Balancer is a lightweight and free software application made for optimizing and simplifying 3D polygonal models. It uses mesh simplification to preserve the model quality, keeps the features, normals, texture coordinates and layer boundaries intact, and enables you to speed up model rendering. Before proceeding any further, you must know that the app's not designed for creating and editing models, so you should resort to other tools for that purpose, such as Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D or Lightwave. Simple setup and clear-cut interface The installer takes little time to finish, and the only notable aspect about it is that samples can be included in the package to give you a better idea of how Balancer Lite works. It adopts an attractive interface that looks pretty professional for a freebie, consisting of a large window with menus for the view, selection, simplification and various tools. Open and save .obj files Projects are saved and opened as .obj-formatted files. Unfortunately, Balancer doesn't implement support for importing or exporting models to other formats. It contains a workspace with a tree view for easily exploring all meshes within a project, and you can temporarily make any mesh invisible with one click. Customize the model view You can use the mouse cursor to rotate the model and view it from different perspectives, toggle between solid, wireframe and vertex view mode, select flat or smooth shading, show back faces and make them colored, display a bounding box, and personalize the model background color. It's also possible to alternate the material colors, enable or disable lighting, as well as choose boundaries between surface, texture, normal, smoothing group and material/layer. The view can be reset to aerial mode. Manage model properties and build the simplification hierarchy Balancer lets you examine the type, name and total faces for the model, clear or isolate selections, join vertex, normal or texture coordinates, eliminate T-junctions, as well as discard normals, texture coordinates and smoothing groups. When it comes to mesh simplification, you can lock the vertices and boundaries, prevent UV or XY foldovers, update normals manually or automatically, and build the simplification hierarchy with one click. Log details are shown on the bottom part of the screen, so you can track the app's every movement. Configure program preferences The vertex cache can be optimized either by arranging the triangles to reconstruct their strips, or for faster strips rendering which doesn't involve triangles. By default, the texture coordinates and vertex normals are saved alongside a project, but you can exclude any of the two. It's also possible to duplicate the vertex attributes for array-based rendering, include in the project saving any vertices which are not connected, edit the joining thresholds, personalize the display color and size (e.g. vertices, edges, faces), as well as remap shortcuts for the keyboard and mouse buttons when it comes to rotate, zoom and pan. Alternatively, you can copy the mouse mapping scheme from Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Lightwave or other apps. Evaluation and conclusion We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests, since the utility didn't freeze, crash or prompt error messages. Surprisingly, it uses minimal system resources. All in all, Balancer comes bundled with useful options wrapped up in an attractive and user-friendly interface to help you optimize and simplify 3D models. There's also a Balancer for Mac edition available. If you want to work with meshes larger than 15,000 triangles, you can check out Balancer nPro (it's not free, but you can run the trial from the freebie downloaded package on this Softpedia page).







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SmartMesh Geometrical modeling software that uses statistics to simplify models, bringing them down to fewer surface points without removing topology. EasyMesh Powerful and intuitive mesh optimization tool, that works fast on any number of polygons and has easy-to-use features for making meshes even better. Advertisements Balancer Manager A suite of applications that perform various functions required for managing and optimizing models, especially for production purposes. X-Plane X-Plane is a free piece of flight simulation software developed by Microsoft Research. Serveware Serveware is a free and open source software suite of tools for object processing and presentation for web design, mostly oriented to mobile and tablet devices. Serveware Developer Kit A set of tools for develop web services and applications for the Web 2.0 space. System Explorer A free, open source software that provides information about installed software. It displays details such as the installed software, user’s rights, services, processes and hardware. XMLTV File transfer software, that allows you to easily share large files. XtraFusion An application that turns a PC or Mac into an XBMC universal media center. Collector Collector – Directory Listings & Download Manager. is one of the largest file sharing websites on the internet. Its most popular feature is its comprehensive directory listing, with the ability to filter the directory. Slayerz 3D Platinum Editor It is a simple yet powerful full featured editor for 3D modeling, animation and digital art, helping artists to achieve higher results in a short period of time. Tux4Kids Tux4Kids is an educational computer game distributed by Motley Games. Tharazen 2 Tharazen 2 is a free and open-source action roleplaying game. Filereactor Filereactor is a free file manager for Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7). It is a very small file manager. It looks good, it’s fast and it’s free. It has a special configuration for a great visual effect. Jabber Software Release 4.2 Jabber Software Release 4.2 is a free client for instant messaging and VoIP calls. The client supports IMAP,

