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Highlights GroupBar is a minimalistic toolkit for managing windows that has grown over the years. The core of the toolkit is the ability to arrange windows into what are called groups (groups can overlap each other, as long as the windows are on different drives and with different applications) and rearrange them at will, while retaining their snapped position and contents. GroupBar is also capable of creating and saving snapshots of the groups and the layout they represent. These snapshots can be then be re-opened from the toolkit and used to restore the layout to the exact state it was in when the snapshot was created. History GroupBar began as a freeware replacement for the combination of’s WIndow Manager and the Group Window Manager. Over time, the tool matured in the freeware arena and was released as an open source product. GroupBar Designer GroupBar Designer: Design tool for creating new groups and group layouts. GroupBar Designer Features: Display a “Project Info” dialog which provides a detailed description of the current layout and most importantly, the window positions Handle placement of windows to ensure correct rendering Adjust snap distances within groups to include the edges of the application windows Also provides for fine-tuning window locations at the window level by moving application-specific widget windows Automatically adjusts the geometry of the group windows to suit the size and configuration of the primary window Ensure correct layout of the primary window at all times and check the validity of all groups when saving a snapshot … GroupBar Designer Layout: Preview Toolbar: View all groups simultaneously, zoom in or out to inspect properties of all the group windows Snap Window Toolbar: Group Bar Toolbox: Add/Remove windows to/from the group Resize/drag/drop groups Open/close groups Note that windows can be added to groups only by dragging them to the group. The windows not owned by the group will not be displayed in the group upon opening. Snapshots: Create snapshot of the current layout Create snapshot for the layout of all groups Customizable Layout: GroupBar Designer Reference: You can try the Sample Program on your PC! Get a free demonstration! Download our demo for an extensive look at this


Features: Multiple Snapshots of Window Layout and GroupSize Multiple windows for a snapshot can be of different sizes Snapshots can have differing Window Layout (Window Size vs Window Position) Snapshots can have differing Group Size (Window Size vs Window Position) Common, Global, User Window Types Snapshots can be labeled with Custom names Open / Close Widget Configuration for Each Window Global window hotkeys to all windows Windows with no active application can still be open Windows can be grouped to different Windows / Preferences without break Window Templates : 1) Classic Windows 2) Commander Windows 3) Single Commander Window 4) Multi Commander Windows 5) List Window 6) Search List Windows 7) File List Windows 8) Split Window 9) Create Window 10) Toggle Window 11) Flip Window 12) Hide Window 13) Maximize Window 14) Restore Window 15) Reset Window Window Positioning : The Window Position is the position of the Window in the GroupBar. You can change the position of a window from Snapshot to Snapshot. You can change the position of a window when you create a Snapshot of the Window Layout. You can change the position of a window when you create a Snapshot of the Group Size. Window Size : The Window Size is the window height and width Window Sizing : Window Width: Can change the Window Width Size to – 1x – 32x – 64x Window Height: Can change the Window Height Size to – 1x – 32x – 64x Window Area: The GroupBar has a default of 16 Window X 16 Window for a 16 Window Resize Area. The Window Size and Window Area must be the same, or GroupBar can’t be created. General : There are two global windows. The Theme Window and General Settings. The Theme Window has the Size of Windows, you can change size you want. And the Vertical Position is at the Bottom. If you want this window can’t be under the other window. The General Settings Window has a size of 1×1 for the Size Window. When the Type of settings is Windows. If it’s not Windows or 2f7fe94e24

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Flexible window-management tool that offers enhanced visual control for desktop window layouts. Snapshot Description: Persistent Windows-layout record. Snapshots remember window position and contents, and optionally store a “snapshot” image of the window, which can be captured and restored later. “Snapshots” are created and saved automatically during certain user-initiated events, or can be created manually by dragging window tiles in the GroupBar to an “Export” function or “Restore from Snapshot” function. Window Management: GroupBar users can create and destroy groups and single windows within the bar, while also merging and splitting windows. Groups may be arranged in rows and columns, and they may be “packed” or “spread” within the bar. “Pack” displays all windows as if they were one large window, while “spread” arranges windows and groups in the bar by their placement within the GroupBar grid rather than by their placement within a folder on the desktop. “Merging” and “Splitting” operations allow windows or groups to be combined, or split, into groups or separate windows. Window Management: GroupBar operates in a way that looks very similar to the “taskbar” in Windows, with the exception that it offers the additional window management operations that are common to the “Start” menu. As such, GroupBar includes common functions such as “Minimize,” “Maximize,” “Restore” and “Shade.” GroupBar also includes the following advanced functions: “Redimension” allows windows or groups to be resized via a dedicated menu. “Rotate” allows windows or groups to be rotated (i.e. 270 degree along the screen). “Zoom” allows windows or groups to be scaled up or down. “Tile” allows windows or groups to be arranged in a grid format. “Flip” allows windows or groups to be dragged to one side of the screen. “Skip” allows groups to be skipped when scrolling. “Paste” allows groups to be pasted into the bar. Changelog v1.3.0 – Feb 26, 2009 * Fixed issue with “Redimension” function * Windows added to the GroupBar are now saved in “Snapshot” format * Improved logic in the “Snapshot” operation so that the “Save” function can accept files of any type * Made the

What’s New In?

— Version 1.8 — 2 major bug fixes: * Fixed a double-close bug. * Fixed a double-click-to-close bug, thanks to suggestions from @jduffy3 of the Free Electrons mailing list — 1.7 — Fixed a bug that caused persistent windows to disappear after rebooting the system — 1.6 — Added the ability to create groups of any size. This feature is useful when you have a number of similar windows/applications that you wish to group together. — Fixed another bug that caused windows to appear to be snapped into a small number of different positions. — Fixed a bug that caused windows to always snap back to the original position, even if the window was moved manually. — 1.5 — Added the ability to snap window contents to a specific layout. You can also quickly switch the layout using a hotkey. — 1.4 — Fixed a bug that prevented windows from being automatically snapped to the new default layout. — Fixed a bug that prevented windows from being snapped to the new default layout. — 1.3 — Fixed a bug that prevented windows from being snapped to the new default layout. — Added the ability to choose layout name or size (in megabytes) from a context menu. — 1.2 — Minor bug fixes for the new Snapshot feature. — 1.1 — Snapshot feature is now working. — Fixed a bug that prevented the layout name from being changed by right-clicking on a pane in the default layout. — The snapped state of window tiles can now be reset to their original positions, which is useful if a program no longer needs to act like an application. — 1.0 — Initial release There’s a similar other application called Window Junction (Windows 7 and 10 only) that I’ve used that has a somewhat similar layouting capability and also a debugger and some other useful utilities. But it doesn’t have the persistent Snapshot feature that GroupsBar has. A: This is a bug in the latest version of Windows. Look at this article: The fix is to change the display settings (reboot the machine if it’s still going) to

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Windows 10 Windows 8.1/8/7 Windows 7 Windows Vista Mac OS X (10.9.5+) Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+) Minimum: OS: Windows 7 64 bit (Windows 8 64bit and Windows 7 32bit are also supported) CPU: Dual-core (2.0 GHz or equivalent) RAM: 2 GB Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460/AMD HD 6870 Required: OS: Windows 10 64 bit CPU