If your company or organization spends a significant amount of time scheduling people and resources to shifts or tasks, VictorSchedule is the solution to your problems. VictorSchedule is automatic scheduling software that can intelligently schedule people and resources based on rules you specify. VictorSchedule can handle complex qualification systems, varying availabilities, and complicated business rules with ease. Through the use of templates, data entry tasks are a breeze. The quality of the schedules produced, as well as the flexibility and ease of use of this product, makes this program the superior choice in scheduling systems.







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VictorSchedule is an efficient scheduling software designed for businesses. It can produce and print schedules, including employee hours, overtime, availability, forecasts, and much more. The program can automate complex qualification systems and varying availabilities through its built-in rules. Its scheduling templates can be exported to Word, Excel, etc. allowing for data importation. Data can be entered by hand and saved in the program for retrieval at any time. Managing your workforce has never been easier with VictorSchedule. The program comes with many scheduling features including a free trial period. Why VictorSchedule?: The schedule module of VictorSchedule excels at scheduling. It has the features and functions to handle all types of scheduling situations, including overtime, follow-up notifications, shift swaps, etc. It’s unlike other scheduling softwares available on the market today. VictorSchedule also works with many different types of databases or data sources. The customization and data entry features are very powerful. You can also export schedules to Word or Excel. The schedule module contains many scheduling templates for you to choose from. What can this program do?: This program will allow you to keep track of all your employees or resources including their shifts, time off, and more. Reports are also included that will show you a detailed schedule of the day, week, month, etc. The program also automatically tracks employees or resources that are absent and generates a reminder for you when they are absent. The program also tracks overtime, vacation time, sick leave, and much more. The availability module will automatically check every minute to see if a resource or employee is free or occupied for a shift. This is used for overtime or scheduling two workers in a single shift. The program will notify you if a person called in sick or if someone called in sick and you did not let him or her work that day. In addition, you can also schedule recurring events like meetings and training classes. The program has a custom calendar feature that allows you to schedule something in a recurring date. This means that you have to create the same event only once and the program will schedule it on that date and time for you. VictorSchedule Related Tools: VictorCalendar | Today Calendar or Work Schedule Calendar | VictorCalendar allows you to keep a record of all of your employees’ and resources’ schedules. You can assign a time frame to the calendar and easily see the schedule for every day. VictorMail | Employee Scheduling in Gmail

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Schedule by Week, Day, Month or Duration. Quickly enter new hires, promotions, changes and departures. Automatically post for vacation, holidays, etc. Automatically post past appointments for historical reports. Allocate tasks to resources by department, job code or job description. Create, modify and share new schedules. We have determined that the VictorSchedule is the ideal solution for scheduling companies or organizations of all sizes. What VictorSchedule Does: Based on your company’s needs and the users who will be using the software, VictorSchedule can do the following things: 1.) Schedule by department 2.) Schedule by job code or job description 3.) Schedule by week, day, hour or duration 4.) Quickly enter new hires, promotions, changes and departures 5.) Automatically post for vacation, holidays, etc. 6.) Automatically post past appointments for historical reports 7.) Only allow certain people to post to past schedules 8.) Automatically allocate resources to tasks 9.) Allocate tasks to resources by department 10.) Freely move and resize schedules 11.) Allocate resources to multiple tasks 12.) Cross-post schedules, thereby allocating resources to tasks for which they are qualified 13.) Receive notification by email, pager or automated phone calls of new events 14.) Manage multiple companies simultaneously How VictorSchedule Works: VictorSchedule uses an intuitive scheduler interface that allows you to create and change schedules. By using the easy to use interface, you can quickly create new schedules, change schedules, schedule meetings, process events and report on the results. In addition, there is a detailed help menu accessible from anywhere on the screen. A quick tutorial shows you how to schedule both employees and resources, as well as how to do simple tasks like automatically schedule past appointments and post events. VictorSchedule vs. Other Scheduling Solutions: VictorSchedule is fast, easy to use and affordable. What’s more it also allows you to manage multiple companies simultaneously. With VictorSchedule, scheduling isn’t a mystery. Simply put, it’s an intelligent scheduling system that lets you define the rules and then automatically schedules people and resources based on those rules. VictorSchedule Features: Does the following things: 1.) Schedule by department 2.) Schedule by job code or job description 3.) Schedule by week, day, hour or duration 4.) Quickly 3a67dffeec

