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Kaleidoscope AIP Free Download is a free plugin that will add a kaleidoscope effect to your Adobe Illustrator objects. The mainstream graphics applications now offer versatility and power that satisfy the majority of requirements, even in relatively specialised fields. However, there remains substantial scope for productivity and ease-of-use improvements by employing plug-in tools from other suppliers and, in particular, custom tools designed for a specific task and workflow. Shillito & Company offers plug-in development as a service: we can develop tools that integrate tightly with the host application, which are designed for very specific purposes, be they quality assurance, ease-of-use or some original graphic component that the host application cannot itself create. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are particularly suitable for this purpose but other host applications can also be extended in those cases where they offer more suitable host capabilities. As a user needing additional tools or facilities, it can be difficult to envisage what sort of extensions and modifications can be applied to the host application. To help you to plan your requirements, we have created a free Kaleidoscope plug-in tool for Illustrator CS and CS2 (Windows version) which demonstrates many of the options – and you might even find it useful or entertaining! Additional tools on the toolbar Custom object types Special cursors Menu additions Automation Appearance pane information Although the demo plug-in works with Illustrator, similar principles apply to other host applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator allows particularly comprehensive integration with plug-ins. You need to install Photoshop in order to view the download. Requirements: ■ Adobe Illustrator CS you need to install Photoshop in order to view the download. Kaleidoscope AIP News: Version 1.0 This release of Kaleidoscope AIP has a number of minor bugs which have been corrected in the last update. Version 1.1 There are now a number of colours that are available in the Palette panel. Version 1.2 A number of very small bugs with the appearance of the AIP have been ironed out. Kaleidoscope AIP Description: Kaleidoscope AIP is a free plugin that will add a kaleidoscope effect to your Adobe Illustrator objects. The mainstream graphics 2f7fe94e24

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■ Drag and drop a Kaleidoscope AIP component into a document. ■ Optionally, resize the drag-and-drop control by pressing the control key. ■ Display the options panel if desired, then select any of the following options: ■ Automatically generate, resize and create an infinite number of layers ■ Automatically resize and rotate ■ Automatically generate, resize and create a new object type ■ Automatically save the new object type ■ The Cursors section Kaleidoscope AIP parameters: ■ Click the button on the options panel and select any of the parameters. How the options panel works: ■ The following panel options all appear and operate in the same way: ■ The standard Appearance pane, which is currently formatted as shown. ■ The three cursors used to select and move the source object. ■ The Options to Add (Insert) File drop-down list, which shows the list of files currently in the active Document window. ■ The Palette Adjustment Paths panel. ■ The Write Settings to Disk button, which works with the current document window. ■ The options button, which shows the options panel (visible when the option box is selected). ■ The Reset button, which removes all dialog boxes and options. How the options panel works: 1. To create an infinite number of layers in the object and automatically generate, resize and create a new layer for the object, select the “Generate an unlimited number of layers” option. 1. If the option is selected, a new layer is automatically generated in the selection area of the tool. 3. To automatically resize and rotate the object, select the “Auto resize and rotate” option. 3. If the option is selected, the object is automatically resized and rotated, with the control of the tool automatically moving to any selected rotation point. 4. To automatically generate, resize and create a new object type, select the “Generate an unlimited number of object types” option. 4. If the option is selected, a new object type is automatically generated in the selection area of the tool. 6. To automatically save the new object type (with options), select the “Automatically save object type” option

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This is a free plug-in for Illustrator that takes an object and refracts it through a kaleidoscope. This will be demonstrated on an ‘Image Sprite’ type of layer and can be made to work with layer styles etc. What’s New Updated: Available for Illustrator CS2. Kaleidoscope AIP Features: ■ Kaleidoscope AIP is a free plug-in for Illustrator that takes an object and refracts it through a kaleidoscope. AIP.com is the developer for the plugin and are constantly providing updates to improve the functionality, and make the tool even more useful. Additional Plug-In Features: ■ Illustrator’s Portfolio format is becoming the de facto standard in many industries and the main AIP.com product is compatible with both versions of Illustrator CS and CS2. This allows users to run the same Illustrator documents on their computers without modification, allowing more cost-effective delivery, while at the same time, allowing Illustrator users to be more flexible. Special Information: The original AIP for Photoshop was originally sold for $37.00 as a web-based item on Photodrop.com You can now get AIP for Photoshop at a discounted price of $15.00 or you can use the coupon code at the bottom of this page to save 50% off AIP for Photoshop at Photodrop.com. Practical Information: AIP.com is dedicated to the design and creation of plug-ins and is specifically focused on creating plug-ins for specific businesses in the print, digital media and web market. AIP.com will continue to create tools and plug-ins for the whole spectrum of graphic design needs to improve and increase the effectiveness and ease of use of the selected host application. AIP.com is constantly working on updating and adding new features to AIP for Illustrator and Photoshop to keep the product up to date, and to continue to make it a valid product for use in the field. AIP.com will continue to release updated versions of AIP for Photoshop, and we are currently working on AIP for Illustrator CS2. Please ensure you have a fully installed version of Photoshop and/or Illustrator before purchasing. Kaleidoscope AIP’s Product Features: Add a kaleidoscope effect to your Illust


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Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2008 R2. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later processor. Memory: 2 GB RAM recommended. Display: 1280 x 1024 display with screen size greater than 10 inches. Graphics: 2 GB VRAM. Sound Card: DirectX 10 compatible sound card with latest drivers. Storage: 2 GB available space to install the game. Network: High-speed broadband internet connection. Controller: Keyboard and mouse.