With the Internet being home to nearly any type of entertainment, as well as the largest marketplace there is, connecting people worldwide, various creation tools let you include personalized items to define your business type or activity. Web Album Maker is strictly dedicated to album design, as the name suggests, and manages to get the job done in the blink of an eye. Lightweight and straightforward design After a successful deployment, the application brings up a pretty intuitive interface, split into a preview section, as well as several editing tools stored in a side panel. The core mechanism is straightforward, dragging desired image files over a dedicated area or importing them through the application's file explorer and choosing a layout is all there is to it. There is no limit to the number of items you can include in your album. However, file formats are limited to JPG and PNG, allowing for little diversity, but these are commonly used so this shouldn't be a major inconvenient. Choose from several templates Several themes are available to use as a template, with different designs and elements arrangement on the final result. Unfortunately, when it comes to editing images, only a few tools are put at your disposal. In case any polishing or effects need to be added, make sure you do this in an external application, because there aren't any tools here. Add watermark and generate HTML code On the other hand, the application lets you set a title and an additional link to web pages to appear over images. What's more, for personalizing your work, a simple watermark type in the form of text can be added on all slides. Once you're done, there is only one export option implemented. The application generates HTML code you can include in other projects to blend in a specific website. A preview is available and brings up your default web browser, displaying the slideshow as the end user perceives it. In conclusion To sum it up, Web Album Maker is not the best of its kind, lacking various editing tools, with limited output possibilities. However, it comes in handy for generic and fast creating of albums and comes in handy if your project is a store and need to display products, or simply share photos in a visually appealing album.


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Sterling Screensaver is the ultimate high-end screensaver for Mac OS X. Its sleek and polished user interface lets you personalize screensavers to suit your style. Discover highly customizable templates, share screenshots with family & friends, and showcase stunning images. Key Features: + Hundreds of high quality image themes and background animations + Create new screensavers and customize existing ones + Share screenshots with friends and family + Stunning ways to view and manage screenshots + Test your beta software without downloading a big update. Web Album Maker Full Version: Web Album Maker Full Version is a webscreensaver for Mac OS X that can use web pages as album backgrounds, and automatically add captions and thumbnails. It is as easy as dropping a web page in one of its many pre-configured templates. Thanks to a thoughtful and well-implemented interface, Web Album Maker Full Version will be well suited to the casual designer. Album Description: Album is the ultimate app to manage your screensaver albums and pictures online. With lots of layouts, themes, and customization tools, Album will turn your images into impressive high-end screensavers. Design Goals: Easy, intuitive, and fast to create beautiful and impressive screensavers. Screenshots: The interface is super responsive, running on multiple Mac OS X systems with no problem. You can see a small preview of your screen on top of the album page, and, in the middle, a preview of each image in the same size as the other images in the album. Click on an image to view the previous and next one in the list. The design is well thought out, with a clean look and a simple interface, allowing for comfortable navigation. It is very easy to create, select, and update or add new images, and add or edit captions, as well as to save the album and to share it. Key Features: + Simple, easy-to-use interface with minimal buttons and items + Thumbnail previews are shown at the top for each image in the album + The designer can set the sequence of the images and captions + Up to 4 images in the album + Edit images directly in the app + Share your albums online with friends and family + Save in various formats, download images, and open in other apps + Web Album Maker: you can use web pages as album backgrounds User Reviews: [i] Clear, fast, and intuitive aa67ecbc25

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Web Album Maker is an album software, which allows you to record videos and takes photos and combine the images into a slide presentation. It is very convenient and easy to operate and provides a full set of creative functions to meet your needs. Web Album Maker Features: – Import and export image files in various formats. – Support 3-90 image files. – Support both JPG and PNG image files. – 10 free templates, multi-language support. – Advanced tools to change the style of album, resolution of images, create watermark text and much more. – You can use the watermarking function to add some text to the pictures to protect your privacy or give a hint to users about which pictures are yours. – The watermarking function can be used to add some text to the pictures to protect your privacy or give a hint to users about which pictures are yours. – Separate software will run in the background as a web server. – Can help you upload the photos to your website in one click. – As a sharing tool, you can easily upload the album to your website or e-mail friends, or share it through social networks. – As a professional software, it has a lot of features, such as viewing and editing photos in large quantities, editing text, adding images to playlists or create slideshows. – Multiple effects can be used to create various styles of album, including style such as vintage, vintage black-white, black and white, sepia, retro, reno, etc. – When you create slideshows, you can create a playlist to automatically play one or several videos. Web Album Maker Pros: – Support for more than 300 different photo formats. – Different effects and themes to create various styles of album. – It has a full set of editing tools to help you edit, rotate, flip, improve the brightness and contrast, resize, crop and red-eye remover. – High performance, about 40 different photo formats can be managed at once. – All operations can be easily adjusted through the adjustable interface. – You can preview, edit and export photos with this software. – The final slideshow is generated automatically, you can also edit the final slides or upload to websites as a free HTML code. – 5 free templates are provided, you can download and edit the template images. – The images you upload to the service can be edited according to your needs.

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Lightweight and straightforward design. Drag and drop files. Watermark your images with text or add a high resolution logo. Create custom HTML code including links to your photos and album title. Generate HTML code you can integrate in other pages, websites or blogs. Create albums as many times as you want. Gallery Creator is a multi-platform application that allows you to create and manage hundreds of photos in a very short time. You can create a slideshow in various modes, as well as edit photos and add special effects to make them even more appealing. In case you wish to have a permanent image as a desktop background, it supports this as well. The interface is clean and simple with four main areas: Add a photo from your local device or Flickr, resize an existing image, as well as go through the slideshow. Since it is a Microsoft Windows only application, it supports up to 10,000 photos. It is rather easy to add photos through the application’s file explorer, with the option of browsing through several folders as well. Multiple options are offered when it comes to image alignment, such as landscape, portrait, crop, as well as rotating around the center. Photo editing can be done in a very easy way, with all options available including cropping, rotating, shifting, lighting and saturation adjustments. The application offers multiple options to change the color of a selected region, as well as draw over specific photos. Rounding off the gallery mode and access to each photo’s rating is a slideshow function. You can choose among a few effects such as tile, motion, mirror, fisheye, and more. A handy magnifier can be accessed from the navigation bar as well. Another interesting functionality is the ability to import Twitter feeds from some specific users. For instance, if a friend asks you for a particular photo, it will appear in the application without the need of opening another gallery site. Last, but not the least, Gallery Creator lets you export images in a very easy way, with output options available depending on the type of image, be it JPG or PNG. Gallery Creator Security: Gallery Creator is a safe application. It requires you to sign up to get access to all of its functions. However, it remains secure once you’re logged in and there is no reason to worry about external access to your photos. Gallery Creator Pros: Clean and simple interface. Easy to use. Image editing. Image rating and slideshow. Import Twitter feeds. Easy

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Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Processor: Intel Pentium III (8MB) or AMD K6 or equivalent Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device Hard Drive: 4 GB free disk space Sound: DirectX compatible sound card Additional Requirements: DVD Player Online System Requirements: OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8