Android mobile devices have invaded the mobile handheld market in the last years and there are more and more programs that try to meet the users' needs and requirements. One of these is Droid Explorer, a simple application designed to simplify the process of managing rooted Android devices. Support for many devices and managing phone contents Although it supports a wide variety of devices (e.g. HTC, Samsung, Google Nexus, Acer Liquid etc.), the software might not detect the latest Android versions, so it is better to check the compatibility list before using it. The program uses the Android SDK to allow viewing and organizing the device contents. In addition to this, you need to have the corresponding OEM drivers and Busybox installed and the USB debugging feature enabled on your rooted device. Automatically detect device and manage APKs As many utilities from this category, it automatically detects the connected device, allowing you to perform basic file management operations. Yet the program does not limit to that. It provides install and uninstall support for APK files and enables you to reboot the Android device in standard or recovery mode. Built-in command shell and take screenshots There are other features that this software brings you: there is a debug console and a command shell. You can use SQLite explorer to structure data storage, while the package manager allows you to view a list of the available applications on your Android and install or uninstall them directly from your PC. Another advantage is the possibility to copy and auto-apply updates to the Google mobile applications found on your Android. Using Droid Explorer, you can take landscape or portrait screenshots of your smartphone and save them to your computer. Bottom line Providing multiple device support, Droid Explorer offers you an easy way to manage your phone. It can be used not only for file access and transfers, but also for application updates and personalizing your Android device.


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PasswordBox is a simple and intuitive Windows Control. It displays all the information you need to know. Using the PasswordBox is quick and easy, you can create a quick Access Window, Add and Remove controls, Advanced Password selection and a lot more. PasswordBox 1.x: PasswordBox 1.x is a popular tool that was released in the past. It made available a simple way to generate and store passwords, access Windows Network, and perform a lot more. Features Hide the PasswordBox (not recommended) Allow PasswordBox to automatically save the logons (Recommended) Automatically show the PasswordBox each time you open or logon to Windows (Recommended) Support for multiple languages Support for long passwords (at least 8 characters) Simple design How it works PasswordBox shows all the necessary information to easily logon to a specific account and automatically remembers all the logons that you create, making things even easier. To avoid losing the password, you may set a short, memorable and easily accessible password, or even longer one, using the PasswordBox and easily retrieve it. What’s more, if you use your laptop or desktop computer connected to a company network, the PasswordBox allows you to logon to the network in a few steps. To add a login option, click on Add and enter the information you may need, as well as the default password of the account. You can also use the PasswordBox to remove existing logins. In addition, you can easily create a Windows Access Window to allow an instant access to a system resource, such as a printer, or simply a brand new window. What’s more, the PasswordBox allows you to select the desired password from a list of predefined values, or just type a new password directly. With the password list, you are offered to set the Windows default password, or select a preferred one, in case you want to use a different password for network logons. Finally, you can easily save the logon password to the PasswordBox, so you do not need to memorize it or write it down. What’s more, you may modify some of the design options, such as the display color, hide the PasswordBox, or automatically open the PasswordBox each time you logon to Windows, with the PasswordBox 1.x. How to Use The application is very simple to use. You may select one of the supported languages, from Chinese,

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This simple password manager application is designed to provide a secure vault to store your sensitive information. – It has a password generator that can help you create memorable passwords. – It also has autofill functions that can save you valuable time and let you fill your passwords in a form for quick use. – You can add custom pages, URLs and folders to the app. – You can also encrypt individual password elements so that only you can view them. – You can send your passwords to any devices connected to the same system. – You can also change the keyboard layout to your preferred language. – Use custom characters when you type a password. – You can choose a custom skin for the application. – You can sync your passwords across your devices. – You can also use your fingerprint to unlock your password vault. PasswordBox is available to download now on Google Play and the Apple Store. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Stay Organized. =============================== Our Recommendations: – Forget EVERYTHING and start using a Cryptocurrency Wallet today! – Protect your Privacy – Secure and Confidential Transactions What is your favorite Cryptocurrency Wallet? ============ Did we miss a favorite app? Let us know in the comments. ============================================= Talking Crypto. Your Daily Podcast. Don’t miss our latest episodes Stitcher: ============================================= Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies There are many ways to buy Bitcoins but not all exchanges are equal. A big concern is – where can you store your Bitcoins. BitMEX: Coinbase: Bitpanda: Buy Bitcoins with PayPal : Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card: We use our personal Coinbase Wallet to buy our Bitcoins. If you download the Coinbase app, you can use that as a wallet to easily buy cryptocurrencies and trade them online. If you want to 7ef3115324

