Speakables for Skype allows you make, answer, and disconnect ongoing Skype calls remotely when you’re AWAY from your computer and keyboard/mouse. Washing dishes, out by the pool, feeding the baby�never miss a Skype call. Add any Skype friends you want, and call them anytime, just by using your voice! With Speakables for Skype, you don’t need to be tethered to your PC to Skype your friends (or just look cool)! In addition to controlling Skype, Speakables’ simple, easy-to-use interface provides full PC voice control to create any commands you want. The program includes a small list of commands already installed for using popular programs like Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook, and the convenience of importing complete command sets for these and other Windows programs. Requirements: .NET Framework and SAPI Limitations: 30 day free trial







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SaveTime is a simple program that time-stamps most text files in Windows. It searches for text files in the folder in which you run the program. Text files are saved as “name@date.txt”, and the file name is replaced by the current date, and the time it was saved. “@date.txt” can be used to open the file from the date stamp. A date stamp is useful for archiving or simply viewing a file to save time. SaveTime Video Instructions: SaveTime features: ・ Time Stamping – Add time stamp with date and time – Add time stamp with date and time format (mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss) – Use current date and time – Add timestamp in file name (name@date.txt) – Add your own time format (mm/dd/yyyy kk:mm) – Time format can also be set when you export text files – Time format can also be set when you export text files A simple text editor to type up to 5 passwords at once. The program comes with a list of useful Password phrases built in. You can save Password phrases and use them later. It remembers the last password you used and helps you type it up quick and easy. Has a 7 Day free trial. Password Chaser allows you to create passwords for your web sites, email accounts, or to encrypt files with a single click. Create and save a list of passwords that you use often. You can even automatically create a random number of passwords for a list of random strings of letters or numbers. Password Chaser is easy to use and gives you options for creating strong passwords. Simple to use control panel for Skype for Windows! Skype Controls creates a control panel for Skype for Windows! You can enable control for various functions such as: – Skype: Control Skype with a keyboard (including answers, forward/back, skype calls, etc) – My Contacts: Control your friend list – My Messages: Control your messages – My Audio: Control your audio – My Files: Control your file system – My Web: Control web browsing – my Action: control Skype actions – Volume: Control Skype Volume – Audio: Control Skype Audio – Audio Volume: Control Skype Audio Volume – Vibration: Control Skype V

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Speakables for Skype Product Key makes remote computing controllable, from your PC. Speakables allows you to make calls, answer calls, and drop them remotely when you’re away from your PC and mouse/keyboard, enabling you to keep your wireless laptop on touch-down during activities like feeding the baby, washing dishes, and out at the pool with your children. Your calls are scheduled while your PC is asleep, based on the time zone of the person you’re calling. You’ll never miss a call, whether from a friend or colleague. Speakables will work with any Skype account, including individual Skype IDs, schools, corporations, and even Skypes in your network. Speakables does not work with Internet phones. Speakables for Skype Full Crack Features: Make Calls, Answer Calls, and Drop Calls from your PC or even your Tablet. Speakables will wake your PC and control your Skype software so you can make and answer calls while you’re away. Navigate your current Skype chat windows and call log. Browse between your friends, colleagues, and skypes that you’ve established a call schedule with. Utilize your microphone to pick up incoming Skype calls remotely. Use your PC’s keyboard, mouse, and other computer features to control your calls. Speakables lets you choose who is allowed to talk or listen to your conversations, and to mute your microphone remotely. Simplify your Skype experience. Speakables removes the complexity and fluffs of Windows’ Skype client and makes Skype an extensibility point for your PC, rather than a separate app. You can also import custom commands for Windows’ own Skype applications. For example, import a Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer command set to control the media player or browser. When you make a call using those Windows programs, they use commands provided by Speakables. Speakables gives you the same level of remote control over your Skype that you would have if you were physically at your PC. Getting Started Add your Skype friends to Speakables on a separate computer from your PC, or install Speakables on your PC or Tablet and use it just like a wired headset. Upload your friends’ contact lists to Speakables on your PC. Download your PC’s friends to Speakables on the Tablet, and make and answer calls from your Tablet. Importing, Removing, and Exporting Skype Contacts The program imports your Skype contact list from your Skype folder and allows you to 3a67dffeec

