Photo albums represent a great way of sorting and categorizing your files. pcPhotos is a handy wizard-like software solution that specializes in album creation and sharing, helping you build photo collections, which can be edited and optimized. Quick and easy to use wizard for album creation The program allows you to systematically create a photo album, by selecting a proper name and location to begin with. After these steps are completed, you can add photos to your album, briefly editing each one, by rotating, flipping, mirroring or reversing it. Each photo from the album can be sized to a certain size, so that there will be no differences. Furthermore, small images that would lose quality if resized can be maintained in original width and height, only to be added a background image that would fit to the whole standard of your album. Reliable image editor with album sharing options pcPhotos allows you to edit each image in your album, or even all of them at once. As an example you can automatically adjust colors, sharpen, smooth or set contrast for each photo that needs such modifications. You can even apply various color filters to make a photo look old, or to switch its colors. Albums created with the application can be shared with others in a couple of ways. For instance, you can email them, or upload them to iTunes, Facebook or Flickr, so that other people can see and appreciate your work. A robust, yet improvable photo album generator To conclude, pcPhotos offers you simple means of creating photo albums with ease, or edit photos so that they match your preferences. The wizard-like way of processing albums can help you systematically generate each one of them, although the image editor could be tweaked and improved to better modify and tune in image.







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The idea behind pcPhotos is to be your assistant, helping you build photo albums. is a developer of high-performance media synchronization and integration software for Windows-based PCs. They have been designing and developing media synchronization and media player software for the needs of consumers, online file storage providers, and professional video editors for many years. Their software includes password protected media backup solutions as well as robust media server software, video capture and encoding software, and many different media synchronization options for PC. The company provides an extensive on-line media store for users to download their media backup tools and media center software. is managed and owned by Xaviyo. Advanced EXE Recompiler can easily convert any EXE into any other EXE. It can also be used to create self-extracting EXE files as well as self-repairing EXE files. It’s also useful in creating EXE packers and requires no manual steps. It works with all EXEs including CAS, Acrobat and PSD. It also works with Mac, Vista and XP. Advanced EXE Recompiler is a small program, takes no time to download and it can easily convert any EXE with 100% accuracy. It creates a flexible environment and includes all the features you need to create and extract EXEs. Review Advanced EXE Recompiler Sponsored Links No user reviews for the moment.To be added soon. File Artwork Extractor is a freeware, which enables you to identify files of specific type including, video/photo, application etc., files just by their file extensions without any pre-processing. It’s a tool to convert PDF documents into editable text formats like TXT, HTML, XHTML and XML and other formats. It is a security tool that helps you identify and extract files from PDF documents such as Terms & Conditions, Password Files, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-disclosure Agreements, Registration Forms, Official documents, and legal licenses. You can also search for any text or keyword from PDF files by using the PDF Search Engine of File Artwork Extractor.You can preview the extracted text as well. It lets you extract images from PDF files as well. You can not only extract images as jpg, jpeg, gif, or bmp files but also extract them as TIFF, PNG, PCX or ICO file format. Review File Artwork Extractor

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Use pcPhotos to create and share custom photo albums. Easily drag and drop images into your album and edit the images. Simple to use wizard allows you to build photo collections. You can add location info and name your album. Built in photo editor lets you resize and flip your images, adjust contrast, sharpen, and set brightness, saturation, and colors for your photos. Add a background image to your album and share your albums to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. I created this for my nephew’s 3rd birthday party where we took pictures of him using my Canon powershot camera. I used Acdsee to edit all the pictures, and Windows Photo Gallery for the album. Date Added: 08/10/2009 by Publisher Name: Product Name: Product Version: Short Description: PC-Photos Description: There comes a time when you are preparing for a party or even just want to have a picture of yourself taken. You would like something that is quick and easy to create, and that you can share. PC-Photos is a PC photo album and photo sharing solution for people that want an efficient method of organizing and sharing a collection of photos. pcPhotos is not only for one person. Included in the package is a desktop software solution, QuickAlbum, that allows you to quickly create an album and add photos to it, view it, and share your album anywhere. You can create an album from scratch, search through an existing album, import your collection of photos from a disk, or use any existing folder as a starting point. One of the most unique features of the pcPhotos program is the ability to directly export your photos to an online photo album. What this means is that you are not forced to post your album on a public site to make it available. Instead, just configure it to be private, and let your friends or the public choose to visit and view it. To further customize your online photo album, there is also a web service that can be used to create and control an online photo album, allowing you to completely control the deployment of your online photo album without the need for a separate server. This is a free download of pcPhotos for Windows Vista and Windows XP. pcolin I created this for my nephew’s 3rd birthday party where we took pictures of him using my Canon powershot camera. I used Acdsee to 2f7fe94e24

