Portable JkDefrag is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you reduce fragments on the disks to improve stability and file access speed. It is designed as a portable version for JkDefrag.
Portability advantages
Since there is no installation pack involved, you can extract the program files to any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to run. There is also the possibility to save Portable JkDefrag to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, in order to run it on any PC with minimum effort and no previous installers.
An important aspect worth taking into account is that the Windows registry and Start menu do not get updated with new entries, and no extra files are created on he disk, thus leaving no traces behind after its removal.
Simple interface and options
The GUI is represented by a small and classical frame that loads a list with all available disk drives at startup, together with information such as file system, fragmentation in percentage capacity, and free space.
You can get started by selecting a partition to perform an analysis and find out whether it is necessary to defragment it or no. There are two types of defrag jobs available: fast and thorough. The later one also optimizes files, so it clearly takes a longer while to finish. All activity is recorded to log files that you can examine at a later time.
Evaluation and conclusion
We have not come across any issues in our tests since Portable JkDefrag did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and uses low CPU and RAM. Although it is not feature-rich, Portable JkDefrag gets the job done and can be used by anyone with ease for defragmenting hard disk drives.


Download ✸✸✸ https://urllie.com/2soa1Z

Download ✸✸✸ https://urllie.com/2soa1Z






JkDefrag Portable [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

Give your Windows drives the performance boost they need! JkDefrag Portable is a lightweight hard drive defragmenter, designed to be very fast. The program also has a group of useful utilities bundled with it that can speed up your Windows experience.

Portable JkDefrag Features:
JkDefrag Portable is a lightweight hard drive defragmenter. The program also has a group of useful utilities bundled with it that can speed up your Windows experience.
The following is a list of features:
* Very fast and secure defragmentation (not using any temporary files or any kernel-related components. Available in portable version only).
* Very quick analysis on whether defragmentation is necessary for your drive.
* Adjustable defrag options (defrag frequency, defrag starting point).
* Display drive status and fragmentation in percentage capacity.
* Locate the DLL file for proper programs.
* Save all important files to the same folder and location as program.
* Record all activity to log file.
* Defragmentation of almost all types of hard drives (type of hard drive, partition type, Hard drive size, and type of files on the disk).
* File system type and file system option is automatically selected for faster defragmentation.
* Defrag files all at once or in partitions.
* Allows you to quickly defragment a single partition (partition defragmentation option).
* Very reliable. No temporary files, no kernel-related components, and no file changing.
* View window is cleared on restart.
* Defragmenting of hard disks is not supported in Linux and Macintosh.

Registry and Start menu saving (New!)
Registry saving
By default, Portable JkDefrag does not save the Windows registry entries for later editing. If you want to find out what registry changes do not remember having made in the past, use a registry cleaner like Regedit and look for entries named “Portable JkDefrag”. Registry entries of Portable JkDefrag are saved to a text file and distributed to the same folder as Portable JkDefrag.
Start menu saving
By default, Portable JkDefrag does not save the Windows Start menu entries for later editing. If you want to remove entries from the Start menu you can use Start Menu Cleaner, a tool that automatically removes all unused entries from the Start menu. Then you just have to wait until the new menu entries are

JkDefrag Portable [Updated-2022]

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JkDefrag Portable


JkDefrag 3.5.18 Portable

4.9Overall Rating

The latest update JkDefrag Portable is a lightweight portable application that helps your partitions to be defragmented faster. JkDefrag Portable is designed to enable you to shrink the space occupied by fragmented files. The software is designed to work faster with little or no maintenance overhead. JkDefrag Portable has several preset options that can be altered while analyzing. JkDefrag Portable Portable is easy to install and easy to use. JkDefrag Portable uses low resources and little CPU processing power.

JkDefrag Portable is designed to identify file system fragments and analyze them before deciding which part of the disk is most fragmented. It uses advanced algorithms to make quick decisions on how to reach a good solution. JkDefrag Portable uses a predefined solution or you can choose your option and adjust it if it has been wrongly identified.
JkDefrag Portable supports a larger number of file systems than other software. You can now use it to defragment Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Linux.
If you have enough free disk space, JkDefrag Portable is not likely to increase the size of your file system. JkDefrag Portable uses a simple interface that does not require advanced configurations in order to use. JkDefrag Portable requires low memory and CPU usage.

Features of JkDefrag Portable:

* Contains defragmentation algorithms optimized to clean up file system clusters, freeing additional storage space.
* Optimize JkDefrag Portable, after defragmentation, to make the most of free space.
* JkDefrag Portable starts defragmentation quickly to enhance the overall speed.
* Supports Windows XP or higher and can analyze fat32, ntfs and ext2-4.
* Test your JkDefrag Portable capacity with a reduced version.
* JkDefrag Portable is based on open source algorithms and has no installation.

JkDefrag Portable Benefits:

* Quick defragmentation to increase the performance of your hard disk.
* JkDefrag Portable is based on open source algorithms.
* JkDefrag Portable is designed to work like a defragmentor.
* JkDefrag Portable defragment only those files that are fragmented.
* JkDefrag Portable uses a few files and does not affect the performance of your

What’s New In JkDefrag Portable?

JkDefrag Portable makes the defragmentation process quick, easy, and cheap. To use JkDefrag Portable, you will have to download the portable JkDefrag software, install it as an administrator, and run it. JkDefrag Portable does not require you to make any changes to your computer’s registry as the portable JkDefrag program stores its own settings in a backup file. You have to activate JkDefrag Portable as the first program in your startup list.
JkDefrag Portable has a simple interface that lets you choose files to be defragmented. JkDefrag Portable is very easy to use for any computer user as it does not require any installation and only uses low resources. JkDefrag Portable has no impact on the computer as it will not make changes to the registry. You do not have to defragment a disk until it has reached the fragmentation in percentage capacity of 40% or more.
JkDefrag Portable is a lightweight program that will allow you to defragment a hard disk quickly with no problems. JkDefrag Portable is a reliable program that will not cause any errors and is easy to use. JkDefrag Portable is a program that can be used by anyone.

JkDefrag Portable Portable is a lightweight program that will allow you to defragment a hard disk quickly with no problems. JkDefrag Portable is a reliable program that will not cause any errors and is easy to use. JkDefrag Portable is a program that can be used by anyone.

Wise Defrag is a defragmentation utility that not only provides a database of files and folders that need to be defragmented, but also features a comprehensive system optimization that automatically moves fragmented files to their fastest locations. The compact and intuitive interface of Wise Defrag allows you to navigate through the system with ease and quickly defragment your files and folders. An exclusive “Free disk space” alert notifies you when your hard disk drive needs more space to defragment. Wise Defrag is a first-class defragmenter, featuring several options and a powerful performance tuning system that assures the best results and maximum execution speed.
Key Features:
• Main and quick defragmenters: Wise Defrag allows you to defragment all your files and folders from the main interface. From the “Quick defragmenter” sub-menu, you can select individual files to


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