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– Dedicated to offering practical engineering software for solving structural problems – Designed to help engineering students from the introductory stage to the final degree – Suitable for beginners as well as advanced users – Easily navigable, navigates you through all the modules – Allows to insert all the values of a column, beam or plate in a manageable way – Offers guidance on how to proceed from the beginning of the design to the end – The design is based on current engineering regulations – Users can place loads of elements simultaneously for a faster design – ASDIP Steel Free Download is created to be very efficient and easy to use – Graphics and basic calculations are automatically performed – ASDIP Steel is created to be efficient and practical for everyone – It can be used from the first day of classes to the last degree – Free, no annoying registration, no other hidden charges – Never lost or corrupted your files with the hidden watermark – Works on Microsoft Windows, requires no additional installations – Doesn’t limit your design and doesn’t slow down your PC – Works even if it is a 32-bit installation – Works with Internet Explorer and Firefox – Optimized for a fast and easy design ASDIP Steel Features: – Accurate calculations for calculating basic elements and anchorage – Accurate design of beam cross sections – Accurate calculations for shear – Accurate design of columns, columns and beam sections – Accurate calculations for the bending moment – Accurate calculations for special members (I-joists, slabs, ties, channels, etc.) – Accurate calculations for dead loads – Accurate calculations for concentrated loads – Accurate calculations for all members – Accurate calculations for column-girder ties – Accurate calculations for plate reinforcement – Accurate calculations for concrete reinforcement – Accurate calculations for complex reinforcements – Accurate calculations for tie reinforcement – Accurate calculations for main reinforcement – Accurate calculations for non-regular reinforcement – Accurate calculations for cantilever reinforcement – Accurate calculations for anchorage design – Accurate calculations for different anchorage designs – Accurate calculations for base plates, columns and beams – Accurate calculations for steel plates, columns and beams – Accurate calculations for pins and dowels – Accurate calculations for sheet and plate members – Accurate calculations for surfaces, edges, tubes and round bars – Accurate calculations for columns, beams and dead

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ASDIP Steel is a top, 3D design module for steel design. Designed specifically for engineers or students of structural engineering. – Enter dimensions. – Choose an element. – Add loads and anchorage details. – Generate calculations. – Iterate when you are happy with the result. ASDIP Steel allows you to design steel base plates, columns and beams. There are four elements in the software: 1. Base plates. 2. Columns. 3. Beams. 4. Anchorage. – A 3D base plate can be created with different shapes. – A 3D column can be created as direct expansion or direct contracting. – Load components and bearing capacities can be added for any combinations of columns. – A 3D beam can be created from different cross-sections including round, rectangular, elliptic and others. – Load and anchorage details can be added for every columns and beam. – The software utilizes iterative mechanics to quickly achieve high accuracy for all the calculations of the member. ASDIP Steel Features: ASDIP Steel has an auto-completion mode. Most of the time you just enter the necessary information, and it will automatically carry on the calculation. – Place your steel elements in pre-defined locations. – Choose base plates, columns, and beams with different cross-sections. – Add numbers for load and anchorage details. – Create and place your steel elements directly in the model. – Iterative mechanics to quickly reach high accuracy. ASDIP Steel is a multi-element software. So, you can design more than one element, e.g. base plate, column, beam or bearing capacity. – You can place your steel elements in pre-defined locations and it will carry out the rest of the calculations for all the elements. – Choose base plates, columns, and beams with different cross-sections. – Add numbers for load and anchorage details. – Create and place your steel elements directly in the model. – Iterative mechanics to quickly reach high accuracy. ASDIP Steel is a CAD software for the analysis of steel and its application for the design of steel. ASDIP Steel is multi-element software. It has the capabilities of analyzing steel members and allowing the user to set the analysis parameters accordingly. It has all the tools required to design steel columns, beams, and base plates 2f7fe94e24

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ASDIP Steel is an acronym which means Australian Structural Design Instruction program. ASDIP Steel, the leading software for calculating continuous and slender members in structural steel works, is a part of the ASDIP program which is a series of software products and learning materials delivered by the Australian Steel Design Institute (ASDI). This tool enables you to easily calculate continuous and slender members along with details like their load factors, shear forces, bearing resistances, etc. The layout is quite simple. You select the type of structure you want to calculate, select the element you want to design, and add design properties. The interface is well-organized and the basic calculations, such as service and bearing loads, loads on column and span length, etc. are easy to follow. ASDIP Steel has a basic yet useful learning module as well. Even if you’re not familiar with engineering software, this learning module can take you through the basics. So, you’ll find all the right information here. It’s easy to use and very helpful in the beginning. The way ASDIP Steel calculates design is quite simple. However, if you’re planning a complex design you’ll need to add more detail. If you need more information about how it works, please check the ASDIP Steel User’s Manual. ASDIP Steel allows you to add loads to the member you’re designing along with material properties. However, the design values used to calculate loads, material properties and other details are based on the design specification and the predefined design options. ASDIP Steel has two types of calculations. Continuous and slender members are calculated using the in-series model. Modular beams and columns are calculated by using conventional reinforcement and “dynamic” reinforcement, which is optional. For example, when calculating a beam with multiple columns and a slab, the in-series calculation is performed for each of the layers. Once the in-series calculation is completed, the module is removed and the next module, with a higher resolution, is added to the calculation. This way you can obtain accurate results. ASDIP Steel Features: • Application: Structure design • Method: In-series • Properties: Calculation of the slender continuous members • Price: $1,995 CAD / $2,295 USD • Support: Fully comprehensive • Website: • Download URL:

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