Windows comes with an abundance of preset functions which you can easily activate through hotkeys. Some applications also allow you to define such hotkeys, but they might just be annoying in certain situations, such as when playing games. Luckily, you can rely on applications like KillKeys to temporarily disable them.
Toggle hotkey functionality at the press of a button
Setup is over before you realize, and don’t worry if nothing shows up on the desktop when the application is launched, be cause it usually stays in the tray area. In fact, there’s no interface to the application, and all management options are handled through the corresponding tray menu.
When active, the application automatically disables several Windows hotkeys. These aren’t enlisted in the tray menu, and you can’t toggle particular keys, but rather the entire group at a time. A single click on the tray icon toggles the functionality of the application, thus enabling or disabling hotkeys on the list.
Configure hotkeys to disable
You might have a little hard time configuring target hotkeys, and this is mostly because you need to edit the dedicated INI file. You can open it from the tray icon thus saving you the time needed to manually reach the program source folder. Settings need to be saved when you’re done, but a save dialog shows up on exit.
On the bright side of things, the INI file contains a decent set of details, allowing you to quickly get the hang of the configuration process. It even tells the code for particular keyboard buttons. The application can be made to run with Windows, so that all target hotkeys are disabled by the time you reach the desktop.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that hotkeys are pretty useful, regardless of the domain of activity. Sadly, these can become a little frustrating when playing, but KillKeys aims to solve this. Even though it can take a bit of time to get the hang of things, it’s sure to prevent you from activating specific functions when not needed.


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KillKeys Crack Registration Code

Activate or deactivate Hotkeys for PC.

Limit Shortcut and Button Shortcuts.

Configure Hotkeys to Control Audio Volume and Screen Color Temperature.

KillKeys Crack is freeware so, we won’t ask you to pay any fee if you decide to keep this program installed on your computer. The author created this software tool to address the issue of one-button clicking and the preset function hotkeys that are easily activated by the same button. When users click the button that activates this application, the application disables certain Windows functions. The name is derived from the functionality of the program. This is a computer security solution for controlling a keyboard from the Windows desktop. It might seem that this function is slow to learn and cumbersome to use, but the application is a one-button click, but by the way it is completely customizable.

KillKeys Shortcuts and Hotkeys:

Open the KillKeys application and set hotkeys if needed.

Click on the “Map to keys” button.

Press and hold the keys you need to map

You will notice that the Apply button is disabled while the setting is in the memory.

After you apply your settings, you will need to press the “Return to settings” button.

Press Alt + F4 to close the application, or press the cancel button

Activate or deactivate Hotkeys for PC:

Click on the KillKeys icon to open the application and go to the advance menu.

In the advance menu, you will find the “Toggle on system startup” menu that allows you to turn on or off the hotkeys when you log on to the computer. This menu appears at the end of the application once you open the settings menu.

Click on the “Hotkey on system start” option to enable or disable it.

Configure Hotkeys to Control Audio Volume and Screen Color Temperature:

In order to configure the hotkeys to control the audio volume and screen color temperature, go to the advance menu.

In the advance menu, you will find the “Audio control” option.

In the “Audio control” section, you will find the control for audio volume.

Click on the “Audio control” option to set its state.

In the same section, you will find the control for screen color temperature.

Click on the �

KillKeys Free For Windows

KillKeys is designed to help you disable or disable hotkey functionality in Windows. It offers several ways of working, including a nice tray interface, settings in a simple INI file, and an application icon.

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KillKeys With License Code (April-2022)

KillKeys is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that enables you to temporarily disable several Windows hotkeys. The hotkeys you want to disable are listed in the tray menu along with a handy toggle.

HotKeys, Toggle, and KillKeys

Hotkeys, Toggle, and KillKeys is licensed as Freeware for Windows

Version 2.1

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Ok, I understand that to get the application to run I need to edit the INI file, but where is it? I’ve installed the ZIP and can’t find it, or find it in one of the default directories (the path to the application or the Documents folder).



When I try to run the application I get the following error:

Demo version of the software is not ready yet. Please feel free to send any feedback or support requests to

Do you know why?

Overall, the program is quite cool, although it feels a little bit like you’re having a read-me text pop up when a new hotkey is activated that’s really small and difficult to read. I’d love it if they made it as big as the “EnableDisable Windows Hotkeys” button, as it’s the only button besides the “Exit” and “Help” buttons that you click on to actually launch the application.

Also, you should be able to disable the Windows button (because I think that’s the one that appears in the taskbar) as a hotkey, which would be much more awesome than having to go into the registry.

Overall, I love the concept, and if the support requests can be handled, it’s a very helpful program. Otherwise, I’m guessing that they’re too busy to get around to supporting it.





There’s a new version of the app available. It’s free and as before, it doesn’t take long to get running and enable or disable functions.Angela Merkel says Germany must act with solidarity to avert further migration to Europe Angela Merkel has warned that Germany

What’s New In?

KillKeys is a free program that allows you to permanently disable hotkeys in Windows. Hotkeys are the little pointers to the tasks that you activate through a keyboard shortcut, and can be extremely useful. While some are convenient, others can prove to be annoying, especially when you’re playing a video game or performing other essential tasks. This free program eliminates unwanted hotkeys without the need of creating dummy shortcuts to trigger activation.
This application can easily be run from the system tray area, but there is no interface as it is not an actual application. The very goal is to disable and enable Windows hotkeys, and all settings are backed up while the program is active.
Hotkeys are set through a list, and you’re able to toggle individual hotkeys on/off to disable specific keys. As expected, you’ll find details on target hotkeys in the respective INI file, also storing the corresponding keyboard keys. There’s also a built-in auto-run feature, so that all hotkeys are temporarily disabled when you reach the desktop.
Let us know what you think about KillKeys in the comments below.

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