IceCat is a suitable solution to navigating the Internet since it offers you a reliable, secure environment for visiting your favorite websites. The application is built on the same kernel as Mozilla Firefox, which is why it resembles this browser not only regarding the functions it offers, but also the interface.
Privacy protection in browsing
Similar to Firefox, IceCat is a reliable Web browsing tool, which is accessible to all Windows users. While there are multiple similarities between the two applications, the differences occur when it comes to the status of extensions.
Moreover, IceCat features several integrated security add-ons, which come with the program package. These extensions are designed to increase the stability of the browser, by managing JavaScript pages, as well as to block privacy trackers on any website you visit. The other plug-ins can replace online video players with the Firefox native player and automatically use HTTPS rules.
Simple to use Internet browser
IceCat offers you a reliable, familiar environment for browsing the Internet. The application supports opening websites in several tabs, starting private browsing sessions, saving the current page as HTML or printing it. The tool can save the browsing history and create bookmarks.
The browser can manage downloaded items, as well as help you configure the Internet connection. It supports certain applications, for emailing services, viewing PDFs or video rendering. Moreover, the browser supports intense customization, which can be performed from the developer menu. You may also set the program to start with a custom homepage, by entering the preferred URL in the Options window.
Enjoy browsing the Internet with a reliable tool
IceCat allows you to visit any website you wish, supports saving passwords or remembering accessed URLs. The program allows you to activate the private browsing, a feature that instantly disables the browsing history so that you do not need to worry about the cache or about storing unnecessary links.







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IceCat is a customizable, full-featured, user-friendly Internet browser available for every user from Windows 95 onward. The browser can be configured according to our wishes and needs, and it comes with a rich set of features.
This version of IceCat is the first which features a simplified interface and a truly user-friendly, customizable browser with a modern look.
IceCat has an internal SQL database where the browser history, the history of cookies, and the history of the visited pages are stored. This information will be useful for a daily as well as for a technical use of the Internet.
You can easily open all the folders of your hard drive. The browser offers a native HTML reader for the Internet, which is similar to its Mozilla Firefox “brother”. You may also go through the folders, the files, the registry and the windows control panel as you wish.
The application features a built-in search engine and a thumbnail browser for every single page. It supports right-clicking to access to your favorites, bookmarks, and history. At the same time, it also integrates the full support of the cookies and the JavaScript extensions.
It offers you a complete and effective way to surf the Internet, with a stable interface and a strong security system which is configured directly in the application.
IceCat Application Download
IceCat Version Information:

The description of IceCat may be different in the device, so the version numbers and information may be a little different. The following information is a list of the version numbers and the information of the current version of IceCat.
Program Name: IceCat
Program Size: 955 MB
Package Type: Installer
Package Version:
System Requirements: –

Re-Look: IceCat edition 2019 is available with a nice and clean interface. It has some useful features that can really help you out when you are using internet. It is a free and safe web browser that can not only provide you the best browsing experience, but it can also help you out with the various security threats that may exist in the world of internet.

IceCat has been developed as a solution that is fully capable of providing you with a safe and secure experience. IceCat features top-notch privacy policy and it also offers you a chance to achieve better browsing experience. The program has been designed with many features that have already been known to make the internet experience better and safe. IceCat boasts of better compatibility with the site

IceCat 38.8.0 (Updated 2022)

IceCat is a reliable, reliable, sophisticated and appealing Internet-browser, which supports tabbed browsing and a Bookmark Manager to save favorites and addresses. IceCat can be configured to be your own personalized browser. IceCat is one of the most trusted browser on the internet. This is the most powerful browser for casual surfers. IceCat is different, because it offers a different experience, with a simpler and more intuitive user interface.
IceCat Key Features:
Tabbed browsing
Password Manager
Private browsing
Secure Connection
Cache Management
Bookmark Manager
Support for Password Managers and Cache Management
How To Install IceCat on Windows
1. Download IceCat Browser from below link
2. Copy the downloaded file and paste in the ‘C:’ folder
3. Run ‘icecat.exe’ to install IceCat
Click to Install IceCat Free Download

