[…]. The key phrase for the decryption is sent securely and cannot be accessed. The tool may be used with Outlook for Windows 10, 2013, 2016, and Mac, Outlook for iOS or Android. CRYPTED-EMAIL is a secured email encryption app for Outlook. CRYPTED-EMAIL is a secured email encryption app for Outlook. Secure the transmission of important files over email CRYPTED-EMAIL offers an easy and powerful option to securely transfer files over email. Simply activate the add-on for the desired Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF document. It then starts encrypting the document in real time, without leaving the original attachment. The tool comes with a wide variety of encryption algorithms (AES 256-bit, AES 128-bit with CBC, One-time pad) for different file types. Encrypt the documents on the go CRYPTED-EMAIL is a versatile encryption app for Outlook that lets you encrypt documents on the go. Encryption is applied to each file automatically before sending the email, without having to be present in the application or restart it. You may configure the app to use either a continuous keyphrase or a password to enable/disable the encryption. It comes with support for encrypting all types of files. Encrypt any file with a password CRYPTED-EMAIL is an easy-to-use, yet powerful application to send protected files via email. You need only select the desired file and type the keyphrase to set the encryption. Any encryption option can be applied right from the application, without having to restart Outlook. The tool supports a wide range of encryption algorithms (AES 256-bit, One-time pad), any of which will be applied automatically to the selected file. One key phrase for multiple files CRYPTED-EMAIL lets you encrypt multiple documents with the same key phrase for an all-in-one solution. The app can thus be used when you want to encrypt several files with the same key phrase, for example to send confidential information securely via email. If this option is enabled, a single option will be available on the email that lets you check whether the file was encrypted or not. Printable documents are also supported CRYPTED-EMAIL supports printing with encrypted files. You may print multiple versions of a file using different settings or apply different security levels. You can also print multiple copies of a document with a single print job.

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1. Secure your important files over email 2. Use the same password to decode, when receiving the email 3. Your PC doesn’t need to be connected to the internet 4. Quick to install and use 5. Easily adjust to your business needs 6. Included in Outlook 7. Encrypts password protected Zip and RAR archive files 8. AES and RSA 9. Quick to install 10. Encrypts zip, rar and 7zip files 11. Supports non-English languages 12. Hex, Base64 and Unicode codes are supported 13. Standard mailbox support 14. Password protected archive files and Zip documents 15. Works with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. 16. Any compatible keyboard is supported to enter the password 17. Any language is supported to enter the password 18. Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000. CRYPTED-EMAIL Additional Features: 1. Quick to use 2. Simple to use 3. Simultaneous encrypting of many files/mails 4. Safe and secure 5. Supports Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. 6. Import/export to/from the encrypted folder (Tomboy) 7. Compatible with all versions of Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013). 8. Encrypts password protected zip and RAR archive files 9. Encrypts 7zip, zip and PCL archive files 10. Supports non-English languages 11. Password protected archive files and Zip documents 12. Windows Mail support 13. Hex and Base64 codes are supported 14. Encrypts Unicode file (UTF-8/UTF-16) 15. Password protected PDF documents 16. Message sent to open subfolder 17. Password protected archive files on Windows or Linux 18. Password protected archive files on Mac OS X 19. Import/export to/from the encrypted folder (Tomboy) 20. Encrypts received emails CRYPTED-EMAIL Additional Function: 1. Imports and exports encrypted and not encrypted PDF files to/from Internet Explorer. 2. Encrypted emails are displayed as regular emails in the email client 3. Decrypted emails can be viewed in the encrypted folders (tomboy) 4. Displays the file size of the decrypted file in the original folder 5. 2f7fe94e24


Create, Send, Manage and decrypt emails with this quick and easy to use tool Features: • Create and send emails with attachments • Set the encrypted message • Encrypt and decrypt documents such as PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint file For security reasons, this tool is required to be licensed with a registered key. Setup License You may freely use this software for 30 days, but if you wish to use it for longer, you will need to purchase a license. The total price for a license is €29.50, after which you will be able to use CRYPTED-EMAIL without limitations. The license automatically renews every month, so you will receive monthly invoices. If you wish to purchase a license, you can do so by visiting the Store page, where you will also find special discounts. The license can be used on all computers and email clients that you use. SUPPORT Support Contact us via our Contact Form or use the Support Feedback form and we will be glad to assist you or provide any other information you might need. A key must be registered in the license, which includes activation of the tool. It can be activated after you receive a message from us or after you purchase a license directly from our website. Installation: To start installing CRYPTED-EMAIL on your computer, please refer to the following steps: 1. Please download the Zip Archive from the link under the Download Info button. 2. Extract the folder “CRYPTED-EMAIL-PAL” to your computer. 3. Run the executable file CwTools.exe located in the extracted folder. 4. Follow the on-screen instructions that will appear. CwTools will create a shortcut on your desktop to the installer. Please right-click on the shortcut and select the “Run as Administrator” option. In order to update CwTools, please close it and run the updater. Installation notes: • CwTools can be easily be installed on your development, test or production computer. • CwTools requires Internet connection only for the first installation and updates. • Once installed, you may use the CRYPTED-EMAIL without configuration. • To fully remove it, please follow the instructions in our Support Section. Visual Studio or Visual Studio Team CwTools may be installed

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CRYPTED-EMAIL is an easy-to-use Outlook tool that allows you to encrypt files that you attach to emails. The tool is fully integrated with Outlook and requires minimal configuration. It has been developed for MS Office 2010 and Office 2013. How to use the tool? 1. Click on the.exe file and install it The first thing you need to do is to download and install CRYPTED-EMAIL from the developer’s website. Next, log into your Outlook, and click on the Preferences button. 2. Choose your encryption option Click on the Preferences button and activate the encryption. You can choose among various options. Use the ActiveX security tab to set the tool to be compatible with your system or to disable it. 3. Choose a password to define the keyphrase If you want the key phrase to be changed, set it here. You can also set a password that you want to be used for decrypting emails sent to you in order to review the files. 4. Select the appropriate attachment type You can choose from several types of files for attachment: PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word document. You may also encode images or document for attachment. 5. Start sending messages You can use the Encrypt or Decrypt buttons to attach the files, depending on the type of documents you wish to send. There are two choices for files that are not supported: disable the encryption or display an error message. 6. Use the Reset/Send button Use the button to send the emails that contain the protected files attached. The tool will prompt for the user password that you set here. Features: Encrypt files automatically before sending It is possible to encrypt files and attached with any email messages that you send in Outlook. You can select the documents to encode, and then decrypt the files when you receive the message. Allows for a range of file types The tool can protect PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents, thus allowing you to send any type of document you wish to. Protects all the attachments by default It is possible to protect the attachments of all the messages you send. The tool provides the best encryption and protection when you use Outlook to send emails. What is CRYPTED-EMAIL CRYPTED-EMAIL is a simple and convenient solution to ensure that your sensitive files are protected while in transit. The tool can be used for encoding Word, Excel and PDF files–dBzUMrc7JXht

System Requirements For CRYPTED-EMAIL:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 CPU: Intel® Pentium® III 1.3 GHz / AMD Athlon™ XP 2000+ MHz RAM: 1 GB DirectX: Version 9.0 HDD: 5 GB Internet: Broadband connection Joystick: Optical or the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version (only on the Xbox 360) Other Requirements: The developer has stated that the game will not work on Windows 8. The game was tested with both Intel and AMD’s