Video Dub Pack is a collection of tools designed for the users that want to process video files on their computer. The package includes multiple versions of the VirtualDub application and other utilities that can be helpful for editing and encoding movies. VirtualDub is the most important component included in the collection and it allows you to process the video content stored in the AVI format. The program enables you to browse the movie clip frame by frame and to apply effects or filters to the desired portions. VirtualDubMod is an enhanced version that includes additional features such as the MPEG2 support and the ability to export all the frames as image files. Including more than one version of these applications intends to provide you with all the features available in different builds. The pack also includes utilities for converting DVD movies to AVI files that can be loaded and processed by the VirtualDub versions. You can also create a movie by combining videos, audio tracks and subtitles with the help of AVIMux GUI. The main goal of the program is to encode the movie files to a DVD or SVCD compatible format such as MPEG. This goal is achieved by using the TMPGEnc transcoder to process the AVI files generated and edited by the other applications. Overall, the Video Dub Pack includes multiple tools for creating, editing and transcoding video files. It is designed for experienced users since the included applications are not easy to understand and most of them do not include any documentation. Unfortunately, the tool pack is not actively supported and the programs are not updated to the latest version. However, it can help you put together a set of tools for your movie projects.







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Main Features: 1. TMPGEnc Library. The application uses the built-in library in order to encode the movies. 2. Graphics module. 3. Advanced Audio/Video-Encoding GUI. The program contains a versatile and user-friendly GUI for editing and encoding various video formats. 4. Customizable settings. The output file is fully customizable and can be easily modified. 5. Formats Supported. 6. Source Media Support. 7. Supports VCD/SVCD/DVD Encode. 8. VideoPad for GUI based editing. 9. BitTracker for graphical frame-by-frame video editing. 10. Presets. 11. Language: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish. 12. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT. Arial.bdf Fonts Pack 1.0 This font pack contains basic files of popular printer, signage and typeface fonts. It is a valuable font library. Briefcase [CLOSED] Briefcase is a toolset for secure and easy-to-manage file, mail and document access that can be used on client and server computers. The main goal is to overcome the problems of different applications used to access and organize files and documents. Briefcase has support for Windows, Linux, MacOS and most of the main file systems. The program runs and integrates with the Windows registry for users that want to avoid adding additional software to the operating system. Briefcase is based on the concept of file bag that allows you to store the file in a single secure location that can be accessed by multiple users. The application can be used to store sensitive files or as a virtual network drive for the office. The system is completely user-friendly and it is based on the principle of providing a secure and easy-to-use tool. Bsif is designed to provide user-friendly file management applications. It is intended to be a reliable software package for personal and business use. The program includes a virtual file system that allows users to access the storage space of the main hard disk in multiple locations. Briefcase can be used in a shared environment to store files in a single directory and expose it as a network drive, share it through FTP or simply store it in a secure virtual area. The virtual directory can be mounted through Samba, NFS or FTP. The application contains

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The best way to create media that has an impressive and powerful sense of distance and scale. A World of Details. The H.264 codec delivers incredibly smooth movies while still keeping the files small and secure. PhotoReal HD Unlock creative potential with PhotoReal HD. PhotoReal HD significantly improves the display of 3D elements of stereoscopic images. Advanced technologies expand your range of creative possibilities without increasing file size. Create HD video files compatible with your HD TV, Cinema display, Blu-ray Player and even VR headsets. Create movies from both photos and videos in the formats native to your device, Apple Motion JPEG, MOV, and MP4 formats. Trim the clips. Edit videos and photos to make it right. Cut perfectly, trim unwanted material, and combine or split clips and photos, all using easy-to-understand tools. Create from camera, cellphone, and webcam. Convert a video file recorded on your smartphone, or grab a photo from your webcam and transform it into a photo-driven video. Built-in video editor lets you create a one-step process from video and photo. Edit video and audio Make color correction, add special effects, and record captions directly from your computer. The audio editor lets you edit and optimize audio files. Create 3D stereoscopic photos and videos Upgrade your photos and videos to immersive 3D that are perfectly suited for 3D displays and VR headsets, including Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard. Image and Video Slideshow Bring your images and videos to life with realistic animation. Make a slideshow of your images or videos by customizing the transitions and adding captions, and then share it through Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ or embed it into a web page. Face Recognition Automatically detect your friends, your family, or even yourself in everyday scenes and automaticly add their faces into your video. Video Color Correction Transform photos and videos to make them look their very best. Choose from a variety of advanced, cinematic color corrections to give your videos or photos a look they never had before. Auto & Manual Convert a single video into multiple files in just a few clicks. A variation of the Multiple format allows you to manually create multiple formats in one go from a single movie. Smart Photo Slideshow Bring your photos to life with visual 02dac1b922

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The VirtualDub application can be used in the following ways: – create a movie from image clips; – apply various effects to the content of the movie clip; – decode raw frames into the movie content; – import and export movie data; – encode a movie into the MPEG or WMV format. The program can also be used in combination with VirtualDubMod that provides additional capabilities such as raw frame analysis and MPEG2 support. The program includes both trial and full versions of the programs. The video pack includes: – VirtualDub (full and trial) – VirtualDubMod (full and trial) – AVIMux (full and trial) – Videopdf (full and trial) – TMPGEnc (full and trial) – WmVideotool (full and trial) – VirtualDubScaler (full and trial) Some of the applications included in the pack have limitations regarding the operating system or the amount of RAM that can be used for the program. These limitations can be found in the information section of the program. The system requirements for the applications are listed in the Description and Features section. The program can be used without registering and doesn’t include any watermarks. You can check the Limitations and Disclaimers section to learn more about the license agreement and the protection of the packages. The VisualDubScaler (VDS) component is a tiny application that can be used to scale images for graphic design and web sites. The application’s interface is very simple and it doesn’t include a built-in help system. The included tool is designed to scale a number of images to a desired resolution. For instance, you can specify a certain file size in pixels and the program will determine the number of pixels to change to fit the desired format. The program allows you to modify the aspect ratio of the image and the target resolution. You can apply a background image that will be used to crop the selected region. For this task, the tool includes a background picture selector that gives you the option to preview the background image. You can also specify a set of scaling options like the force to stretch the image or the image position and the rotation. The program supports various file formats including JPEG, BMP and PNG. The tool also provides a set of macros that can be helpful when you want to scale a number of files at once. With the help of the program, you can increase or decrease

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Videodub is an application that you can use to edit videos. It enables you to browse and apply effects to the movie clip frame by frame. Videodub also includes a remote control mechanism that enables you to preview the video content without having to touch the mouse. Also, a new powerful version of the program is available for the users that want to find a way to edit the movie content stored on the DVD discs. The new version includes many features such as the ability to trim, crop and apply filters to the desired portions. VideodubMod is also a very powerful application. It enables you to use numerous video and audio effects to merge the files into a single movie. Another highlight of the program is the Web-based GUI that is used to create a movie. You can create the movie structure by using the graphical editor that is included in the application. The Video Dub Pack can be used to combine videos, audio tracks and subtitles into a single movie. You can set the movie duration, the language, the video frame rate and so forth using the data entry windows. The pack includes two versions of the AVIMux application. The first version allows you to import the video content into the AVIMux program and later create the DVD content. You can also extract the video from the DVD content. The second version of the AVIMux program enables you to create the DVD content directly using the player and the menus. This version supports more than one subtitle file, supports the Xvid codec and allows you to add the subtitles directly from the clip. The pack also includes two tools for converting the video to DVD format. In addition, it includes a video editing tool that you can use for creating your own movies. The clips can be saved as PNG, JPG or BMP files. I’m not a big fan of this kind of tools, but I know it may be useful for some. TK TROJAN is a collection of tools that are used to encode multimedia files. The main purpose of the tools is to encode the files using the MPEG format. The package includes three versions of the VirtualDVD application that are described below in the description. Also, the package includes a tool for encoding the video file into the AVI format. The MPEGtranscoder is a third-party tool that can be used to convert the movies in MPEG format. It is the easiest component to use among all the applications included in this package. Once you install the application, you can start

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Graphics: At least DirectX 11 support: Shader Model 4, Microsoft XP. At least DirectX 9 support: Shader Model 3. At least DirectX 8 support: Shader Model 2. At least DirectX 7 support: Shader Model 1. GPU Minimum: 4x Video RAM 6x Video RAM 8x Video RAM 12x Video RAM CPU: At least 4x SSE 2.0 speed. At least 4x S