behaviour? A: This is the expected behavior. When you do import foo.module1 the foo module is imported and then foo.module1 is imported. This means that Python first imports the foo module (which is equivalent to doing the import foo), and then import foo.module1. Since foo.module1 is not defined, you get an exception. Afghan officials say a heavily armed suicide bomber has detonated his explosives inside a military base used by police, killing at 3a67dffeec

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n Vienna Sidebar is a free app for Windows that offers a handy menu with many frequently used applications and functions on your system. The program includes shortcuts for launching a wide range of folders, including ‘My Computer’, ‘My Documents’, ‘Program Files’, ‘Control Panel’, ‘Paint’, ‘Games’ and ‘System’. In addition to this, it features various tools, providing you with the possibility to quickly shut down, restart or log off your computer, as well as to open the Task Manager, the Command Console, the Windows Security section, the Network Connections window or the Volume Control. The sidebar also displays valuable information about your computer, such as the current CPU and RAM usage, as well as the total storage space on each of your drives. Besides this, the n Vienna Sidebar can be used to monitor battery usage, enabling you to quickly add or remove batteries or charger devices. In addition, the app includes a section dedicated to power management options, where you can find buttons for shutting down, restarting or logging off the PC. To find more information, the sidebar includes a search form, which you can use to quickly search for keywords or familiarize yourself with any one of the many different data sources available (including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Thesaurus, Dictionary, Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia). The sidebar also includes an audio player, which allows you to easily set up a play list and listen to your favorite tracks. Furthermore, n Vienna Sidebar comes in handy for all users who want to improve their daily workflows and offers one-click access to applications and functions. * Note that at the present time, Windows 8 / 7/ Vista/ XP, you can only download and use this app directly from the Microsoft Store. * Follow the steps below to install this app. 1. Please check the following setting, if there is another IE installed (eg. IE11 or IE10): If there is, – Close this other IE. – Open the Start – Search: Windows – IE – Internet Explorer. – Click on the Customize button. – Select ‘Use the new tabs to switch between your Apps and Windows Store’. – Click on OK. – Restart your computer. If there is not, – Close the Microsoft Store IE, and open the start – Search: Windows – Internet Explorer. – Go to the Set up button. – Select ‘Use the new tabs to switch between

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If you need to increase the number of shortcuts available to the Sidebar, please see Sidebar Setup Utility (help.nvienna.org/…/sidebar-setup.html). All shortcuts will be created in the following folder: c:\Program Files (x86)\Vienna Sidebar\sideload\…. by eyeasy Software Ltd.Download the FULL version from Eyeasy Default Screenshot ToolDescription: Eyeasy Default Screenshot Tool is a handy program for everyone working with screen shots and screen capture. Set capture region and process capture, crop, enhance and save your screenshots. You can also include date and time in the screenshot name. by Agnitum Software Inc.Download the FULL version from Aseet Stereo MixWizardDescription: Aseet Stereo MixWizard is an amazing utility that allows you to create, mix and burn your own MP3 CD’s with just a few clicks. It’s easy-to-use wizard interface has been designed to make this program easy to use. You can create and mix MP3 CD’s with just a few clicks. by Advanced Music LabDownload the FULL version from AuctusBackup – File Backup & Restore ProgramDescription: Auctus Backup – File Backup & Restore Program is your 1-Click Backup solution for your entire PC. It’s the easiest, most effective way to protect your work from hard drive crashes, power surges, virus or program failures. by Avant! Software LLCDownload the FULL version from Avant! Media Player for Windows 10 15.41.12207.3145Description: Play and organize your videos, photos, and music from your collection, and get them organized, easily. The easy-to-use interface is focused on what you’re doing, so you can get your work done while Avant! is a whole lot more than a video player or media organizer. by Avatron Software LLCDownload the FULL version from Aviator – Free e-Business Suite – Powerful PDF Creator for Windows Description: Don’t confuse Aviator® and Aviator® with other e-Business suites. Aviator is a free version, not a demo or trial version. It is an updated version of Aviator, which is fully capable

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Recommended: Hardware: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 Memory: 8GB RAM Video: NVIDIA GTX-580 with 1GB VRAM or AMD HD 7850 Hard Drive: 9GB available space Additional Notes: – Steam version of the game – Disabled the in game performance settings – The game is compatible with DX11 if you have an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card – This is a pure port from the game