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★★★ Connect and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter: With Facebook and Twitter support, you can share your Pic Collages with your contacts. Pic Collage supports portrait and landscape mode sharing via Twitter (send a screenshot) and Facebook (including a video and pictures). ★★★ Personalize your collages: Even though Pic Collage is a collage app, you can still draw on your photos (including straight and freehand lines) and stickers. ★★★ Create timeline and print: With a lot of detail and options, Pic Collage can create an “old-fashioned timeline” with a border that connects the photos together, as well as a blank page (to create a double-page-spread). When creating a double-page spread, Pic Collage also prompts you to turn on “Pictures on both sides” for its ability to print double-side or even tri-side images. ★★★ Add your own photos and stickers: Pic Collage offers several custom sticker packs, such as icons, emojis, animals, quotes and funny topics. You can also import your own photos from your camera roll to be added to your collages. ★★★ Multiple output settings: Pic Collage allows you to choose output settings by simply tapping the four dots at the top-right part of the main window. As a result, you can choose between photo printing, sending a snapshot to your friends and saving the collage to your photos library. The latter is very useful, especially if you want to store a lot of collages, as it saves time. ★★★ Imported to help you find collages created by your friends: Pic Collage offers a “My collages” section where you can find collages made by your friends. You can tag, share or pin these collages, which makes them easier to find. ★★★ Save money when you print photos with Pic Collage: Printing is a breeze with Pic Collage. Simply choose the printer you want and Pic Collage will control it. The print options include black and white, sepia, and half-tone. ★★★ Create collages at home: You can also use Pic Collage as a digital camera. You can import pictures from the app’s gallery, as well as view, edit and share them via Facebook and Twitter. Note: You can download Pic Collage from the Microsoft Store at

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Create grid-style collages and add personal photos. Wrapped in a user-friendly interface, Pic Collage invites you to choose the collage style at startup from grids, templates and freestyle. The supported types of images that can be imported from your PC are BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG. When it comes to the grid style, you can change the grid mode by navigating a filmstrip on the bottom part of the window as well as increase or decrease the border width. Use collage templates or freestyle mode. The templates section contains a series of ready collages that you can emphasize by adding your own photos and stickers, drawing in ink, writing text, and customizing the background. In freestyle mode, you can tap anywhere on the empty canvas to add photos, size the collage to a preferred dimension (e.g. 4:3, 7:5, A4, YouTube 16:9), and take advantage of all options previously described. Once the collage is ready, you can share it via a Facebook or Twitter account or another installed app on your PC, set it as your lock screen, print it on the spot, or simply save it to file by indicating the output directory and file name. Easy-to-use and fun collage maker for all ages. 7.81 Perfect Calendar is an application designed to help you create and print your own calendar. With Perfect Calendar you can add your appointments from any calendar app on your PC. The calendar includes desktop wallpapers and themes from Fan and Pixlr. Perfect Calendar is completely free to use. 7.81 Colobo-Planner is a project management tool used to organize everything you need to do in life. This tool gives you the opportunity to create tasks, milestones, and to-do lists. 7.81 Finance Binder gives you all the right tools for a professional budget. It helps you to keep track of your income and expenses, and makes a realistic projection of your finances. Use the tool to create budget plans, analyze your income and expenses, manage your account, and track your progress. 7.81 Lookout tool gives you the opportunity to monitor your PC with an antivirus installed on your device and helps you to protect your system from viruses. 7.81 Fitness Tracker is a professional tool designed for recording fitness related activities, like walking. The tool includes multiple modes that allow you to track your 7ef3115324

Pic Collage

# Create unique photo collages # Share your creations with friends # Add stickers, text, borders and more # Import from your PC or take a snapshot # Set a collage as your lock screen or keep the original # Save and print # Choose from templates, freestyle and grids # Share creations via Facebook or Twitter # Like & Follow us on our social networks! # Pic Collage: It’s fun to Create & Share! # Join the community, connect with other developers, and create awesome stuff with Pic Collage # Enjoy the Pic Collage experience and leave us a review! Please send your feedback and feature requests to pic.collage@intermotion.com We love to hear from you! PicsArt Collage 2018 Android MOD APK Multilanguage Unlocked Lets learn how to make PicCollage with your own photos. Show me the techniques you use while editing your images, Tips and Tricks, demonstrate your PicCollage & tips of editing your own Images at home. Download : Brain GamesAndroid : Download : Upload an image of your own or download from the internet just like a studio. Save and show your friends a pic you created! MediBang Android : Download :

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Simple yet stylish collage maker in Windows 10. Choose from pre-built collages, or create your own by placing your photos and stickers around an empty canvas. Collages can be shared via your favorite social networks, and saved to your photo album. Collage Templates: Giant grid grids, template freestyle, and card-based templates. Collage Style Picker: Grid, freestyle, or template. Add Cards: Add photos, text, or stickers to your collage. User Interface: Quick and easy-to-use experience. Send My Collage To: Email, Facebook, and Twitter. Save Collage To: Print, download, and save as jpg, png, gif, or bmp. Camera: Integrates to Windows Live Photo Gallery. Collage Samples: Create beautiful collages with existing templates or start from scratch. Collage Tutorial: Learn how to use the collage tool in Pic Collage. Collage Styles & Share: Learn how to save your collages as JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP files. Collage Save: Learn how to export your collage as a photo. Collage to Facebook / Twitter: Share your collage with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Collage to Email: Send your collage as an email. Collage to Print: Print your collage as a photo. Collage to Paper: Create a collage and save it as a photo on your home printer. Collage Share: Share your collage with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Collage Setup: Learn how to personalize and change your collage settings. Privacy Policy Pic Collage Privacy Policy: We want you to know we respect your privacy. We know that there are ways for us to make it easy for you to keep your personal information private. This Privacy Policy will show you how to do that. We have made this Privacy Policy easy to understand. We have worked hard to make sure you can find what you need in a safe, easy to use format. We know your personal information is sensitive. It is important to us that you can make good choices about the use of your information when you use our products. What we do Pic Collage collects your information in the following ways: Information You Give to Us – You provide us with personal information when you make requests


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