Vehicle Manager Enterprise [Win/Mac]

Vehicle Manager Enterprise 2022 [New]

Vehicle Manager Enterprise is an application that lets you manage vehicles in one place. You can add and edit vehicles, drivers, repair shops and receive reminders about overdue insurance or tax payments. With over 50 customizable features, you can easily manage every aspect of your fleet.
Key Features:

Truck, SUV, Car and Boat Management

Over 50 Features

Add to Database with Multiple Languages

Multiple User Access

Cross Platform and Cloud-Based


Automatically Generate Reports

Secure Database with Strong Encryption

Automatically Expire Licenses and Track Driver License Status

Automatically Renew Insurance

Automatically Redirect Insurance Payments

Send Reminders to Drivers

Upload Photos to License Plates

Keep Track of All Transport Work

Automatically Log In for Drivers

Automatically Log In for Drivers

App Description

Vehicle Manager Enterprise is an application that lets you manage vehicles in one place. You can add and edit vehicles, drivers, repair shops and receive reminders about overdue insurance or tax payments. With over 50 customizable features, you can easily manage every aspect of your fleet.Control of leptin gene expression.
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Create and manage multiple vehicle databases and record the details of each vehicle.
Automatically generate reports for your companies about your fleets.
Monitor the driver’s license status of all vehicles in real time.
Update the contact details of vehicle companies to maintain long-term customer relations.
No more endless answering repetitive questions and paperwork. Record all of the important information about your vehicles right inside the database. Now you can keep your vehicles organized and your drivers well in control.

System Requirements:
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
1.56 GHz processor or faster, or equivalent.
At least 128 MB RAM.
20 MB or more disk space.

This software product is only available as part of the following package:
Vehicle Manager Enterprise

License notes
This is a single user license. Once the software is installed, you can install this one license on as many computers as you want.

The price of the standalone product can be found on the download page.

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Frimerk Pekmez,

Vehicle Manager is an automotive management solution that allows you to store your vehicle records in a database, track their progress and provide comprehensive reports to your clients.

Vehicle Manager Enterprise is a multi-user product and offers a database, a calendar, drivers, vehicles and more.

The initial price is € 21,995 and includes support. Price varies based on your needs.

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What’s New In Vehicle Manager Enterprise?

Vehicle Manager Enterprise is a powerful, secure and easy to use business application.
The application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and previous versions.
The program has been tested and optimized for the following operating systems: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP, 98, Me, NT and DOS.
Vehicle Manager Enterprise has been successfully used by thousands of business around the world and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

What’s new

What’s new in this version:

• Fixed a general driver licensing application crash occurring when a call to GetVendor was taking place.

• Several minor bug fixes and other minor changes to improve product stability and performance.

– Vehicle Driver License Holder

– Vehicle Driver License Holder is a comprehensive vehicle management tool to maintain all your vehicle personnel data (who is driving, who can drive, where they can drive, what vehicle they are driving and what license is attached).

– Vehicle Driver License Holder Description:
Vehicle Manager Enterprise includes a powerful driver management system that allows you to easily track and manage any drivers that drive for you.
With Vehicle Driver License Holder, you can:
•Add vehicle drivers.
•Assign vehicle drivers to vehicles and track their driving history.
•Generate personalized reports for your drivers and their vehicles.
•Store vehicle service details and bill your customer for the correct amount.
•Locate any vehicle or driver in your vehicle database.
•Record every event, accident or any other driving-related incident.
•Generate powerful reports for vehicle service history, which will be customized for you based on your business requirements and needs.
•Track and maintain vehicle insurance contracts.
•Attach license, certification or registration documents to any vehicle drivers.
•Integrate your system with a wide range of third-party applications and services to obtain a more robust and comprehensive system.

– Vehicle Manager Enterprise

– Vehicle Manager Enterprise is an advanced cross-platform car management software that allows you to keep your vehicles and all of their related information.
With Vehicle Manager Enterprise, you can:
•Create new vehicles and drivers.
•Add notes, mileage, owners and service history to your vehicles.
•Receive vehicle loan documents and track payments.
•Generate automatic fuel and mileage reports.
•Create a vehicle service history report for any vehicle.
•Map out and track your vehicles.
•Track any vehicle or driver in your vehicle database.

System Requirements:

4.0 GB Hard Disk Space
128 MB Video Memory
Windows 7 and Windows XP compatible
Processor: Pentium IV 1.3 Ghz
Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista
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