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Cracked JSX Edit With Keygen is a small application that allows you to make, delete or move code nodes. You can associate different actions with them to form a script. You also have the option to format functions as comments to make them readable. JSX Edit is fully integrated with VS Code and you have the chance to save your code to a JSX file.
JSX Edit is very stable. It has no glitches or bugs to report and the formatting is clean and fast. It’s a script editor that can be used by anyone.
Main features:
Support for creating, editing, deleting and moving code nodes
Associates different actions with code nodes to form a script
Easy to use formatting by turning functions into comments
Full integration with the VS Code text editor
Save files in.jsx format
Support for debugging
Additional features are:
Ability to inspect the whole tree of your code
Support for folding and indenting code
Support for saving files in.js format
Extra features:
Evaluate expressions
Sort nodes alphabetically
Run scripts
Trigger auto-formatting
JSX Edit Pros:
JSX Edit Cons:

ComputerProgramming Knowledge.
Working knowledge of computers.
Understanding of English language.
All interactions you perform on a computer with different programs are the result of some codes successfully following a pattern from start to end. These can come in various forms and languages. In case you’re interested in creating JavaScript code, then JSX Edit can help out, minimizing your effort to write code to almost nothing.
No code writing involved
Although the application doesn’t require Java in order to function, it relies on.NET Framework which is a default feature in modern Windows iterations. You can only process JSX files and this applies to loading and saving your projects as well. However, there is the possibility to go to the options menu and choose a script runner application, and additional command-line arguments.
Unlike most applications of its kind, JSX Edit saves you all the effort of writing even a single line of code. Instead, all operations are added in the form of a tree list. You choose functions and operations from a side panel, with a value prompt showing up before it’s added.
Arrange code and compile
Needless to say that order is of great importance when running the script. Luckily, the application makes it easy to position functions through a drag and drop operation,

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Create JavaScript code without writing a single line!
JSX Edit Screenshots:

13. Maintenance Manager

Just when you think you’ve seen all there is of Maintenance Manager, some developer comes along and offers up a few new tricks, making you realize how much is possible for a simple time management tool.
Time Tracker
The application is named Maintenance Manager, but one could easily describe it as a time tracking tool. Log time spent on working tasks for all projects and have the reports ready to download. There’s nothing stopping you working on multiple tasks at once, or even coordinating team efforts with multiple users.
The application can export reports to Excel format and even allow you to enter a custom ‘Work Hours’ value (with one hour recorded per hour worked). You can also add your own columns to customize the display.
Before finalizing time spent on tasks, Maintenance Manager comes with the ability to sort the list by date, type and priority. As far as time entries go, users can add them manually or upload existing.CSV files to the application. The latter also serves as a backup option in case the user makes changes, and their project gets lost.
Besides a pretty basic time tracker, Maintenance Manager also comes with customizable properties. All interface objects (like buttons, windows, status and combo boxes) can be customized to your liking. It’s possible to change the header, background, text and font sizes, as well as font type.
App options include the ability to add a logo, change from small to large interface icons, and even select the brightness for the interface.
Arrange task and file tabs
In order to work efficiently, Maintenance Manager allows you to drag items from a list to another, or combine similar ones. Add tasks to groups for convenience, modify the interface as many times as you need to, and add properties as you see fit. The application also makes it possible to drag files to the project, together with properties, which can be applied to single files or entire folders.
One-click saving
Another very useful feature comes from a built-in menu option. Just click the Start button to add all required time entries to a project. This makes it possible to minimize the hassle of adding entries, plus it’s a good way to keep track of time spent on tasks.
Export data to HTML
Time Tracker also offers the ability to export project data to HTML. All settings are preserved, with the only loss

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JSX Edit is a JavaScript & JSX editor for.NET developers allowing you to create JavaScript code without writing a single line.

JSX Edit Features:

Create, compile and run code from a panel containing functions and operations.

Configure advanced settings using a wizard.

Create scripts from templates.

Organize, arrange and rearrange nodes.

Import data from files.

Save your projects.


Trusted by thousands of users.

JSX Edit Review:

I tested it for a few days and nothing was wrong. It seems to work without any problems. Now it’s you’re turn. Simply use it and see if anything goes wrong or not.

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System Requirements For JSX Edit:

Windows 7 or later
PlayStation 4 or later
Steam version provided below
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
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