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Speakables for Skype is the best free voice control, Skype call recording and call answering program on the web. Say goodbye to entering tons of Skype commands and scripts. You don’t even need to have Skype running when you record your Skype calls with Speakables. With Speakables, you can make and answer Skype calls, and do everything you need. You can connect your Skype account to Speakables to make calls in your account, answering calls for your Skype friends. You can even call your own number for answering your own calls. Speakables allows you to record, mute and forward any Skype call instantly. You can also record Skype calls locally on your PC with Speakables. The calls can be sent to your mobile phone, or played later on your PC for easy listening. With Speakables, you can play any sound you want, record any Skype call, make any Skype call including your own number instantly, and even “see” your Skype friends online. Speakables for Skype is compatible with Skype version 1.1.0 and higher. How to get the gold! Speakables for Skype Features: Record Skype calls and play them back at any time Answer your Skype phone calls without being on your computer or keyboard Instant answer of your own Skype calls Play any sound on your computer or your mobile phone Control Skype in multi-tab mode Control Skype with a unique natural voice Make Skype calls directly to your own phone number Play back your own Skype calls on your computer later Instantly Record and Playback any Skype Call Instantly Make Skype calls Instantly Send Skype calls to your mobile phone Instantly Mute Skype calls Instantly Forward Skype calls to your mobile phone Instantly Obstruct Skype calls Instantly Answer Skype calls from any contact Instantly Answer Skype calls from your own phone Instantly Disconnect Skype calls Instantly Cancel Skype calls Instantly Change Skype status Control Skype instantaneously in multi-tab mode Full voice access of any SAPI and any Windows program VOX Recording of Skype calls VOX Record Skype calls and send them to your mobile phone VOX Record Skype calls and play them later on your computer VOX Record Skype calls and play them on your mobile phone Sip2sphone2sip forwarding of SIP calls Sip2sip forwarding of SIP calls to your mobile phone or computer Sip2sip forwarding of SIP calls to

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Speakables is a cross-platform speech recognition solution developed by a team of Skype developers. Speakables allows Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Web users to make calls and listen to incoming calls from their voice over Skype on PC. Built-in Speech Recognition: Trial Version Speakables will work with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and Web users. It allow you to make calls and listen to incoming calls with their voice over Skype on PC. It will use your microphone, but it may not be the most natural sounding! However, it is definitely the most fun! Try it now! Microsoft’s SAPI Plugins: You can add Speakables from the Tools menu in Skype. The plugin will download a new plug-in from Microsoft’s development server, and add it to your Skype installation. The plugin will then be active once you launch Skype. Speakables Support You can contact us by sending an email or a support ticket at support@speakables.com. Please read the official website for more detailed instructions. P2P Speech Recognition allows you to speak to your computer in any language by using only your voice. Speak to the computer what you speak in your own language on Skype, Google Talk, or MSN. Requires the Microsoft Speech API. P2P Speech Recognition (click on the Image) is an interactive speech recognition program. Speak to your computer in your own language, or any available language. The more you train your computer, the more it will understand you. Speak to the computer with your voice, select any language, and P2P Speech Recognition will understand your voice. P2P Speech Recognition is a convenient utility for those who speak and type in more than one language. Simple, fast and extremely easy to use! Use the program you speak in the language you speak. Speak to your PC. And it will speak back to you! There are many different languages supported. You can train the program to speak back to you in your own language. Support for many languages including the following languages are available: American English Australia English Austria German Canada French Ireland Irish Belgium English Spain Spanish Finland Finnish France French Hong Kong Chinese Italy Italian Moroccan Arabic Moldavia Romanian Greece Greek Russian English Sweden Swedish Switzerland German UK English Malays

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OS: Windows XP Windows XP Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz or higher Pentium III 800 MHz or higher Memory: 512 MB of RAM 512 MB of RAM Graphics: 16 MB of video memory 16 MB of video memory DirectX: Version 9.0 Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 600 MB of free disk space 600 MB of free disk space Sound Card: DirectX 7.0 compatible How to get a copy: LOLCat: Humble Bundle deals! Purchase the Humble Bundle now for