RedPOS is a multi-platform Retail solution written in Java running on JBoss microkernel and Hypersonic DB. The POS has a flexible graphical interface and can easily be connected to different backoffice/ERP systems. RedPOS’s functionality can be extended during runtime. Here are some key features of “RedPOS”: ■ A simple and rock solid Point Of Sale (POS) application. ■ Able to run on any hardware and have low system requirements ■ Based on a Service Oriented Architecture in order to allow a variety of adaptations and requirements ■ An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to allow a minimum of staff training ■ A variety of deployment and implementation options Requirements: ■ Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or later


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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RedPOS is a platform independent POS Application written entirely in Java RedPOS Hardware and Device Interface: RedPOS supports a wide variety of POS devices as well as home automation (e.g. ice-cream makers, coffee machines, DVD players, or door locks). To the user RedPOS is simply a POS device connected to the computer via a USB port, RJ45 port (for the LAN). The device serial number is to be printed on the receipt or written on the label of the product. RedPOS software runs on the computer and communicates with the various devices attached via a special interface defined in the RedPOS system. In addition, a special interface is defined which connects the RedPOS Software with other business applications such as ERP/CRM, inventory control or barcode readers (e.g. RFID readers, UPC decoders, Laser scanners, etc.) RedPOS has been tested with the following POS devices: ■ Machines: Laptop, PC (Windows, Linux, Solaris), Mac (OSX) ■ PDA/Smartphone: Windows Mobile, iPhone ■ Handheld: PDA, Smartphone, Palm Pilot, Handheld PC (e.g. Sharp Zaurus) ■ Cash register: Dell, HP, Idel, Prologic, Zebra and other ■ Barcode reader: PC based or mobile barcode scanner, hand-held ■ Network printer: HP Laserjet, Fujitsu MFP, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Leitz, SCO, Ricoh, Europrint, Ricoh, Ricoh, Ricoh, Ricoh ■ Magnetic reader: ID card (Magcard) ■ Automatic payment machine: VISA, Zebra, Cedex, Eurocard or MasterCard ■ Vendor models, specific device models: ■ Melanoma / Small display: Special models for small display ■ Tablets: Special models for tablets ■ PDAs: Special models for PDAs ■ Smartphones: Special models for smart phones ■ Handheld: Special models for smart phones or PDAs ■ Cash register: Special models for cash registers ■ Barcode scanner: Special models for barcode scanners ■ Network printer: Special models for network printers In a typical installation there will be a computer (main machine) connected to

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RedPOS Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a Java POS which runs in a JBoss Cluster, supports also an embedded mode for low-end devices. RedPOS is a multi-platform application, i.e. it runs on different backoffice systems (like JBoss 4.x, Tomcat 4.x, J2EE 5.0) and provides a variety of backoffice interfaces. RedPOS is based on a Service Oriented Architecture and allows different interfaces, clients and products to be connected. One of the advantages of the S.O.A. is the possibility to extend the software during runtime. In the standard version RedPOS can run on the following systems: ■ JBoss Cluster ■ Embedded mode using a J2EE appServer with Tomcat on it (only RedPOS database is on the cluster) ■ Java ME (without computer, phone or pda) ■ RedPOS is also used as an extension for MySql, Oracle or PostGreSQL. The client can be one of the standard Java libraries available (like JDBC) or a customized one which must be build against RedPOS (e.g. ODBC for Oracle, SQLite for Java ME) ■ Online Store with e-commerce features (which can be done with or without RedPOS) ■ Online Store with Barcode reader (which can be done with or without RedPOS) Technical Details: RedPOS runs in a JBoss Cluster, that is a cluster of JBoss applications which are mounted and running inside the same JBoss appServer. RedPOS is based on a Service Oriented Architecture, allowing different backoffice interfaces to be connected. The clients are directly connected to the enterprise application server. Other technical details: ■ RedPOS uses Swing in order to build the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and the back office interface runs on a Servlet which forwards the request to the GUI. ■ The back office interface uses JSP (JSP 2.0 or later) which is the de facto standard for servlet-based Java web application development. If a JDBC program is used instead of a web-based interface, the JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) API is used in order to connect to the database. ■ RedPOS database engine is based on Hypersonic ■ RedPOS is a Java EE application, being able to run as web application in a 2f7fe94e24

