For DICOM and DCM files, they are not viewable in file browsers as standard. For those in the medical profession who work with these files, this can cause a problem in organization. Selecting the correct file if the name is unapparent means a trial and error process. DICOM Thumbnailer allows users to see the images generated as thumbnails in any file browser.
The images are of a high quality and the application ensures that no detail is lost in them, meaning that users will be able to recognize the images by sight, without the images becoming blurred or of significantly lower resolution.
If users select any of the DICOM or DCM files in the Windows explorer window, users will be presented with a larger preview image. The larger image is so trained users can recognize an image by its medical appearance if the file name is a generic one generated by medical equipment without any identifying tags or markers.
The application initially only recognizes DICOM and DCM medical files, but it can be configured in the settings window to display different types of files. The application can support JPEG, RAW, JPEG 200, RLE and JPEG – LS files.
The application first needs to be installed on the target PC, so it can make the appropriate registry entry additions to enable its core function. Integration is done on the spot, which means a system restart is not required to be able to view DICOM files in an Explorer window.
No function needs to be managed to enable preview, or any process activated. Simply accessing a folder containing DICOM files is enough to have a thumbnail generated just like for any regular picture file that Windows can read by default. Changing the view style of icons, or size has no impact on quality. They are all generated using the original file regardless of any additional settings and cannot be adjusted.









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Cracked DICOM Thumbnailer With Keygen is a tool that is very simple to use. Just select the DICOM or DCM file in the Windows Explorer window and the program does the rest. When the file is selected, the program will create a preview window in which a thumbnail image is generated. This is a very powerful tool that is designed to make it very easy to preview and identify the contents of medical images.
The application can be used in a dual mode mode. In the DICOM mode, the application will look for and create thumbnails for DICOM files. In the DCM mode, thumbnails are created for DCM medical files. This means the application can serve as a solution for medical professionals who work with DICOM or DCM files in their work.
Other applications make changing the view style and size as two separate steps for review. This slows down the process considerably. DICOM Thumbnailer is a fully integrated application that does not need any further configuration and will work as soon as DICOM and DCM files are selected.

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Thumbnails are created by X-ray files, which is one of the most common types of DICOM files. They are used in diagnostic X-ray equipment to visualize an image of the patient.

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DICOM Thumbnailer Download

DICOM is the file format used in medical device imaging

View DICOM Files in Windows Explorer

Download Today!

Detailed description of DICOM Thumbnailer

DICOM Thumbnailer Full Version is a free program that helps users to view DICOM images in Windows Explorer. To view DICOM images users have to download this software and get DICOM images from their medical equipment.

Most of the medical equipment comes with a software to write the DICOM images to the hard drive, typically in folders with pre-defined names. Every time this happens a DICOM image is created and saved to the hard drive in this specific folder. Such folders may contain a few hundred or even a few thousand DICOM images, making them difficult to locate, even for a medical practitioner.

DICOM Thumbnailer simplifies the process of viewing the DICOM images by creating thumbnails of the images and saving them to the list of folders for the user to view at a later time.

The user does not have to open the DICOM image to view it. Instead, DICOM Thumbnailer creates thumbnails of the DICOM images automatically in the Windows Explorer list, allowing the user to sort through the files and get to the images in a single click.

The Windows Explorer display of thumbnails comes with a nice colored background that does not affect the quality of the images. This way, the user is not bothered by the background image and can focus on viewing the images as if they were normal pictures.

The user can also customize the view of the thumbnails in the Windows Explorer by changing the display size and color, and by changing the order of folders that the images will be displayed in.

The DICOM images are displayed just like any other normal picture file, and any file type can be selected.

Images with the DICOM file extension are displayed in an intuitive way, and the application will scan the medical folder structure and create relevant thumbnails.

Best Installs:

DICOM Thumbnailer

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What’s New In?

Dicom Thumbnailer is an All in One Dicom to Explorer tool designed to preview Dicom medical files inside the Windows Explorer.

It does not require DICOMView, Dicom Info View or DCMView to be installed.
Dicom Thumbnails are the same quality as Dicom View Images.
It does not change the original file, so users can print, or forward the file as they normally would.
Dicom Thumbnailer allows you to quickly see an image before printing or saving the file.
Provides a quick way to open a file in the Windows Explorer as it is only a Dicom Thumbnail.
Dicom Thumbnailer provides the user with the original file, so you can only see an image of the original file.
Dicom Thumbnailer allows you to see the full details of your Dicom file.
Dicom Thumbnails allows you to see Dicom View Images without the need for other applications such as Dicom View installed.
Dicom Thumbnailer uses the same application as Dicom View to create the thumbnails, so it is fully compatible with all Dicom View functions.
Dicom Thumbnailer was designed to open the selected Dicom file in the Windows Explorer.
Dicom Thumbnailer was designed to view the content of a select Dicom file as if it were a jpeg image.
Dicom Thumbnailer supports all the Dicom files such as TPS, RTPS, RAS, CT, VRT, MRW, IAD and all other Dicom file types.
High Quality Dicom Thumbnails are generated automatically with the same level of quality as the original Dicom View Images.
Dicom Thumbnailer has no need to be installed on the machine in order to preview Dicom files.

NOTE: This tool is designed to show Dicom View Images.
It is completely compatible with any Dicom View settings such as image size, color, orientation, binning and compression.
Dicom Thumbnailer provides the user with a quick way to see an image before printing or saving.
Other applications cannot take the place of the one provided with the tool.
Dicom Thumbnailer is not designed to read Dicom files.

Buyers with slow Internet connection or low bandwidth are advised to use a torrent download service

System Requirements For DICOM Thumbnailer:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3360 or equivalent
Intel® Core™ i5-3360 or equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM
8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7970
NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Storage: 2 GB available space
2 GB available space Other: 2 GB
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