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3D Model Optimization 3D models are utilized in different industries such as architecture, entertainment, gaming and other fields. They are stored in various formats such as PLY, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, etc. If you are looking to optimize your 3D model, the chances are that you are going to face some difficulties. The modeling software contains several features and settings that might interfere with model simplification. This is why most users opt for the use of specialized programs. The problem occurs when there are no models stored in vector format, or the required specialized software is not available. This is why the new program Balancer was developed. Balancer has been built especially to simplify 3D models in your computer without modifying it in any way. Balancer enables you to optimize your object from a structural perspective, and maintain the geometry, features, normals, and texture coordinates to make your model more optimized and suitable for 3D printing. Main Features: 1. Simplify a model Balancer makes it easier to simplify a model. If you have a 3D model, you can optimize it using this program for the following benefits: – Optimize models – Fast renderings – Quick searches – Built-in simplification 2. Optimize meshes with connected components Balancer is smart enough to detect connected components in the mesh; therefore, it can split them to optimize the process. This is possible without editing the mesh itself. 3. Keep the geometry and features You are not required to edit or create a mesh. Balancer does the job for you; therefore, you can keep the geometry and other features intact. The program works by cutting edges and simplifying the mesh; however, this only works for the selected meshes in the list. 4. Preserve the properties Balancer was built to preserve the properties of the object. You can use the database to define which faces or vertices need to be selected in order to preserve the model properties. 5. Individual simplification You can simplify models individually or with the help of simplification groups. Balancer performs individual simplifications in a step by step manner. 6. Non-destructive operation Balancer is a non-destructive operation that preserves the geometry, features, and textures of a model. The app doesn’t modify the original model and makes it easier to save and render. 7. Supports 3D printing You can create 3D models, optimize them, and print them 2f7fe94e24

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FreeMesh is a free software application developed by Chorus. This site lets you merge and optimize your data on your PC, without any charges, at any time. Features include: Extract multiple.obj files,.3ds,.fbx,.udm,.mod,.md5,.x file formats into a single one, then merge all the meshes into one. FreeMesh can extract meshes from a wide range of applications including 3D printing software, games, hobby and v-ray renderers, game engines and more. FreeMesh is an extremely simple application, with a very user friendly interface. FreeMesh is a breeze to use, and it provides very high quality results. Another outstanding feature of FreeMesh is that you are limited by no watermarks. FreeMesh is totally free, and has no downloading limits. FreeMesh was designed from the ground up to optimize and merge models as fast and as well as possible. The results of your merge and optimize are very good. Our goal with FreeMesh is to provide a free solution to the merge and optimize of models. The FreeMesh Team will continue to provide updates and new features to FreeMesh. We will do our best to provide the best experience for our users, and to give them the best results when using FreeMesh. FreeMesh is Free. You can download the program here, or watch the FreeMesh website for more information. FreeMesh is supported by donations from our community. Donations to the cause help to provide better and more add-ons. If you enjoy using FreeMesh, please consider donating. To learn more about our donor drive, visit our freeMesh Donation page. is a service that links to file-hosting websites that have a policy of freely providing download services to the public. The software sources linked to on this website have been scanned by the freeware program `Open Source Virus Scanner’ and are found to be 100% clean of viruses. The freeware program `Open Source Virus Scanner’ is developed by Adam Dragan. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by the discussion groups, files or theirs owners on this website.Celebrate Christmas Day with a free movie. If you’re feeling lazy, or just a bit under the weather, this might be the day to catch up on some much-needed holiday movies. Whether you have a few days off or

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OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 Memory: 4 GB RAM Hard Disk: 300 MB free space Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 / Radeon HD 7850 / HD 7950 with 2GB VRAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 (integrated graphics) Input: Keyboard, mouse Networking: Broadband Internet connection Sound: DirectX 11.0-compatible audio device Screenshots: