There are various methods for customizing the desktop appearance, such as themes, wallpapers, screensavers or icon packs. DesktopX is designed to do more than that: it can enhance your desktop looks and functionality using widgets, objects and gadgets. The DesktopX main application runs in the system tray, but you can access its features using the DesktopX Helper widget, which enables you to navigate to the main sections, load widgets / objects and create new desktops. The Desktop Builder is the tool included in the pack that allows you to build your own widgets and even complete desktop environments, which means that you get to configure all the items, including the taskbar and the start button. The program comes with a collection of objects and widgets that you can import and include in your new desktop, but you can always grab more from the Internet. Your new desktop can include the 80's Arcade widget (a collection of games), Fishy (a fish that swims all over your screen), calendars, clocks, picture frames, search widgets, to-do lists, a unit converters, volume control apps, weather monitoring tools and the Silica Word of the Day widget. Objects are designed to bring additional functionality to your customized desktop. You can place them wherever you want, offering you easy access to your mailbox, the DVD drive, My Computer, Folders, Outlook or Word. After choosing the desired item, you can easily export it as a stand-alone widget, objects or sidebar gadget or include it in a new DESKTOP file. Changing the desktop background image or color, adding labels and customizing their style, setting minimum and maximum resolution values or reducing your work area are other available options. Advanced users can attach scripts to objects in order to run different operations. DesktopX is a handy application designed for those who don't settle for the traditional desktop look and want to put their creativity at work in order to build a desktop that fits their needs.







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The DesktopX Activation Code application is an integral part of the desktop customization platform that will allow you to build a unique personalized environment. It provides you with a huge collection of objects and widgets that you can include in a new desktop. Additionally, you can use it to set the desktop background image and color, add labels, change the icons’ size and customize their style, set the screen resolution values, create minimized workspaces and add gadgets to your workspace. You can even reorder all the items inside the workspace and create new workspaces. Features: – Create a new Desktop – Customize your desktop with widgets, gadgets, gadgets and objects – Import/Export desktop objects, widgets and gadgets – Change the desktop image – Change the color – Set your desktop resolution – Create minimized workspaces – Change the workspace order – Create a new workspace – Add gadgets to a workspace – Delete an object or group objects – Access your scripts – Export an object as a stand-alone desktop element – Include an object in a DESKTOP file – Attach scripts to an object – Sort objects – Control scripts from an objectStocks tanking at historic levels By Marianne Wilson By Marianne Wilson Photo: Video: Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the US Treasury has managed to sell $8.8 trillion of its debt. The amount is in fact $8.8 trillion. After a long, hard night on Wall Street, stocks have fallen in their worst day since the crash of 1987. The Dow Jones Industrials were down 784 points, or more than 5.7 percent, to close out with its worst point decline since Oct. 8, 1987. The S&P 500 index was off 5.7 percent to finish at 1,693. Analysts are concerned that a fiscal fight in Congress is threatening the economy with the fiscal cliff, the across-the-board tax hikes and spending cuts due to take place if nothing is done by Jan. 1. More are worried about the European debt crisis. The debt crisis is shaking markets in Spain, Italy and Greece. “The concern is that we may have more trouble from Europe,” said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Wunderlich Securities. “It’s unclear how the investor community is going to react, but it would not surprise me if that scares people.” Wall Street sees the breakdown

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Make your computer experience even more attractive by the use of the DesktopX “Widgets”. Drag and drop them anywhere on your desktop, or even in the Start Menu. DesktopX will collect your Internet shortcuts, and organize them in different folders. You can drag the desktop gadgets onto your desktop and customize each one as well as you can configure the colors, style, shortcuts, and any other feature of your “desktop wallpaper”. DesktopX will track your favorite programs and display a weather forecast, calculator, or current date and time anywhere on your screen. Set up alerts, add reminders, and receive e-mail on your desktop by including your e-mail address anywhere. DesktopX will also display a calculator, a fish, a clock, a calendar, a task list, and the Word of the Day widget. You will be able to include your favorite screensavers, borders, and icons, and download any available file from the Web. DesktopX can also import any of the available objects, e-mails, or websites, and can export them as stand-alone widgets, gadgets, or gadgets into your “DesktopX Folder”. Expert Reviews “DesktopX is a great little desktop-builder. Adding your own desktop wallpaper with drag & drop is one of its best features. Drag a full-screen image to your desktop, it will be displayed as your desktop wallpaper and it will auto-resize to fill the screen.” — Crossfirez “DesktopX is an app that you can use to customize your desktop. Drag desktop items on the desktop then customize them with your own settings. You will love it because it’s very easy to use. And with the ability to add a bunch of desktop gadgets and access them on all your desktops, you can customize them all to your liking.” — Test_user “DesktopX is an easy to use app that makes you create your own personal app on your desktop. There are widgets, clocks, web shortcuts, calendars, and much more. There are tons of options to customize these widgets, so you are able to make them fit your needs perfectly. There are also many “patterns” available to you to choose from, which allow you to create a unique look to your desktop.” — BloodnCrazy “This app is the best app to customize your desktop. You can create your own screen saver, wallpaper, and even custom desktop wallpaper. You can also create widgets, web shortcuts, and many more. You can also create your 2f7fe94e24

