The name ModMon stands for Modem Monitor. ModMon will show you a realtime display of your computer’s modem status register for a given COM port. This means that as your modem’s status changes, ModMon will reflect these changes in its table.
For each of the indicators in the display, ModMon will display a “ú” (light bullet) to signify “off” or “low”, and a “Û” to signify “on” or “high”. To make ModMon display your modem’s status register on a specific COM port, type ModMon #, where # is the COM port number. If you add the /b switch, ModMon will beep as your phone line rings. If a COM port you specify is not installed, you will not see a ú or a Û in the table. For example, if you type MODMON 3, and you don’t have a device on COM 3, the table will remain blank.
Example: If you have a modem on COM 2, and would like to monitor its activity
and hear the telephone ring through your PC speaker you would type: ModMon 2 /B
Here is a list of the indicator names and their descriptions:
CCT: Change in “clear to send”
CDS: Change in “data set ready”
CRI: Change in “ring indicator”
CDC: Change in “data carrier detect”
CTS: “Clear to send” set high
DSR: “Data set ready” set high
RNG: “Ring indicator” set high
DCD: “Data carrier detect” set high
Here is a further explanation of the quoted terms above.
Clear to send: The modem is ready to receive characters from the PC.
Data set ready: The modem is powered on and ready to operate.
Ring indicator: The phone line is ringing. As the line rings, RI is held
high (on) so that your PC can detect the rings.
Data carrier detect: The modem is connected to another modem.







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«Modem monitor” is an hardware port that responds to the carrier detect
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and will output an audible ring on the PC speaker when the phone line rings.
The Modem Monitor is most commonly used in Computer Modems that have
a dial-in feature for incoming calls on modems that don’t generate
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The ModMon 2022 Crack command is used to access the modem monitor of a COM port, as
indicated by the presence of a Modem Monitor. Com port can also be
assigned to ModMon and will represent a COM port if it is unavailable.
The following example shows how to use ModMon on COMport:
ModMon COMport
No on (on off)
± ModMon for Windows:
To tell ModMon to use a given COM port as a ModMonitor, insert a COM
command, and then specify the COM port number
if followed by an asterisk, it will be used for all modems. Otherwise
it will be used for the specified modem and COM port. A COM command is
as follows:
ModMon command syntax:
ModMon Command
/n | /b | /d | /i
number of modem to monitor
no no beep
no no disable ring
no no disable telephone
no no enable telephone
no no enable ring
no no enable modem monitor
no no enable modem monitor for all modems
no | number of modem to monitor
no no beep
no no disable ring
no no disable telephone
no no enable telephone
no no enable ring
no no enable modem monitor
no no enable modem monitor for all modems
no | number of modem to monitor
no no beep
no no disable ring
no no disable telephone
no no enable telephone
no no enable ring
no no enable modem monitor
no no enable modem monitor for all modems

ModMon Registration Code [2022]

– By utilizing pure hardware, ModMon is capable of monitoring the modem’s status register without depending on the software driver of the dial-in software.
– Unlike other programs which are dependent on the software driver, ModMon will
always show the real-time status of the modem device regardless of what software
driver is installed on the system.
– Because ModMon’s development is based on hardware, it is much easier to use
ModMon to monitor modems and modems from other manufacturers.
– There is no need for any extra software drivers to be installed.
– ModMon does not require the use of any dial-in software in order to operate.
– ModMon will operate through any Basic Language version 1.x or later.
– It is also compatible with modem drivers released before 1989 (specifically Basic Language version 1.0 or earlier).
– Unlike other programs which only monitor the telephone line for ringings, ModMon can monitor an entire telephone line for any combination of ringings, beeps and DCD.
– ModMon’s operation is dependant upon the hardware of the device being monitored.
– In order to monitor the status register of a hardware modem, the PC must be
configured to use that specific COM port as its null modem.
– The COM port number that has been set for monitoring can be changed whenever
it is desired by using the /COMPORT command option.
– If you want to monitor the status register of a hardware modem that is not
listed as a COM port in your communication software’s list of COM ports, you
must specify the USB interface to use instead. This will allow ModMon to monitor
the status register of that device without having to reconfigure the PC.
– ModMon will continue to monitor the status register of the USB device even
when it is removed from the system.


ModMonDOS is a DOS interface for ModMon. With ModMonDOS you can get all the features of ModMon from the DOS prompt. Just simply type Modmon DOS then press enter.


WWDDOS is an interface to ModMon DOS for the WWDDOS Command Window from which you can operate Modmon DOS from the DOS Prompt. More information is given on the web site.


Displaying the status of modem devices

To monitor the status of any COM port device, you must specify the COM port number and the device number with

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The ModMon operating system is a multi-platform software application that
can be used on any PC that supports a serial port and a V.92 modem. The
ModMon design is based on the WinModem design, but is much more
efficient with less system resources required. ModMon will perform any
operations required to communicate with a modem.
ModMon, like WinModem, is compatible with ANSI X1.244 V.92 modems.
Unlike WinModem, ModMon can communicate with any serial port
device that meets these requirements. For example, ModMon
can communicate with serial port devices that don’t have
WinModem drivers in Windows 95/98/NT. If ModMon is connected to
your modem via a serial port device that has WinModem drivers
installed, ModMon will use the WinModem drivers to communicate
with the modem.
On the ModMon installation CD-ROM, there is a resource
called “File Main.c”. This resource is the heart of ModMon.
The “File Main.c” resource contains the WinModem and ModMon
functionality. The module initialization code was modified to
use less memory than WinModem, so your system will run more
The first version of ModMon was released as Freeware in August
of 1997. Since that time, a series of releases have been
made to improve ModMon and to add features.
1. ModMon will work with any version of Microsoft Windows.
2. ModMon will work with many different versions of Linux.
3. ModMon can be used as a “Send” modem or as a “Receive”
4. ModMon can detect which device is connected to a COM port.
5. ModMon can determine if a modem is present on a COM port.
6. ModMon will provide an “у” (light bullet) and a “Û” (bright
bullet) to indicate the state of a number of indicators.
7. ModMon will ring your phone line when a modem line is
8. ModMon can work with multi-speed modems, or with high
performance modems.
9. ModMon can

What’s New in the?

ModMon is a “PC Command Window” application. So when you hit the

Runtime Error – RPC: Server timed out.
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If you are worried about using ModMon on a machine thats not running your
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machine is the basic settings.
(1) Double Click on the.EXE file.
(2) Edit the “com1”, “com2”, “com3”, “com4” variables in “BasicSettings.ini”.
(3) Modify the “SetSigLevel” variable in “BasicSettings.ini” according to
your Modem.

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System Requirements For ModMon:

OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Dual-Core 2.0GHz or higher
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DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: Compatible with the bundled Multimedia Card
Sound: Microsoft compatible sound card
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Processor: Dual-