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RedPOS is a POS Solution for shops and restaurants. RedPOS allows you to administer, monitor and manage all your POS activities including Cash register. The application is very simple and easy to use. RedPOS has two modes of operation. In “real-time mode” you can enter your sales transactions and it will be saved to the POS database in real-time. You can also generate invoices, and print them after every transaction. In “batch mode” you can enter sales transactions at any time. After every sale transaction you can generate an invoice. REDPOS application is structured in a way that it is not necessary to have a database background. Because it is a microkernel based project, it has a thin database layer and it is up to you to decide to use a relational database. RedPOS can communicate with databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql and most other relational databases. RedPOS allows users to add and use reports in order to analyze sales transactions. RedPOS also allows users to add and use “bussiness rules” (conditions to apply to sales). It is possible to add functions to the POS and many things are possible. You can customize your POS database and application to fit your needs. RedPOS’s database schema consists of two tables and has a simple architecture. RedPOS is a POS system that is made for small and medium restaurants. It has a simple user interface which makes it a very easy system to administer and use. It has many ready to use reports and functions that can be customized. It is possible to scale the application to large restaurants. RedPOS can be hosted on a local database or on a remote database. It allows users to scale and extend the application. RedPOS is very flexible and allows a wide variety of customization options for all scenarios. RedPOS is easily customizable using the Graphic User Interface (GUI). RedPOS offers a variety of packages to choose from in order to customize it to fit the needs of your business. Need more info: So what do you want to achieve? R&D Prototyping Updates RedPOS Components: POS: The POS Application. Bussiness Rules: User defined activities that are enabled when shoppers place an order. Customer/User Management Order Management In

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RedPOS is a multi-platform POS that runs on Java MicroKernel (JBoss) and Hypersonic Database (Postgres). We provide source code and pre-built Jar for most platforms: Microsoft Windows, UNIX (distributed in RPM and DEB), MacOS X, Linux (Debian, RPM and native). We currently provide our own Database integrated in the application. To easily connect to any SQL Database, please refer to the Table of Contents. Rights: RedPOS is an open source project, you are free to use it under the BSD license. By using RedPOS, you agree to the same license. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and if you like RedPOS, tell your friends about it! General Information: RedPOS is an open source project. We believe in an open source project like no other. Anyone is free to participate in the projects’s development and use it as they like. You can even take our source code and build your own version of RedPOS. However, if you want to redistribute RedPOS using any means, you have to provide our project with your own in-house documentation, such as a manual and proper license. Furthermore, you must keep our project list of contributors always up to date and give it to us when you redistribute any version of RedPOS. Any release of RedPOS is licensed under the BSD license. RedPOS license is very simple, in fact, you need only to check a box if you want to use this software as you like, knowing that RedPOS gives back to the community what you have given. More information: To get more information about RedPOS, you should refer to the various sections of this project web page. You should also refer to RedPOS’s Home Page in order to find all sort of related information. RedPOS web site is here : RedPOS Project Online : RedPOS SABRE Source code : RedPOS FAQ : RedPOS Home Page : User’s Manual : REVIEWS: I am certain that there will be one or many features

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Minimum: OS: Windows Vista Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz or greater Memory: 2GB RAM Hard Disk: 15 GB free space DirectX: 9.0 Additional Notes: Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or ATI X1950 Pro Other: One copy of a specific ISO, which is downloaded from the Official Website Do not forget to check our Sarem guide to have all the information about the Path of Exile guides you will need!I think you’re going