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PNotes Portable is a program that you can use to write sticky notes. It can be easily used by individuals of any experience level. Since installation is not required, you can place PNotes Portable on a removable drive (like a USB flash drive) and always have it with you when you’re on the go. It also means that your Windows registry keys will not be affected. The interface of the tool is simplistic and easy to work with. You can easily write text and access the right-click menu to use the undo and redo functions along with a search tool, as well as copy and paste text. But you can also enable automatic spell checking and insert pictures, smileys and the current date and time. In addition, you can change the font (e.g. stye, size, attributes), save content in a plain text document, duplicate notes, adjust the appearance and schedule, send text via email as an attachment, edit tags, create a favorites list, set a program password, mark notes as complete, toggle high priority, enable PNotes Portable to stay on stop of other processes, pin the tool to window, and more. The program takes up a very small amount of system resources (which is barely noticeable), has a very good response time and didn’t cause us any difficulties during our tests. All in all, PNotes Portable is an excellent tool for writing sticky notes and we highly recommend it to all users. Learn about the most easily accessed features of PNotes Portable. There are many more features to explore, but in this course you can find the most important features. Learning how to make use of PNotes Portable? The author of this product has made everything he knows about PNotes Portable available for your access. So what are you waiting for? Check out the course and get started! And don’t forget to bookmark the page and visit us often! THE FOLLOWING COURSE IS PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR OF THIS PRODUCT: Learn about the most easily accessed features of PNotes Portable. There are many more features to explore, but in this course you can find the most important features. Learn how to make use of PNotes Portable? The author of this product has made everything he knows about PNotes Portable available for your access. So what are you waiting for? Check out the course and get started! And don’t forget to bookmark the page and visit us often! WELCOME As

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Modern and sleek interface Includes the latest security features An excellent tool for writing sticky notes 2 New Sticky Note Templates Multiple skins 2 New Sticky Note Templates for the new Pnotes Portable A powerful and easy to use program Text Editors Simpler than MS Word, it isn’t as powerful as Word and can be more expensive to use. It has a built-in PDF and text formatter tool. How to use Pnotes Portable You will be prompted to select a directory to store your sticky notes. It is recommended to choose a folder that has good file name and date and time info. To open the program, right-click on the button and choose Open. The program will then automatically launch itself. A new sticky note will be added to the bottom of the program window and new sticky notes will be stacked to the top. You can now start adding text or pictures to your sticky notes. When you are finished with the note, press the OK button to save it. To exit the program, you can press the X button on your keyboard to close the program. What’s New in Version 1.1.5 Save your notes as an html file. Automatically save a sticky note file when the program is closed. You can now drag and drop a file from your desktop into the sticky notes window to open it. You can now drag and drop a sticky note from the notes list to open it. You can now copy a sticky note to the clipboard without having to click on the OK button. You can now press the ‘X’ button to close notes from the sticky notes list. You can now adjust how far the program stays on screen by selecting the hide tooltips option in the options dialog. You can now reset the tooltips position by clicking on the reset icon. You can now cut and paste notes from other applications. You can now update the list of sticky notes. You can now switch between the Sticky Notes list and the Dialogs list. You can now double-click on notes to edit them. You can now adjust the sticky notes window width by clicking on the ‘W’ button in the options dialog. You can now create a favorite list. You can now adjust the spacing between sticky notes by clicking on the ‘Spacing’ button 3a67dffeec

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Simple and intuitive, fast and secure, intuitive and easy to use. PNotes Portable is the most powerful and easy to use Pnotes Manager with search tool, copy & paste, tag, flag, auto-fix grammar, schedule (day or time), notes numbering, and more. PNotes Portable Version History: Added Notes History. Added Notes History. Flags. task management. the date and time. filters and notes numbering. auto-fix grammar. Search tool, add notes, delete notes, menu. Tags. ‘Click here to return to the previous page’. – Added Search tool. – Added text on black background. – Added item menu. – More icons added. – More notes added. – Other minor changes and enhancements. – Fixed an error. Version: File Size: 28.12 MB Pnotes is a tiny notepad. Easy to use, have no installation problems. Notes can be inserted automatically, via applications, file system, or your favorite web pages. Quick notes can be imported from any text file or clipboard, or read by simply double clicking the pnote file. You can create notes, including menu, notes, checkbox and more. You can set filters to see only particular notes, let Pnotes decide an order of notes, set color and size for notes, change note font, etc. You can cut, copy or paste notes to other applications like MSWord, Rich Text Format (RTF), Excel, PowerPoint, Photo Viewer, etc. Pnotes Features: 1. Pnotes is a mini notepad with very limited functionality, an ideal notes manager for Windows. Pnotes can easily be integrated into your application and system. 2. Pnotes is a fast, easy to use, no installation notes manager. 3. Pnotes is a standalone application and doesn’t need MS Windows operating system to run. 4. Pnotes can

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PNotes Portable is a powerful, easy-to-use and yet simple sticky notes application to help you out whenever you need a quick note or reminder. It can easily open any kind of text file and automatically insert a corresponding text. It also provides a re-edit function for each text you write. You can easily mark your text by different color, icon, font or background (PNotes Portable supports 32 different colors), resize and otherwise customize your sticky notes. The program also allows you to view the previously written notes in a list or as a group. Moreover, PNotes Portable enables you to create a favorites list, attach images and have full control over the tool’s appearance. You can also make notes automatically repeat after a certain period of time and place them anywhere on your computer (you just need to specify the location). You can also use the PNotes Portable application to modify a text document by adding multiple lines of different color and font. You can have text with a different background, correct spelling mistakes, and re-write content as you wish. It supports Unicode, multilingual support and you can easily email sticky notes as text or as an attachment. PNotes Portable can automatically update sticky notes when the application is closed or when another application is open. Moreover, the tool supports 16 different languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Czech, Finnish, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish and Swedish. It has a very simple interface and an easy-to-use undo/redo function. It also saves your notes in a plain text file, so you can always open them again and/or convert them to other application formats. In addition, the application allows you to easily access your notes by date, title and tags. Furthermore, the program’s dockable tool bar contains a list of useful functions and enables you to easily view all of your notes and access them from any other program. You can also easily pin PNotes Portable to any available space on your screen or shut down the application when it is not being used. How to Install and Use PNotes Portable: [click on image for larger view] 1) Unzip the downloaded file to any folder on your computer. 2) Double-click the PNotes Portable icon to start the application 3) Click the Default button 4) Select the Font Family, Font Size, White Background and Set As Default 5) Use the Undo, Redo, Send Text As Email and

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