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The Drilled Columns Reinforcement plugin is a small, easily usable system of selected tools with a highly simplified interface.
The system, with the help of which the necessary documents can be produced directly in the AutoCAD environment, eliminates the necessity of maintaining and updating the large database of engineers, and reduces significantly time spend on such procedures.
If this is not enough for you, the product will also compute the reinforcement in depth, which will be included into the processed drawing based on the reinforcement thickness, so it will be later incorporated into the finished drawing, if required.
For those who work on both boring constructions and drilling stations for deep foundations in large basements, there is a feature, which allows to calculate the reinforcement depth in the quarry, while drilling in the foundation.
At the same time, in case the reinforcement is removed from the quarry before being installed, the corresponding filter is activated, so the removal work will not be jeopardized.
The functions, available with the Drilled Columns Reinforcement product, are as follows:
Unlimited layers available; 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 24 layers.
Meshed reinforcement; For coarse mesh option, column with coarse mesh and part of the reinforcement are included in the drawing.
With reinforcement, the number of reinforcement ribs is calculated in advance, based on the bore depth, reinforcement thickness, and reinforcement length. The reinforcement ribs will be generated for each layer, at preset intervals along the bore, and will correspond to the set intervals of the reinforcement ribs, thus allowing their proper position on the reinforcement.
After the appropriate filtration, the reinforcement will be listed in the drawing in accordance with the listed parameters. The reinforcement ribs will be easily adjusted to the final shape, and then be produced using the appropriate commands.
The option to display the reinforcement in columns, from the beginning of the boring in the quarry, until the first reinforcement is ready, is included in the product, so the important technological stage in the boring process, which means the sand and gravel removal from the drilled shaft, will not be left unrewarded.
Processing speed is not decreased for more than two hundred rows per file. Even at this speed, however, the customer can operate with construction and architectural drawing templates.Q:

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Drilled Columns Reinforcement Crack+ With Full Keygen Free Download

Drilled Columns Reinforcement Crack Mac is a collection of plugin modules designed to help in the visualization of concrete drilled columns. With this collection, the possibility to generate any kind of column including the reinforcement extract for the concrete drilled column was introduced. This is not only applicable for the columns, which are vertical, but for any other cases as well. All the controls necessary to generate the related drawings and sections were made available.
The driller can easily use this plugin to preview the reinforcement extract before applying the concrete, and the resulting core is produced in just a few clicks.
As a bonus feature, the tool allows one to generate the reinforcement extract for the columns. The option to change the concrete depths was added to generate the corresponding reinforcement extract, which can be provided to the customer as a separate drawing.
What’s New:

