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The standard and easy to use program is designed to change any icon of any folder automatically. With a simple click of a button the program will change the icon of a folder or file with a matching file extension to any other icon, including common system icons (for example: desktop, start menu,…). What is new in this release: Fixed Issue #9: “Hidden folders issue (WIN 7)” Fixed Issue #6: “When an icon change is not successful, the program will crash – maybe because of a wrong icon path.” Fixed Issue #7: “If the folder is not found, FolderFix will crash with some user interface issues.” Fixed Issue #8: “FolderFix would not change any properties of the newly renamed file” Fixed Issue #10: “FolderFix would crash if the same file exists in the same directory where the settings.ini file resides” Fixed Issue #11: “Losing the settings file when the settings are reset to default” Fixed Issue #13: “FolderFix no longer works correctly with the option “Apply to all files” checked” Fixed Issue #14: “After converting the file to text using a text editor, FolderFix no longer can save the settings (including associated text) to settings.ini” Fixed Issue #15: “When a file does not get renamed successfully the newly renamed file is still called “oldfile.jpg” and not “oldfile.jpg.txt” as it should be” Fixed Issue #16: “If an error occurs when changing the “icon.bin” file, the program will crash with a User Interface error” Fixed Issue #17: “FolderFix’s settings window will appear twice if the settings are updated using a text editor like Notepad++” Added Issue #18: “Add shortcut to taskbar in setup” Added Issue #19: “Add shortcut to Start menu in setup” Added Issue #20: “Add shortcuts to desktop in setup” Added Issue #21: “Unable to open manual link in my browser” Added Issue #22: “Add shortcut to start menu in toolbox” Added Issue #23: “There was a temporary error before program could launch” Modified Issue #24: “When starting the program, a blue and red border would appear during the evaluation phase” Modified Issue #25: “Start program with parameter instead of a program name” Modified Issue #26: “Update

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FolderFix XP is a small application that you can use to restore the shell folders to their default icons. It can be easily installed and set up, whether you are a first-time or advanced user. After a short installation procedure, you are greeted by a standard window with a well-defined layout. You can scroll through the drop-down list and select a folder, such as AppData, Cookies, Desktop, Favorites, Personal, Recent, SendTo and Start Menu. Aside from viewing its icon in the main frame, you can pick the scope between the local machine and current user, as well as change the folder location. Fixing the respective icon is effortlessly done, with the simple click of a button; modifications are immediately applied to the computer. The straightforward software application runs on a low-to-moderate amount of CPU and system memory, so it should not interfere with the runtime of other active processes. It has a good response time and worked smoothly during our evaluation, without making the operating system hang, crash or alert us of error notifications. On the downside, you cannot fix the icons of more than one folder at the same time or set the tool to automatically run at system startup. Other than that, FolderFix XP can be seamlessly handled, regardless of the user’s skill level. Download FolderFix FolderFix is a small program to fix or replace file icons in Windows shell folders. The program, a part of the FolderFix XP, has been made easy to use. Just select a folder and click on the icon and a window opens where a standard layout is displayed. A clear and straight forward interface guides you to the setting of the desired options. Apart from switching through the listed folders, you can use the program to set a default folder and a new location. All the settings are applied in a few seconds. The program does not change the displayed files or even copies anything, just the icon. FolderFix is easy to run. There is no need to install any drivers or to search for all the files in the folder. The program is fast and works without causing any problems. Although, we found some problems with the software’s interface. With the current version of the program, it is hard to select the folder, because all the file icons are displayed in the same window. Additionally, the index location can be changed, but there is no setting for non-system folders, folders made in folders or new folders. Another annoying problem is that changing a 2f7fe94e24

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What Is FoldiX? All computers need to run programs at certain times. Windows 7 on a home desktop computer is no exception. After all, Windows is designed to keep things running smoothly without messing up your files or system. For the most part, Windows does a pretty good job of this. But some programs cause that Windows experience to go south. FoldiX is one of those programs. It seems to be the tool of choice for malware writers when they are trying to wipe out your system or just mess up your personal files. What Can FoldiX Do? Most people probably want to know if FoldiX can restore all your files. The answer is yes, it can. But you need to know how to install it. There are some pre-requisites that the installation process will require you to meet. But once installed, there is a very simple process that lets you restore all your important files with just a few clicks. I’ll start off by talking about FoldiX’s purpose and features. Then I’ll describe the prerequisites to the installation process. FoldiX Purpose and Features FoldiX was created as a replacement for the Windows 7 built-in defragmenter. But the makers of FoldiX don’t want you to know that. Why would they want to confuse you and cause you to wonder why you need to use it? The answers are obvious. Software like FoldiX is designed to slow down your system and cause trouble when it comes to running other programs. Creating a false sense of security that you don’t need it is a sure way to keep you from using FoldiX. Once you know how it works and what it does, you won’t be fooled by it ever again. So let’s take a look at why it’s there and what it can do. FoldiX is most commonly used to wipe out your hard drive so that you have to purchase a new one. This is easy to do. With all the viruses out there, your computer is a prime target for all of them. This is especially true in the Windows 7 operating system. It’s the number one target for viruses, and those seeking to make money by using spyware are also using it as their first choice. FoldiX also allows you to create a new, freshly formatted hard drive for you. A new hard drive is like a blank slate. If you

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FolderFix XP is a simple application that removes registry and desktop entries of the ShellFolders folder. With the help of this tool, you can restore the shell folders to their default icons. It is an easy-to-use application with a neat GUI that has the ability to restore the default folder icons from the start menu and desktop. It can fix the problems with the shell folders: Remove unwanted shortcuts from the desktop, such as %userprofile%\Desktop, %userprofile%\My Music, %userprofile%\Internet Favorites and %userprofile%\Trash. Fix registry entries (GetShellFolderPath) and place shortcuts in the desktop (SetShellFolderPath) Fixeinframen and shortcuts in the start menu. Clean up by removing empty folders/files from desktop, thumb drive and laptop Folder Fix is a Windows Explorer Command Line solution. This is a command line utility that clean up your desktop, Thumb drive and your Laptop. This tool fully eliminate user folders and files from the recycle bin, which has caused security issues for novice users. Folder Fix also cleans up artifacts such as system folders, shortcuts, and temporary files. Folder Fix is a very lightweight application. Fast, silent, very flexible. Also, support for the following drives: (1) CD-ROM (2) HARDDRIVE (3) NETWORK (4) REDUNDANT DRIVES (5) USB (THUMB) DISK (6) USB FLASH (may not support all versions) (7) EXTERNAL DRIVE (8) PRIVATE DRIVES (9) FOLDER LOCATION (10) ADVANCED SETTINGS Easy to handle, very fast and won’t slow down your machine. Very useful for novice users and expert users. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 (Minimum system requirements) 1 GB RAM 2GB RAM CPU >=2GHZ 10GB free disk space 10GB free disk space (Recommended system requirements) More than 1GB RAM More than 2GB RAM CPU >=3GHZ 80GB free disk space 160GB free disk space How to run? As a default installation, Folder Fix is installed in Program Files. To remove it

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CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD Phenom II X4 945 / AMD FX-8350 Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460/AMD Radeon HD 5770 Memory: 4 GB RAM: 4 GB Hard Drive: 100 GB Operating System: Windows 7 DirectX: Version 9.0c Game Rating: T Game System: Xbox 360 Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: Microsoft Studios Xbox Live Gold Included Hardcore fans of the award-winning