Most instant messaging clients have a chat archiving feature that can be quite handy in case you want to review a conversation. Some dedicated applications can search the logs and decipher them to reveal the contents of the recorded messages. Lightweight and easy to use SniffIM is one of those tools and it aims to provide quick access to both Yahoo! and MSN Messenger archived chat history. The software is able to scan an entire network to discover and display the messages exchanged through the above mentioned chat clients. The program is very lightweight and doesn't require installation, so you'll be able to run it right out of the box. Also, there are no configurations to be made, simple start the sniffer and it will begin the search on the spot. Thanks to a very easy to use interface, SniffIM is accessible for all users, even to beginners. The conversations are structured in several categories which can be viewed with only a mouse click from the left-side panel. Quickly find messages and save them to file SniffIM filters all the network traffic and checks every packet for MSN IM and Yahoo! PM and conference archived conversations. As soon as it finds the messages, you can save all of them in a RichText Format (RTF) document. For anyone who needs to review some messages you sent or received a long timer ago, SniffIM can surely be truly helpful. You should note, though, that the program cannot trace conversations taking place in Yahoo! chat rooms, nor network packets if an HTTP proxy is used for connecting to Yahoo! Messenger. In conclusion To sum it all up, SniffIM is definitely a tool to try in case you want to check out some older messages exchanged through Yahoo! or MSN Messenger. Very easy to use, the software is well suited for all users, experienced or not.







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Search in all yahoo and msn conversations. Totally free. SniffIM Web Site: Keywords: Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, files, archive, archived, mails, Yahoo MSN Messenger stored messages, search, scanned logs, search… 0 user(s) 0 contributor(s) 0 administrator(s) CATEGORIES: SCANNING, COMMUNICATION, UNIX License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Review SniffIM Screenshot User Comments User: Hi, I use SniffIm for years and it’s more than useful. It’s quite fast. I use it with Netbeans as an ide and it’s very easy to work with and is very easy to embed into Netbeans. New features coming: -POP3 search (like “mailboxes”); -Sniff Im Threading Engine – Create and use an object that iterates through incoming and outgoing messages. -Sniff Im will get its own website in french soon. -Search in HTML conversations (HTML is now broken. This is the best software for those annoying things…) – Too bad that they do not understand HTML anymore ;-( It works perfectly with both Yahoo! and MSN accounts, and it can save quite many conversations between them, though I think it is still limited to a year (or two, I don’t know). It automatically creates.html and.rtf files in the %HOME%/sniffim directory. It is very easy and feature rich, I hope it will be the first choice for some users, and if it is, they will use it for longer and be happier. User: Sniffim is working good with my msn account. It is very easy to use. I dont know what you mean by “new features are coming”. I hope you update the snifim version because now you cannot search in html messages. User: Hi all, I use yahoo messenger and yahoo has an option to do emailing directly to the other phone…it is a separate application…But some people will want to search their files on it…so some people want to just search their files with one application and all you have to do is create a yahoo account on the yahoo client and then add it on yahoo messenger as an email contact 2f7fe94e24

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Turn off the Internet for a moment and check SniffIM! With this application you will be able to record all the packets of data that cross your network and the computer you are running it on. So, take a deep breath, put a few hours of your time on that task and SniffIM will tell you what people have been talking about in your network! With SniffIM you can store all the data about your network traffic and then filter it according to your needs. You can analyse data or just browse through it. You can even print the data for your records. Or you can save the data as a TSV, MS Excel or MHTML document. Package features Select a network You do not need to be an expert network administrator to use SniffIM. You only have to add networks to your software and SniffIM will take care of the rest. For each network you add to SniffIM, you can choose whether it is private or public network. SniffIM will automatically download information about the network’s address, location and public key. This way, you can work without problems with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 98 SE, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Second Edition or Windows 2000 Professional. Easy to use With SniffIM you can simply start the application, add your networks and start collecting data about the traffic on your network. A mouse click will be enough to save your data. Easy To Use It is really easy to use SniffIM. You can add network networks using their ip addresses only. When you have finished, you only have to start the application and start collecting data about the traffic on your network. A mouse click will be enough to save your data. The number of networks There are many types of networks you can work with with SniffIM: Local Area Network (LAN), Home Networks, Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internets. There is no time limit to the application, so you can save your data as much as you want. What is most important is to have good networks to work with. Good networks have their own advantages. SniffIM requirements Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable (x64) can be downloaded from here. InetPlus, SniffIM and other Internet software SniffIM works offline. It runs smoothly in Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows

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SniffIM is a free, open-source Windows instant messaging chat logger and archiver. It was originally designed to enable administrators to check the contents of their organization’s instant messaging archives, but is now used for many other applications. SniffIM Features: Small: It is very small in size, less than 10MB. Lightweight: SniffIM is very lightweight as it does not have a large code base. Easy to use: No configuration is required. Simply double-click sniffIM.exe and it will start the application. Convenient: SniffIM displays all messages in a hierarchical window that is based on the hierarchy of IM protocols, including MSN and Yahoo! protocols. Powerful: SniffIM includes some powerful features, such as messages filtering, message classification, support of archives in RTF and HTML formats, etc. Handle uncategorized messages: If, for some reasons, you want to print or save one message that doesn’t fall into any category, you can do so. React to new messages: Whenever a new message is received, SniffIM will flash a message notification in the system tray. The program can also intercepts messages while they are in transit, and it will also search for messages hidden from view. SniffIM Properties: You can download SniffIM from Double-click on the sniffIM.exe file to start the program. SniffIM is Windows 2000/XP compatible. SniffIM Version: If you are using Windows XP, then you should be running SniffIM. If you are using Windows 2000, then you should be running SniffIM. Functionalities & Performance: SniffIM works great even when dealing with large archives. The program is very easy to use. It has some powerful features. SniffIM comes with a rich set of features. SniffIM ( – MSN and Yahoo! Chat Archiving Tool – Download SniffIM – with 5 new options. Download SniffIM is a free, open-source Windows instant messaging chat logger and archiver. It was originally designed to enable administrators to check the contents of their organization’s instant messaging archives, but is now used for

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