If you don’t really trust the effectiveness of storing your music and videos online and you prefer to manage them using more palpable methods, then you may need a software solution enabling you to download and organize them. Youtube Media Player is an application that tries to bank on precisely this quirk, being able to render as well as download YouTube videos. Plain but easy-to-navigate user interface First of all, it is important to mention that the program is packed in a lightweight GUI that should allow even the most inexperienced users benefit from its capabilities. However, don’t set your expectations too high, since it is not necessarily remarkable visual-wise. It is simply convenient and should help you easily get your work done. To be more specific, all you need to do is type in some keywords in the dedicated “Search” field, with the application displaying all related items in a list that is quite comfortable to navigate. Enables you to choose the video definition What’s more, you can create a list of all your favorite videos by clicking the dedicated icon corresponding to each video in part. There are a series of other controls you can take a look at, since they come in handy if you want to watch a video without ads, check out similar clips, or share a specific item on social media. At this point, if you searched for your video and watched it in order to make sure that there is no room for confusion, you can hit the download button. It is worth mentioning that there is also a “Downloads” center organizing all the pending processes as well as the complete tasks and the canceled ones. Allows you to watch and download YouTube videos Note that, using the “Settings” section, you can indicate an output directory for your downloads as well as specify how many YouTube videos you want to be displayed on a single page. Furthermore, the program enables you to always download clips in best quality, not to mention that it allows you to enable a random mode for your playlist. Before leaving this window, you should know that it offers two options as far as watching your clips is concerned. Specifically, you can use Windows Media Player or an embedded YouTube form. Approachable YouTube manager and downloader All in all, Youtube Media Player is a lightweight piece of software helping you store all your YouTube videos on your PC by providing you with download options. Besides, it also enables you to simply search for, watch, and create lists of clips, all in a GUI that is easy to navigate.


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Download >> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Youtube Media Player is a YouTube downloader which can load any video you type in the search box, allows for multiple download with a Windows file explorer, and even forces YouTube to open up in a popup after downloading. It also allows you to select.YOP and.AVP extensions.It’s quite a feat. For the sixth time since she became a lawmaker in 1992, Nancy Pelosi has managed to stay in Congress, let alone become House speaker. It’s a fight she’s been waging for nearly 30 years. No one knows for sure how many times she threatened to leave it. But if you ask her, she’ll tell you the number’s more than one. Anyone who thinks she’s ready to retire can forget it. Never miss a local story. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. “She’s got the dubious honor of being the all-time longest-serving House speaker, which we celebrate,” she said in a phone interview from her office in San Francisco this week, where she has been for nearly 16 years. “It’s a wonderful history for this country and this institution, and I hope she keeps it up.” Certainly, Pelosi’s tenure in the minority, before becoming speaker, was a lonely one. She was the only woman in her party and the only Catholic in the House at the time, though that has changed. And, she’ll tell you, she’s stuck by her principles. “The real reason that I didn’t leave was because I was so determined never to have a president that I didn’t support,” she said, a comment that could just as easily be a prelude to the end of the Obama presidency. Because after all, in January 2011, she told the New York Times that she had long toyed with the idea of retirement. “As I get older and I look at, you know, current politics, the future, I have a sense that I wouldn’t be leaving because I had done everything I wanted to do,” she said then. “I have had the experience of wanting to do something but not knowing how to get there.” “I think I’m pretty comfortable to know that I could do what

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Welcome to YT Media Player, an amazing application to download and enjoy YouTube videos from your PC. Just type one or more keywords in the box in the upper-right corner or click on the icon “Search”. You will be presented with a list of suggested YouTube videos, which match your search query. After selecting one of the video clips, press the download button in the lower-right corner to start downloading. You can stop the download at any time by pressing the Stop button. Among the features in YT Media Player : Add video clip from YouTube to your Clipboard Press the download button to start download Set download limit Allow downloading a clip only once Use mouse to download clips Download first visible YouTube video Assign a program to start on system startup Free and easy to use. After you finish with its main functions, you will also have the option of watching the video. You can easily navigate through the play list and select a clip you want to play with the mouse. YT Media Player allows you to start the video player in a full-screen mode. Download your video, edit it (crop, resize) and attach comments. Once you want to download your video, click the download button, the video will be downloaded to a default file location of your system. KEY FEATURES: Download clips from YouTube, watch, edit and download them Just type in a few words No need to search for each video Multiple downloads Random download mode All videos loaded as playlist Video player with high quality No need of a flash player Works on all Windows operating systems Option to save and share the list of clips Downloads are saved in separate file Download only one clip at a time Advanced settings and features Download a clip only once Mouse to download clip Window for access to download Use the “Stop” button to stop the download Extension youtube.com.mediaplayer Keywords: yt, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save, youtube, download, save, clip, download, save 2f7fe94e24

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Youtube Media Player is an application that tries to bank on precisely this quirk, being able to render as well as download YouTube videos.Download Youtube Media Player If you are looking for a simple and clean way to download YouTube videos from the web, then you are in the right place. You probably don’t want to use any piece of software with a too convoluted user interface that makes you feel like she’s ruining your computer with all the ads and time-wasting graphics. Read more: How to download videos from YouTube – 3 Simple Ways & Download Youtube Mp3 The Youtube Downloader Tool is a lightweight application that tries to help you download YouTube videos, which means that you shouldn’t have to worry about extra CPU load, excessive memory usage, and so on. You should simply get everything you want and avoid spending any unnecessary time searching for your favorite clips. Simple and intuitive interface The video downloader is packed in a very minimalist user interface. There are just two kinds of settings you need to go through: The first is the video loading setting, where you can indicate the number of clips per page and the download directory. The second is the download process setting, where you can choose between both YouTube browsers and eMule. Fits every user requirements The user interface is extremely simple, allowing you to download any video you want in a clean way. You can create a list of your favorites, choose the number of clips per page, set the video dimensions, and a lot more. The program is able to download YouTube videos in MP3, OGG, and other formats. As a matter of fact, all the videos are downloaded automatically in their best quality, without any kind of quality degradation. Moreover, you can enable an online radio. The application keeps on loading songs while you are adding them to your list. By default, the program downloads videos in best quality, but you can modify the settings using the “Settings” section. You can choose between the following options: Display youtube videos without ads Automatic downloads Best quality downloads Downloads without ads Add any URL (not only youtube ones) Download your videos and organize them on your hard drive The program works with almost any operating system, including Windows 8.1 and later, Mac OS X, Android, and more. Basically, it gives you a clean and streamlined user experience. Download YouTube Mp3 and OGG Music videos Con

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System Requirements For Youtube Media Player:

• OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit • DirectX: Version 11 • Processor: Intel i3, i5 or i7 • RAM: 4 GB • Video: Nvidia GeForce GT or AMD HD Radeon R9 270 or newer • Processor: Intel i3,