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Microsoft wants to make it harder for users to download pirated Windows software and crack it so that they can use their cracked or pirated copy of Microsoft Windows. For a while, users have been able to get around this by using cracks or pirated Windows software. It would seem that Microsoft is going after these types of users more and more. In the past they’ve hired people like Avira and AVG to uncover the worst of them, but that doesn’t mean that Microsoft is going to win. It is now enlisting the help of Hollywood to out these types of people and have them tried and sent to jail. How do they plan to do this you ask? It has created a program called Windows 10 Copyright Infringement Program where they plan to sue people that use pirated software. The program, which was launched in July 2015, is designed to stop people from downloading pirated Microsoft Windows by sending the offender a notice that they are violating the Windows 10 copyright. It’s one thing if Microsoft sent them a notice but it’s also one thing if they send a copy of Windows 10 to their house. Someone would then have to sign up for a trial of Windows 10 and at the end of the trial it would ask if they would like to pay for Microsoft Windows. This is where it gets tricky, because if you agreed to try Windows 10 and then chose to pay for it after the 30 day trial, Microsoft could be in the position to send you a copy of the Windows 10 that you purchased. This way the offenders could end up paying Microsoft for a copy of Windows 10 that they downloaded. It will still be illegal to use the software but Microsoft will still make money as they are able to sell it to the offenders. Even if a copy of Windows 10 is sent to their house, it’s not a sure thing that the offender will actually agree to pay for it. Many people will say no. This means that there would likely be more offenders who would find it cheaper to pay for illegal copies of Windows. The program will be handled by federal law enforcement agents and would require the offender to go to court to answer the charges. It’s also important to keep in mind that even if the offender is found guilty, their punishment would be minimal. It’s a start though, Microsoft has started something that could potentially benefit the honest users of their software. Microsoft would not have created this new program if they didn’t think it would

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Find out the cause of slow computer. Useful for fixing software problems that are slowing down your computer. Find out the cause of slow computer. Useful for fixing software problems that are slowing down your computer. A comprehensive diagnostic tool that gives you the information you need in order to diagnose and fix your computer problems. > “Steam Cleaner” program will put your online account and the computer in fast mode; you will not be able to access the screen, talk on the Internet and so on. The program even will not let you view the screen, so that you do not have to be disturbed by the shut down or the restart of the computer. On the other hand, this program can fix the computer problems, including the registry errors, the viruses, the spyware, the browser hijackers and the other software that may cause the computer slow. > “Steam Cleaner Pro” is the advanced version of “Steam Cleaner.” It is more powerful than the “Steam Cleaner,” it contains several new features that you will love, some of them are: the system analyzer, the customized cleaning mode and the auto-stop feature. We also have added some useful programs to it, including the Firefox spell checker and the Text2Speech. Thanks to the Firefox spell checker you will have a better interaction with the computer, as you will be able to use the web without hesitation. Thanks to the Text2Speech, you will not even think about speaking or reading the text because your computer will make a voice for you. > “Reduce Disk Space” program scans and remove files that are located on the disk partitions and doesn’t require any other program. The program creates a list of the files and folders to remove and move to the recycle bin. The program will scan and remove files and folders according to the following criteria: big files, used space and bad sectors. You will be able to view a list of files that will be deleted. > “Disk Cleaner” is a program that will help you scan your PC for files and folders that are occupying too much hard drive space. The program will provide you a detailed view of the free space on your disk, so that you can easily find and delete the files that you no longer need on your PC. > “Free Uninstaller” is a program that will help you uninstall programs that you no 2f7fe94e24

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Although Windows detects the presence of hardware drivers, the installation process can still be troublesome. This useful application offers a single location for all such drivers and software. It’s a toolbox for your computer. If you only need to install a single driver, you can do it fast. Trouble shooting by removing missing features or a bad driver can be long, but when you use any of the built-in tools in Technicians Toolbox, you can remove the problem, often in minutes. You need not waste hours searching for compatible devices or third-party drivers. Technicians Toolbox allows you to connect to the Internet, install the latest Windows Drivers, detect unknown hardware devices, software or drivers, and remove any errors. Because there is more than one way to communicate between a computer and the network, the process of installing a driver can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, technicans Toolbox makes the process simple and reliable. The wide range of tools in technicans Toolbox support all different types of PC hardware. These features have become increasingly common in modern personal computers. They have made operating systems more sophisticated, but also made it more complex to handle. Because their introduction has been so gradual, the software industry has had little time to devise solutions. Manually installing and updating software on your PC is a waste of time. Automated solutions are available to help you complete the installation process with minimum fuss. Technicians Toolbox is a useful application that offers you the following tools: Automatically detects and installs the latest Windows drivers Connects to the Internet Finds unknown hardware devices and software Detects driver problems and removes them Finds Windows system errors and fixes them Installs other software with minimal fuss Finds driver conflicts and removes them Finds incompatible Windows features and removes them Shows you which system services are running Finds unnecessary services and removes them Shows you which software is using which services Configures your system for less rebooting Configures your network adapter Shows you your current internet connection Lets you know whether your computer is connecting to the Internet Shows you network statistics Shows you your local and remote IP addresses Shows you all the open ports on your computer Shows you all the application that are using this port Shows you which services are using this port Shows you which programs are using this port Shows you which processes are using this

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Singleplayer: Required OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit Minimum: 2.0 GHz Dual-Core CPU or 3.0 GHz Quad-Core CPU RAM: 6 GB RAM Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT/AMD Radeon HD 2600/Intel HD Graphics 3000 Hard Drive: 25 GB available space DirectX: DirectX 11 Version and support additional requirements, see here. *Running video capture software on the same PC where recording is taking place Multipitch audio: Optional Additional Requirements: *DS3 Recording: In order for the