v1.0: Release notes

v1.1: Fix: Core checker

v1.2: Fix: Foundation plate

v1.3: Fix: Reverse rotation

v1.4: Improve: Core checker, Reinforcement menu

v1.5: Fix: Current level menu

v1.6: Fix: Add paths from historical to present day dimensions

v1.7: Add: History menu to options screen

v1.8: Fix: Wrong reinforcement anchors for post and column

v1.9: New: Add examples/examples

v1.10: Fix: Reinforcement menu collapse

v1.11: Fix: Reinforcement menu position

v1.12: Fix: Wrong reinforcement on rounded columns

v1.13: Fix: Wrong column length with post reinforcement

v1.14: Fix: Foundations now correctly defined in diagram

v1.15: Fix: Fix problem of Exe generation

v1.16: Fix: Reinforcement anchor with tolerance

v1.17: Fix: Reinforcement depth with padding

v1.18: Fix: Reinforcement anchors with margin

v1.19: Fix: Remove layers when change views of installed concrete

v1.20: Fix: Reinforcement on post and column

v1.21: Fix: Random number generator for thicknesses

v1.22: Fix: Reinforcement on uneven columns

v1.23: Fix: Reinforcement on rounded columns

v1.24: Fix: Layout

Drilled Columns Reinforcement Crack + Torrent

Drilled Columns Reinforcement is a collection of four essential accessories
+Drilled Columns
+Foundation Plate
+Column Shaft
The end user will be able to generate 3D view, 2D drafting, and schedule based on a number of variables, including reinforcement based on the designer’s choice.
Reinforcement, whether longitudinal or transversal, can be designed with any relevant curve, all within the confines of a preset column-cut thickness. Lengths can be changed, as well as the line angle (trapezoidal or hexagonal). For columns that are twice-drilled, the corresponding reinforcement based on the number of bar layers is calculated and the appropriate reinforcement extract is generated.
Columns can be on a single or double row basis, with the outer ones shortened, or on any slope. The inner edges of the column walls can be routed for the reinforcement. Of note, and in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, the first reinforcement extract is always based on the column-cut thickness of the column itself.
Foundation Plate
As with Reinforcement, the foundation plate can be on single or double row basis, with the outer rows shortened. The inner edges can be routed for the reinforcement, or any other desired geometry.
Column Shaft
The column shafts can be either vertical or horizontal, with an inclination dependent on the column-cut thickness. The diameter of the column can also be modified or altered in some other way.
The tympan is also based on any combination of the predefined columns, but is considered to be fixed in geometry. It’s thickness is based on the column-cut thickness, with the possibility of adding a primary reinforcement in the form of a continuous helix. The inner edge can also be routed for the reinforcement, or for any other design, with the possibility of altering the shape and angle, and creating inserts to mask the reinforcement.
Reinforcement Properties:
Reinforcement can be based on any combination of the columns
Length and type of reinforcement is determined by the user
Column-cut thickness
1.00 to 1.50 CM
1.50 to 2.00 CM
2.00 to 2.50 CM
2.50 to 3.00 CM
3.00 to 3.50 CM
3.50 to 4.00 CM
Reinforcement can be based on a single row or double row basis

What’s New in the?

1) Drilled Columns Reinforcement consists of multiple individual plugins (See list of plugins included in this package). Each plugin includes a set of parameters required for its functionality.
2) In order to create the reinforcement you need to log-on to Drilled Columns Reinforcement, open the automation build, and click on the “Add/Modify” menu, and select a column and the corresponding reinforcement.
3) Once the reinforcement design has been generated, you can print, export to an Open Office or AutoCAD drawing file (DWG, SVG, PDG, etc.), as well as export it to an image. In order to export to a DWG or a PDF, you need to generate the DWG or PDF file, download it, and then open it in a graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator. You need to then save it as a DWG or PDF file, which will be imported to AutoCAD.
4) Once generated, the reinforcement design can be exported to several formats, such as TIFF, EPS, etc.
5) If you select the reinforcement, then you can see the elements associated with it in the drawing (foundation plate, tympan, cross wall beam, etc.).
6) If the reinforcement is selected and you go to the “Component Properties” menu, you can see various tab options (Such as color, linetype and bold) as well as the “Correction” tab. Some of the correction parameters can also be found in the “Tools” menu.
7) To change the column or reinforcement, you can simply double-click on it, and the design tab will be opened. In the “Construction” tab you can see various parameters, such as the surface type of the foundation, the reinforcement column diameter, and the reinforcement type (column, reinforcement, etc.) The core column strength in mm/s^2 can be found in the “Core Column Strength” tab and the reinforcement name.
8) To add a reinforcement, you simply need to drag the corresponding circle (in black) and drop it on the structure where you want it.
9) Once the reinforcement is placed, and the “Construction” tab is open, you can see the reinforcement type, the connection lengths, and placement in the foundation. You can also see the reinforcement, column, and foundation plate diameters.
10) In the “Component Properties” menu


System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 / AMD Phenom II x4 945
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760 / AMD HD 7870
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection with 512 kbps or higher
Hard Disk: 19 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes: Optional fourth-party Wi-Fi adapter.