PitBull Breeders is a simple screensaver that contains multiple pictures of pitbulls. When your computer is idle, the screensaver will display the images one by one. Users can change the image duration and the item order, add transition effects, modify sounds and customize the screensaver behaviour.







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PitBull Breeders is a screen saver, which allows to get up to the minute info about your dogs. Those who have a particularly beloved friend will be absolutely excited to make PitBull Breeders screensaver, which will be able to display all information about the dog. PitBull Breeders aims to highlight and give a feeling of the well-being of the animal. The application will make a nice gift for those who are fond of pitbull. The application will make it possible for anyone with a.exe file to create a screensaver of their own. PitBull Breeders will continue to work even when the user is logged in as the background screen will be displayed. Users can… 3D 3D graphics Newsfeeds Calculators Surprise Effects GameKiller is a smart screen saver (also known as screensaver software) that displays a beautiful graphical interface and many types of useful information in the background (also known as desktop wallpaper). No registration is necessary to download and use 3D 3D graphics. GameKiller also lets you specify what types of newsfeeds you want to see, a time interval and a mail or newsfeed address. GameKiller is the ideal screensaver for system administrators who want to see statistics about a specific server. You can specify the data you want to be presented in a format of your choice. 3D 3D graphics 5-line graphic Newsfeeds Calculators Surprise Effects Sniffer is a small and useful solution for people who like to monitor the status of their network and computers. With Sniffer you can monitor all the available network communication, including the communication between your PC and the World Wide Web. The goal of Sniffer is to monitor all available network communication (LAN, WAN and Internet) and display the results visually and graphically. You can easily monitor all available network traffic, the state of the Internet and your computer, and you can hide unnecessary data. 3D 3D graphics 5-line graphic Newsfeeds Calculators Surprise Effects LiveScreensaver is a live wallpaper for wallpaper control. The wallpaper will keep changing automatically during the day/night cycle. Set the wallpaper in your home and let your friends see it at their computers! Whether you live with someone or you just like to help them by sharing some live wallpaper, you can


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Processor: 1 GHz Processor or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 256 MB Video RAM Internet Connection: Requires an internet connection Hard Disk: 1 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card Additional Requirements: For Windows XP: Windows XP Home or Professional For Windows Vista: Vista Home Premium or Professional For Windows 7: Windows 8: