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MorseGen is exactly what the name says, a Morse code generator. It was designed for demonstrative purposes and as a result, could be adapted for use in class, at any school, high school, or even university. Understanding the principle of Morse code is indeed of great value. Aside from its contribution in encrypting top-secret messages, it can also be useful in dangerous situations where sending traditional texts is of no help. Its historic value and contribution are not to be ignored either, especially during World War II. The app itself is pretty simplistic. You’ll still have to acquire some basic knowledge about how Morse code works and what elements you need to tune and understand before actually sending a message using this system. The best part about it is it can also automate the process. The user writes some type of text in a simple.TXT file, and the app takes care of emitting the corresponding sound code, once the file is uploaded in the system. Other aspects one can or will have to adjust are the Speed of what is to be transmitted, Spacing, Pitch, and Volume. Additionally, you can have the text displayed at the end, once the transmission is over and the audio recorded, if you need either of these two very specific features turned on. What’s New in Version 1.1.1: – Localized for English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian – New Settings added – New transition animation – Minor bug fixes Note: If you find any issue, please leave a comment at, our support team will help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks for your support! MorseGenEconomic results from a Chinese chronic hepatitis B treatment trial with pegylated interferon alfa-2a (peg-IFN) monotherapy. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a major public health problem in China. The study objective was to evaluate the economic impact of peg-IFN as a monotherapy for the treatment of chronic HBV (CHB) infection. This was a cost-consequence evaluation study. The trial design was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized withdrawal study of CHB patients treated with peg-IFN. Patients were stratified by prior treatment with lamivudine (LMV) and entecavir (ETV). Individuals assigned to peg-IFN (100 microg [week 0, 2, and 2f7fe94e24

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———————- MorseGen is a relatively simple app that can help teach Morse code. The app has been designed with the sole purpose of demonstrating and understanding the principle of Morse code. The app can be used to simply encrypt top secret messages or help learn how to memorize and send those messages in an emergency. So that you can get a feel for its potential in a real-world setting, I’d like to point out that while the app has an incredibly simple user interface, it also has a few features that could prove to be invaluable. First, the app has a SecretBox, which can be used to upload a.txt file with some text. The app will send out the corresponding Morse code that is defined in the.txt file. In other words, if you upload a text file with the word ‘Hi’, then MorseGen will send out the same code you get when you press the letter ‘H’, once the.txt file is uploaded in the app. Next, the app has an AutoBatch option, which basically allows the user to automate the process. In other words, instead of having to write some text in a.txt file, upload the.txt file, switch to the next thing, switch to the next thing,…, you can click the “start transmission” button, which will then automatically send out the corresponding Morse code. In this manner, you can easily transmit many messages without having to type a single letter. And last, the app has an audio recording feature that can be turned on, which will record and play back the audio sent. This is incredibly useful to those who need to learn Morse code and not forget what they typed. How to install: —————- – Download MorseGen – Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation – Insert the.TXT file that you wish to transmit (also, click on the.TXT file to select it) – Adjust the values: Speed, Spacing, Pitch, and Volume – Select “Start Transmission” to set the button that will start the transmission – Click on “Transmit” to send the message – Toggle the button to watch the recorded message – Click on “Record” to turn the feature on – You’re done System Requirements: ——————– – 1 GHz dual core processor or better – 1 GB RAM or better – 100 MB free storage space – 481 x 320 display resolution or better How to use: ———–

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* MorseGen is a free Keypad Morse Code app for all android OS versions, it has very advance functionality to help you learn the basics of Morse Code. You can record and play back message. To play, tap the screen, where the code is written. * Record, tap to enter text (with a delay to help you enter letters). * Play. Tap to play. Tap to stop. * Text to Encode * Input and write, the code is written on the screen. * Long code can be input with a keypad. * Rest of the letters and numbers can be input with an on-screen keyboard, you can choose the soft keyboard. * Enter a text, tap to start recording. * Tap to stop, tap again to stop recording. * Tap again to play the message. * Tap the middle of the screen to change the pitch, high to low, and the low to high. * Tap the right of the screen to change the tempo * Tap the left of the screen to change the speed * Tap the top of the screen to change the volume * Tap the bottom of the screen to change the volume * On-screen keyboard – Tap on-screen keyboard to input a letter. * Touch and click keyboard – At screen touch and click keyboard to enter a letter, punctuation and symbol. * Long code – enter a long code with a keypad. * Pause – Tap the pause to stop the message to encode. * Stop and record – Tap to stop the message to encode. Tap again to start recording. * Repeat previous message – Tap Repeat previous message to repeat the message before. * Read message – Tap to read the message that was written before. * Select text – Select text to read it. * Read messages – Tap to read messages. * Volume – Click the volume to change the volume level. * Touch and click keyboard – Tap on-screen keyboard to input a letter. * Volume control and touch and click keyboard – Tap volume control and tap on-screen keyboard to input a letter. * Touch and click keyboard – Tap touch and click to input a letter. * Scroll – Select content to scroll. * Scroll to the left – Scroll to the left. * Scroll to the right – Scroll to the right. * Scroll to the top – Scroll to the top. * Scroll to the bottom – Scroll to the bottom.

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