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VictorSchedule is the first scheduling software for the Windows platform to offer the following major improvements and new features: Rule Based Scheduling Automatic Calculation of Quotas Selection Model Easy To Use UIs Live GUI Statistics Error Handling Remote Access Support VictorSchedule offers many features not found anywhere else on the market. No other scheduling software includes all of the features outlined above. VictorSchedule is the easiest to use scheduling software available today. As fast as it loads One of the more useful features is the video demo available on the VictorSchedule website. If the web server where the website is hosted does not have a fast enough load time (under 1 second), the video may not work properly. How It Works VictorSchedule is very easy to use. You simply click a button to set up a new schedule. Then follow a few steps of inputting the details. Your rules take over and the software will intelligently schedule the people and resources. Schedule Templates A schedule template is a short piece of text containing the rules, templates, and conditional statements needed to schedule your people and resources. A schedule template takes up no space and is great for batch scheduling since you don’t have to enter all of the rules for the schedule. Templates have a few variations to allow you to choose which type of template to use. For example, there are two “Default” templates. One is for employees who do not have a supervisor and the other is for employees who have a supervisor. Both templates have a few conditions similar to what you may use in your own rules. You can also view all of the rules for a template so you can customize it to your needs. Worker Quotas After you decide what type of schedule you need, you simply enter the details of the tasks, shifts, and days you need. You can enter as many things as you want at once. In the example below, we have a person who has a first name, last name, and employee number. We have also entered an ID number and a supervisor that is required. We are also entering the times that the person can be available. In the case where there is a supervisor, the supervisor will get a quota that is based on the numbers, tasks, and the dates. Then you have a days list

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VictorSchedule is an automatic scheduling software that can intelligently schedule people and resources based on rules you specify. It is meant to handle complex qualification systems, varying availabilities, and complicated business rules. The functionality of the program is divided into 8 modules. Service Scheduling: ➢ Shift Scheduling: This module allows you to schedule a wide array of Staff And Resource activities including Shifts, Tasks, Sales & Inventory, etc.➢ Flowchart management: The program generates multiple flows for each activity. ➢ Standby Schedule: You can create a standby schedule for any activity that has varying availabilities.➢ Task List: If you need to create a detailed task list to capture the steps and project code for a complex task, use this module.➢ Processing reports: Post schedule summary reports for each employee and resource generated by the service scheduling module.➢ Shift Statistics: This module allows you to generate reports showing the details of each shift like, number of employees on shift, the number of tardy employees, total tardies, etc.➢ Data Management: This module lets you to manage existing data, import data from different data sources like Excel, etc.➢ Time Sheet: Employees can enter their actual time using this module.➢ Activity List: This module allows you to see every employee’s activity details on a calendar.➢ Resource Scheduling: This module lets you to schedule the activities of resources like Equipment, Maintenance, Inventory, etc.➢ Hazard Analysis: This module calculates the risks associated with the activities of employees and resources by using the rules you specified. Worker Scheduling: This module can schedule workers like engineers, line supervisors, journeyman, union workers, technicians, support staff, machinists, auto mechanics, plumbers, painters, electricians, etc. Pricing: You can enjoy the benefits of this software for 30 days absolutely free. Thereafter the price is $75 per month per user. Uridewine is a direct-to-winery platform that automates sales, forecasting, reports, CRM and inventory management. Turn winery or brewery customers into loyal repeat customers. About winewine Wine is a great-tasting beverage that was originally used as a recreational beverage. However, in the last decades, wine has become a major food and beverage industry. Today, wine represents a $145 billion

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1 GHz or faster CPU 1 GB of RAM (2 GB Recommended) Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bit), Internet Explorer 10, 11 or Firefox 30 or newer Mac OSX 10.7 or newer with Safari 6 or newer Windows GOG Galaxy viewer version 0.6.12 or newer 1GHz or faster CPU Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 20 or newer Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32/