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PasswordBox is an open source and free application, developed by Natalia Yakovenko, that will let you create strong passwords. It is a small application that is fully configurable and adds features to the standard Windows Password functionality. You can add a variety of custom buttons to the basic Windows Password and they can contain your own settings. In fact, it allows you to set custom images for the buttons and you can easily create advanced layouts. PasswordBox can read password files (.txt) and generate strong passwords. The application allows you to set a password length, average password length, maximum password length, password complexity and so on. You can also set password character set and set special characters. You can easily and quickly generate passwords for websites, forums, FTP users and more. And, of course, you can use your own images as buttons. PasswordBox looks like a small application, which comes in great use when you need a strong password to access web sites and maintain some kind of confidential data. You can use it to generate random passwords for a web site, to protect your FTP user account or to create a unique password for the forum that you are participating in. On the other hand, a password generator is very useful to populate a form, or a registration form, with strong passwords. For instance, you can add a custom button that uses the password generator to automatically fill in some previously defined fields on a web page. PasswordBox can be used to generate strong passwords for a variety of settings and you can use it to make it unique and convenient to remember. However, you may need to get an image from somewhere. Features Summary: – Generate passwords for different purposes and internet web sites. – Password length can be predefined (min/max/avg), or set by an external file. – Password complexity: – Combination of upper, lower, number, and uppercase characters – Numbers must be at least 2 – Alphabetic characters must be at least 6 – At least one punctuation character must be present – Password can be set to 16 character long. – Password can be generated to be 12 characters long (for ftp) and 12 characters. – Password can be a date – Password can be a phone number – Password can be set to be 8 characters long – Password can be numeric – Password complexity can be set up to minimum 3 and maximum 8 – Password can be set up to use only printable characters

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PasswordBox is a program that will let you store all of your passwords in an encrypted form inside your computer and access them from any program that you own. Using PasswordBox is very simple because you just need to enter the password once, and then you can easily access to all the passwords for all the accounts and websites inside your computer. Pros: Full featured with many options The application is not only password and passphrase manager but it is also an integrated instant messaging software. The feature set includes a password generator, one-time password algorithm, password reminder, one-time secret codes, and that’s just about it. PasswordBox manages a list of passwords and passphrases With PasswordBox, you have a list of passwords and passphrases that you can add manually and they can be used as a login or as an authentication code for websites and applications. PasswordBox is a free app for all Windows users You can install and use it for free, it is not a paid app and its license does not need to be registered for it to work. PasswordBox is available for all Windows versions since Windows 7. PasswordBox can be run in a kiosk mode PasswordBox supports programs running in kiosk mode such as Xpand, Entourage, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Windows Media Player and more. You have the chance to add the name of your app to the list of allowed apps. PasswordBox doesn’t require a time limit You won’t be asked to enter a time limit at the end of the session. PasswordBox makes it easy to share passwords with a family member Using the sharing function is quite simple, just go to the Settings, then to the Sharing section, click the item “Allow others to access your passwords”, and add the email or phone number of your preferred contact. PasswordBox has a search feature For ease of use, it is possible to search for a specific password in a specific account, and it shows the password on the window. PasswordBox is very light on the system resources It doesn’t take up a lot of CPU or RAM, even if you add a lot of passwords or accounts inside it. PasswordBox has an integrated Instant Messenger It has an integrated instant messenger that can be used to send messages (emoticons are supported) or other messages. PasswordBox integrates a password generator By just clicking on the Generate Password button, a strong and

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Xbox One S (non-Ultra) (minimum 2GB of RAM) Windows 10 (Home or Pro) (minimum 2GB of RAM) USB keyboard & mouse HDMI cable (preferably USB) Video Card: DirectX 11 compatible video card Intel HD 4000, Intel Iris Graphics, or AMD Radeon HD 4000 or higher Video memory of at least 1GB “Other Requirements”: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Nvidia 1080, AMD RX 480, or higher HD