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You can read all your favorite feeds in one place to stay well-informed and updated. RSS Captor Activation Code is an easy to use RSS reader that helps you to access your feeds. It shows you the titles of all your RSS feeds, along with the link to the article and it keeps a count of how many unread articles there are. RSS captor lets you specify the time when you will check for new feeds, which feeds you want to have under the ‘feeds list’ and also when you want RSS captor to send you an email every time there is a new RSS feed. RSS captor tracks all your RSS subscriptions and does not only display titles, but also the original link. RSS captor can be used to filter RSS feeds by their website type. Some RSS feeds can display their articles and RSS captor can pull them right into your desktop RSS reader. RSS captor can also download new RSS feeds directly into a.txt file. RSS Captor Screenshot Virous is the newest software released by EasyBit. Unlike other softwares in the category of application killers, Virous doesn’t have any graphic overlays, only simple commands available at the top of the windows. The program is a music player which can find music on Windows Media, iTunes and even on any other shared sources like the Internet. On top of that, it can find music folders shared on your local network. It automatically starts playing when it finds a song that matches the song you’ve selected or one of its criteria. It’s possible to select songs from any folder or even up to 50 titles at once. The addition of the ‘Auto Play’ feature allows you to let the music in your folder play while you use the program. By selecting up to 4 folders, you can play them while Virous is open. Virous also has the option to play music when you start the computer. It searches for all the music in your PC and plays anything that matches any criteria you set. It can be useful if you want to listen to music while you perform other tasks. The search criteria you can use will be based on your current focus. You can search for music by Alias or Artist, album, genre or even by year. If you want to be more precise, you can use keywords. This way you can set up Virous to start music from any directory that has certain keywords. Virous can take its preferences from

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RSS Captor is an application designed to help you centralize all your online news feeds in one place and read them from there. It’s a surprisingly light software solution that is capable of many things. It allows you to add news feeds with a custom, title, newspaper style and filter. You can set the time interval in which they are checked and even play a specific sound when a new article is published. In case your reading habits extend beyond the predefined business, news, software, sports and technology categories, you can add new ones at any time. This enables you to sort your feeds by even the most uncommon categories. The news feeds are displayed in an easy to access list in the main window of the application. Alongside them, you can see the total number of articles and how many are unread. Clicking on a source opens up two sections. One that displays the titles for all the articles and one that contains the articles themselves. A bit of a bother with RSS Captor is that, for some reason, when you click to open the article in a new browser window, it tells you that you don’t have one installed, namely Firefox, even if you actually do. The same applies when you want to add a comment to the article. RSS Captor also allows you to color code articles by their importance or any other criteria you think of. Moreover, you can add them to newsbins for safekeeping so you can share them when the time is right. If by any chance you memorize a section of an article but can’t recall its source, the application provides a search function that can locate words and expressions in all the RSS feeds or just the ones you select. In closing, RSS Captor is a nice reader that can certainly keep you up-to-date with all your news feeds. RSS Captor Customer Reviews at CNET: Installation was a breeze and it’s easy to use. It’s often been noted that a reader application doesn’t do all that much, and that’s correct. In fact, it doesn’t do much more than the basic functions of a feed reader, like displaying and displaying the title of an RSS feed. But having a basic feed reader is all that is needed for those who don’t want to put in the time to learn the full capabilities of RSS, RSS readers or even other browsers like Firefox or Safari. To that end, RSS Captor is a great choice for those who want to

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