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■ MAGIA is a family-oriented entertainment studio based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in August 1991 with the mission to develop and promote educational computer and Internet based games. ■ WE are dedicated to producing quality Web applications at affordable prices. ■ We are committed to building high quality, easy to use games. ■ We understand what keeps people coming back to the Internet. ■ We have great friends who do audio-visual and web content. ■ We have great testers who do coding and web development. ■ We are committed to quality and reliability. ■ We are recognized as a legitimate software company, with the moral compass of an intrepid explorer. ■ We have zero tolerance for any illegal activity in our production, development, or distribution network. ■ We have no desire for any kind of drug or alcohol abuse, or any other form of immorality. ■ We are committed to quality and reliability. ■ We are committed to providing valuable information and education about the Internet. ■ We are committed to computer and Internet security. ■ We care about the future of our children, the environment, and all of God’s creation. ■ We follow strict policies of ethics and morals in all of our production, development, and distribution activities. ■ We guarantee our products. ■ We hope this user’s manual is helpful to you. Please rate this program on this website. Please contact us by e-mail. If you need more information about this program, please visit our Website The information contained in this software is considered to be protected by copyright laws. This information may not be used without written permission of the copyright owner. This software is not for sale. Permissions may be available from MAGIA. For more information, or to make a donation, please visit our website: We send updates via e-mail. Please register for updates via our website to receive the most recent information. CHANGES INFORMATION This release includes a small number of changes. What’s new – Improved Select Tags option to select the tags to encrypt – Added new option to control the appearance of our instructions and feedback banner – Added a help screen – Added a section on the

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As HTML Protector offers the most powerful one-click protection in the market today, we make sure all our users will benefit from this wonderful product and its new features as much as possible. We have made user friendliness the first priority to ensure that our users can also experience the power of this product. For this reason, we do not bother our users that have a limit of 30 launches for the trial period, offering them a 30 day refund even after 30 days of activation. Users who wish to use the product will keep it as long as possible. Hire from a trusted source We have done all the possible measures to ensure that our users can always experience safe and easy to use protection of their sites. We do not force our users to go through a lengthy installation process. Users will get their software via a ZIP download, and one click setup is all that you will have to do. Very easy to use Our software is very easy to use. If you want to keep it on your computer, you may activate the software’s online license. Otherwise, you will find its software folder already on your system. Easy to download In order to protect your website, it is very easy to download and install our software on your computer. If you want to keep it on your computer, you may activate its online license. Otherwise, you will find its software folder already on your system. Works with all major browsers With our software, you will be protected from all major browsers. Our program is able to deliver high protection even when your web pages are viewed via the most popular Internet browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari, etc. User friendly We have designed a very user friendly interface to ease your daily website protection needs. We keep your time and effort at minimum so that you do not have to spend so much time to protect your website. Combine your protection plan For a better result, we do not stop at just one option, we offer you the option to combine all the options that you need for website protection. We provide you with 2 plans to choose from: ■ The first plan offers the most protection, but might be hard for you to understand. ■ The other plan offers the least protection and comes with the easiest settings. ■ We do not force our users to use any of the plans. You are free to change the protection settings to suit your needs. Our team of professionals works day and night to ensure 2f7fe94e24

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■ MAGIA HTMLProtector is a web-based HTML protection solution created to extend the functionality of your existing web site. MAGIA HTMLProtector allows you to protect your website in under a minute. It is available both as a secure and as a trial version. You have all the functionality you need to keep your web pages safe and secure. The safe and secure version of this software with no time limits allows you to keep your website protected. The trial version comes with a 30 day free trial that allows you to test it out. MAGIA HTMLProtector is a web-based application that lets you protect your website in seconds. This software allows you to protect your websites and protect your home pages from prying eyes. MAGIA HTMLProtector also allows you to protect your images such as pictures, graphics, and other links that are used within your web pages. You can also protect your images while using this software. The web-based application is very user-friendly. Also, there is no software to download or updates to install. This software helps you protect your web pages, images and graphics while on the go. This software lets you protect both the desktop and laptops. It is also compatible with most web browsers. What’s New in MAGIA HTMLProtector v4.1: ■ This update offers you the ability to set up different methods to protect your pages and images. You can protect the text within your web pages or your images. MAGIA HTMLProtector is a web-based application. You are able to protect your web pages and images from prying eyes in seconds. The software is also compatible with web browsers. You can also protect your website by setting up specific methods to protect your pages, images, or graphics. You can protect your web pages by clicking buttons that allow you to protect text, images, and graphics. You can also protect your images by converting them into Flash video. You can protect images within your web pages by splitting them into pieces. You can also protect your images while using this program. You can protect your images or graphics by using different watermarks. You also have the ability to set up different methods to protect your site. You can protect your site using a variety of methods. You can use one method to protect your site, or you can protect using one method, but protect the text within your site. You can also protect your image by converting them into Flash video. Other Features ■ MAGIA HTMLProtector is a secure web browser. It

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■ ▪ As no other HTML protector, this application does not require the installation of any additional software or updates. Just a single jar file and it is all you need to get started. MAGIA HTMLProtectors’ staff made it as easy as possible to get started with HTML encryption. ■ ▪ It is fully compatible with most web browsers. No changes needed for browers to be able to view protected pages. ■ ▪ Includes options to protect web pages, files, folder, directories, sub-directories or even whole drive. Protects individual files, whole directory, whole drive, web pages or even a combination of these. ■ ▪ Provides a step-by-step wizard-like user interface, making the whole process of protecting pages quick and easy. ■ ▪ Protects any file, any folder, any sub-folder, or any whole drive, including all of their contents. You can choose to protect single file, single folder, single sub-folder or whole drive, all with only a few clicks. ■ ▪ Allows you to protect multiple pages in one step, so you can encrypt as many as you wish. You have the ability to protect either a single file, entire website or a single file list at once. ■ ▪ Protects any type of files such as text, images, audio and video files. You can encrypt any type of file, either as text, image, audio or video. For images, you have the ability to protect them as plain or watermarked files. ■ ▪ Allows you to create password-protected pages, so you can prevent other users from viewing your protected pages and documents. ■ ▪ Encrypts individual graphics, images, graphics, text, files, folders and drives, including their contents. Allows you to encrypt anything on your computer without the need to manually copy and move files. ■ ▪ Protects pages with support of all of the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and many more. ■ ▪ Intelligently covers all the possible combinations of content on your pages, making the encryption process quick and simple for you. ■ ▪ Protects all types of pages, from HTML documents, SHTML documents, ASP documents, PHP documents, JSP documents, ASP.NET documents, ColdFusion documents, EBay

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* Windows 7 * Dual Core Intel i3-3220 * 4GB RAM * NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 * 2GB graphics RAM * AMD FX-6100 Six-Core Processor * AMD Radeon R7 260X * 4GB graphics RAM * NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 * Intel Core i5-6400 * AMD Radeon R9 270X * NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 * Intel Core i7