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With the many different WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors available to do word processing these days, it’s easy to find the wrong tool for the job. In fact, sometimes it’s impossible to know what the job is in the first place. With Corel Docer (Docer), however, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing before you begin. Docer is designed for desktop publishers of a wide variety of styles, including commercial printing, web development, photo editing, web publishing, and nearly every other situation that involves typing documents. The Docer Interface Docer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that’s tightly integrated with DHTML-powered LiveSync to help you create web-ready documents, regardless of the underlying technology. It includes a number of features designed to reduce your workload, including AutoFormat, which automatically corrects elements of your document. It also includes Document Type Info, which highlights any special characteristics of your document. Another helpful feature is the Insert Reference tool. The small, tool-tip arrow in the lower-right corner of the tool panel, immediately to the right of the keyboard insertion key, can be used to insert text, images, or other elements of your document as a reference. You can choose a specific portion of your text, text from a WYSIWYG document, or a reference file. As your text is being updated in real time, the reference text appears automatically in the final document. What’s more, inserting references is so fast and easy that you’ll soon be able to write notes and delete them just as you write them! Managing References References can appear anywhere in your document, from the beginning to the end. You can also choose to use references only as a full-text link or a reference mark. Your references can be stored in a separate text file or managed in the main document itself. Reference files are generally small, since most references appear in only one or two places in a document. You can even have multiple reference files. Finally, you can link to your references using either a hyperlink or block. When you click a reference link, your document opens automatically, and a specific page or section is highlighted in the document to make it easier to locate the current reference. You can even have multiple reference links within a single page. The Integrated Document Manager Managing references

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DesktopX is designed to bring a new standard to the digital desktop environment. It’s an easy, clean-looking, and colorful application that can be set up in a very short time. On the other hand, the program is packed with a great number of features that will enable the most experienced users to add all the little extras that make their desktop stand out. Features: – Create a completely new desktop (DESKTOP) file that is a separate folder, that allows you to create a new desktop experience for your entire computer. – Create your own desktop objects (WIDGETS), that can be attached anywhere on your desktop, even on the taskbar and start menu. – Create your own desktop gadgets (OBJECTS), such as to-do lists, clocks, notepad, calendars, photos, or any other gadget that you want to have access to your program. – Configure your desktop to include 80’s GAMES, a fish that swims all over the screen, labels, clocks, custom backgrounds, a search tool, to-do list, and many other widgets and objects. – Watch different videos on YouTube, download them and play them in your video player using widgets! – Create a custom login screen that includes your favorite pictures, wallpapers, logos and other information. – Watch any video you have from any folder using the Videos Widget. – Import icons and pictures from your computer to use them in your DESKTOP. – Browse your Favorite Office documents using the Documents Widget – Hide icons from your desktop that you don’t want to see. – Backup all of your desktop settings to an XML file. – Launch any programs from any folder. – Launch any document on your computer using a Widget. – Use Hotkeys to launch your favorite programs and use your computer like a remote control! – Use the built-in calculator or unit converter to change the currency and keep track of your expenses. – Turn on or off widgets to save some battery power. – Show the desktop as a wallpaper. – Design your own custom screensaver. – Include the latest news feed from your favorite sources. – Change the icon of your computer to match your style. – Change your desktop background image or color with a simple click. – Set your computer to automatically shut down when a script is activated, such as updating your Contacts or Birthdays. – Add text or images to the desktop

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Memory: 1 GB RAM Pentium IV 3.2 GHz / Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or better Windows 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit) Free hard disk space 3.4 GB Graphics: Video card which supports DirectX 10 Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 Recommended: DirectX 10 DirectX 11 Keyboard: Japanese Internet Connection: Broadband How to Install: 1) Copy Japanese Input Language to somewhere in your “