Shuttle is the open source Web-based conferencing tool. It is also an integration engine providing services like Chat, Email, Microblog, List, Task List, Sharing and Presentation.
Shuttle is similar to another popular free conferencing tool – joomla 1.5. It uses a core engine called Moodle, similar to joomla 1.5, and also has plugins for integration. Shuttle is available as a component for joomla 1.5. Shuttle 1.2.1 and the component extension for joomla 1.5 1.2.1 are free.
In addition to this, Shuttle is a Web server and FTP server, and uses a key/passwords system (configurable) for all accounts.
It is possible to integrate Shuttle with the following features:
favorites, bookmarks and managing of multiple accounts
microblog, list, task list, sharing and presentation
plugins for integration (currently, we are working on many of them)
end-to-end encryption
The source code for Shuttle is available here

Shuttle is a registered trademark of Zenix Technologies Inc.

PerCam is a live action video capture card that you can mount on top of your camera. It allows you to capture video and image in real-time. Use it at home, at parties, in film production or anywhere you need to record (for example, in your lecture room or interview room). It has two components: a mobile and a desktop component. The mobile

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Virus Total is a free online scanner that will test executable files for potentially unwanted items. We attempt to find harmful software, including adware, browser hijackers, malware, and spyware.

When a threat is found, you’ll receive an email detailing the malware’s risk level and the program’s impact on your computer’s health. This service is free to try, or you can purchase the full version for $24.95 per year.

VirusTotal is one of the most trusted software scanning tools on the Internet. The service was founded by an Italian security researcher in 2009, and has been downloaded by more than 1.5 million people since then. More than 100,000 sites keep the service on their servers.

Find out more about VirusTotal at

Web Security in Action is an award-winning educational DVD that teaches the fundamental concepts and best practices of web security. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand format, using web-based applications and examples. The DVD can also be used for training, including seminars or security awareness programs.

Web Security in Action provides a strong web security foundation and teaches you to protect yourself from dangerous websites, applications, and content. It contains the following:

· Five examples of attacks on web sites (“Phishing”, “Ransomware”, “Spear Phishing”, “Brute Force”, “Bypassing Firewalls”)

· A lesson on securing websites

· A tutorial on installing and using web security software

· A tutorial on blocking malware

· A lesson on filtering malicious and harmful content

The DVD also explains the processes and infrastructure behind the websites and services you use, and how they work.

Web Security in Action contains over an hour of video lessons, with additional lesson material available on the accompanying DVD, video CD, or download. All content is available with English subtitles.

Web Security in Action is useful for teachers and parents to provide the basic web security education for their students or children. Its approachable style, coupled with effective examples, makes it ideal for use in educational settings or for self-education.

Web Security in Action is ideal for use in educational settings, including lectures, workshops, and seminars.

Web Security in Action is also ideal for self-education, and

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Dynamic Web Browser

Multilingual Support

Firefox is a open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It is a cross-platform browser available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, Bada, Symbian, Fire OS, and iPad. The program is available to download free of charge. Firefox is also available in various different editions, ranging from the absolute basic to a complete pack of tools that are essential to perform professional tasks on the Internet.
The basic version is perfect for unoptimized Web pages, while the Performance add-on is good for website developers, who want to keep an eye on performance during development. The Firefox Developer Edition is a subscription-based product which offers users the possibility to perform web searches and online analytics, as well as assist development of Web apps. The rest of the tools, such as the Firefox Add-ons Manager, are suitable for both novice and advanced users.
However, apart from the Web browser, Firefox is known for its extensive collection of privacy and security add-ons, which has become essential for users who want to browse the World Wide Web without being worried about their personal data. The add-ons are developed by independent third-party developers, who offer users a great choice of privacy protection tools.

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TeamViewer is an easy-to-use remote control program that is designed to help you connect to and control computers that are attached to the Internet. TeamViewer allows you to access computers through networks, providing an easy way to connect to those distant and inaccessible computers. TeamViewer also allows you to share the remote control that is assigned to one device with

System Requirements For IceCat:

Intel Core i3-2100
25GB free HDD space
Windows 8.1
Intel Core i3-5010U
12GB free HDD space
Windows 8
How to Install Windows 8.1 on Vivo Xplay 4G (WI-FI)
Please use the following guide carefully, otherwise you might get yourself stuck with an unbootable phone.