Nurburgring Cam

The Nurburgring Cam Product Key widget is an interesting widget to display live images.
This Widget is aimed at those who like to follow the progress of cars on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.
While you are on the circuit, your webcam will display what is happening at the track.
The images will be updated every second or every few seconds.
However, you can change the image intervals via the options box in the CACCW settings.
The images will be displayed in the mode of normal, letterbox, fit, keystone and letterbox with magnification.
This Widget also includes an option to add a cool background image.
This feature is only available if you select the “Nurburgring Cam Crack Keygen with background image” mode in the settings.
This Widget can also be used to share pictures with friends.
When the Share button is clicked, the link to the image will be displayed.
You can optionally add a caption to the image as well.
The Nurburgring Cam Widget is easy to use and has no installation.
You only have to drag the widget onto your Yahoo Widget Engine Widget or Widget Area.
After the Widget is installed, you can manage it and configure it like any other Widget in the dashboard of your Yahoo Widget Engine.
● The Nurburgring Cam widget is based on the FLX Cam Widget (
● As long as this Widget is displayed on your Yawcam blog, it will work.
● However, the image quality of the images displayed by this Widget can not be displayed on other websites.
● The images displayed in this Widget might not be suitable for displaying in a normal browser.
● Images displayed on this Widget are not embedded.
● You can share the image link by using the Share button.
● This Widget automatically updates every 60 seconds.
● You can change the image interval in the CACCW settings.
● You can set the Nurburgring Cam to work in the mode of letterbox, fit, keystone or letterbox with magnification.
● You can change the background image of the widget.
Source code
The source code of the Cam widget is available for download in the Source Code section on the Nurburgring Cam.
You can download the Source Code of this widget in zip file from Yahoo Site Explorer or directly from

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Nurburgring Cam is a web widget to view live webcam images from the Nurburgring racing circuit near Frankfurt in Germany. Images are provided by a camera at the start position of the Nurburgring Nordschleife, an insanely long and complex racetrack. You can zoom in to the live images from 0.01° to 15° of the racetrack and zoom out to view the surrounding landscape.
How to set the position of the live camera:
Most people know the well known Nurburgring Formula One (F1) track where the World Championships are held, but at the Nordschleife there are a lot of street circuits and other tracks, some of which I could not find and some which are not important anyway. Please contact me for more details.
The site only works on your computer! You have to start the widget on your own computer using the link below.
■ Download
This Widget is using an external webcam, so it requires no software. The picture will be saved on your server, and the live webcam image is displayed in the widget.
– Nurburgring Cam only works when you start it on your own computer!
– The site does not broadcast the Nurburgring to other people.
– The image quality of the live webcam is not optimal and the pictures are compressed.
– The live webcam video is stored on your own server, which means that we the users can only view the video, but the videos are saved locally to your computer.
The site is under development, more features will follow. The site is still in a beta version and is always changing and it may not work correctly. Please report any bugs at:

The Multibuy widget gives you the ability to display the price and quantity for different products when you roll over the product itself.

What’s New in the?

The widget points the camera at the start position at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.
This Widget uses the Camlibr plugins for fast access to the webcam.
Included in this Widget, you can:
■ Use the camlibri:shutter to call the shutter of the webcam and to get a snapshot
■ Use the camlibri:alert
to get an alert when someone is in front of the camera.
The Türkik! widget has another similar widget for the stadium “VATATürk Büyükstadı” in Ankara.

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Required OBB:
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