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Create photo albums. Change your photos. View, organize and share them. Try the demo. Save as many albums as you like. Album Creator, Album Organizer, Album Editor, Album Downloader, Photo Album Maker Create all types of photo albums Create photo albums for free with pcPhotos. You can organize, edit and organize your photos with our photo album manager. Browse and order your photos and create photo albums to share with friends and family. Customize your photo albums Create photos albums to share with your friends. Customize your photo album at will, rename, date, align or print them. Say goodbye to ugly and unorganized albums! Customize your photo album pages You can also customize the photos album website so it looks great on any device: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Change the name and title of the album and page. Sort your photos. Categorize them. Display them in grid or in albums. The days go by, so it is best to organize your photos in a way they can be shown to people on occasion. Merge, split and remove albums You don’t need to wait until the end of the month to change your mind. You can merge albums or split your albums. Drag and drop album and photo list from the left side to set-up a new album. You can also use the duplicate feature to copy a list of photos into a new album. Print photos from your albums Want to print something and share it with your friends? Use our photo album page editor to create custom photo albums that can be printed. You can also print the names of the albums or of the pages. Sort, edit, restore and copy photos You can also sort photos, use a touch screen keyboard to edit photos, add captions, move and delete photos. The best features when creating photo albums Create custom photo albums quickly and easily. With its advanced photo manipulation tools, it is easy to edit your photos as you wish. Create albums and display them as a grid. Display your images as a slide show. Send your photos as a PDF, CD, magazine article or a video. Print your photos in a custom album with a selection of sizes. Add a custom page and title for your album. Create custom photo albums: wishlist, a monthly catalogue, a holiday album, … Import images from all kinds of sources. Support all kinds of media. Create multiple

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desktop photo album software for Windows 7. You can easily create and share albums with friends and family. For more information, please visit is the doctor in? Before we start drilling into the specifics of the guidelines that have been issued by the DoH, let’s look at the primary source document and what is said within. “The guideline represents the consensus views of the panel to assist with the interpretation of the requirements of the law. The guidelines must be applied to all sexual acts performed on or in a school or school facility for the purpose of fostering, encouraging or facilitating physical, sexual or psychological violence against girls. The guideline therefore applies to sex in the following contexts: during school hours, on school property, on school buses or while on a school excursion. The guideline does not address issues of consent or whether the party may have assumed consent. The guideline also does not address sex in the context of a school accommodation such as a hostel, dorm, school transport or if a school event is held in a school facility. The guideline does not cover: school excursions, school excursions, school functions, school functions, school trips school trips, after school care after school care, student tours/trips or student tours/trips or sex in a school facility sex in a school facility” No mention is made of whether or not a medical professional is present. So, even though the DoH are claiming that in all situations “the guidelines represent the consensus views of the panel to assist with the interpretation of the requirements of the law,” the panel was not made up of members of the medical profession. So why are guidelines that have been carefully crafted by a group of non-medical people published as if they were the requirements of the law? This is what we pointed out in our previous article. There are several questions that have yet to be answered, and we have no idea if the DoH have answered them: What is the role of the doctor or another medical professional in all of these situations? What do these guidelines say about sex in school grounds when a school teacher/facilitator is also present? What about sex in a school transport where both a teacher and pupil are present? What about the possibility that a ‘written consent

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