Optimal Desktop is a stand alone 3-level tabbed browser and desktop explorer. You can use Optimal Desktop as your browser and file explorer to stay organized and as a powerful tool for organizing and sharing your research on the web. The tabs below explain the Optimal Desktop features and various product offerings. Browse Internet, RSS and Files simultaneously and fully customize your desktop to the way you work with Optimal Desktop’s unified dashboard.


Download ►►►►► https://tinurll.com/2soHqF

Download ►►►►► https://tinurll.com/2soHqF






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Designed to be the perfect workspace for personal use, Optimal Desktop allows you to work with the full range of Internet and desktop applications with only one program. By simply selecting what you want to see on your desktop, Optimal Desktop provides a place to focus on your work. Locate all of your files, share your favorites, and look through your calendar all in one application. With built-in capabilities such as password safe keeping, Optimal Desktop allows you to keep your browsing and search history secure with only one click. And with the new Web Bookmarks feature, you can keep your web browser bookmarks organized and easily accessible by launching the bookmarks with a single click, or pinning a single page to the panel. With Optimal Desktop, you control what’s on your desktop without sacrificing the time it takes to find items such as music, movie and video files. This advanced search technology includes a built in media player to provide you with a multimedia experience when browsing the internet and the ability to launch or open media files in your favorite application. Automatically capture a screenshot of any web page and easily delete unwanted content such as bookmarks or temporary files. Speed Through Your Files Optimally. Thanks to the intelligent use of memory and a lightning-fast, PC optimized file system, you can simply launch a file and it will begin to open and render instantly. All files can be stored, indexed and tagged, allowing them to find their way back to you automatically through time-saving bookmarks or search results. Capture Your Stunning Photos. With your own front page style, you can easily access your favorite websites to save all of your bookmarks right from the program’s main toolbar. It’s that easy to pin favorites to the panel. Quickly Create, Manage, and Share Calendar Items. Optimal Desktop’s calendar tool provides powerful features for people who want to track their schedule easily. You can easily create new calendars by typing in a name, or dragging in a folder full of your favorite items. Then you can prioritize the events you need to remember by creating new reminders for each event. And with the fun and easy-to-use interface, you can easily manage your to-do lists from one place. With Optimal Desktop you can easily access your favorite RSS feeds, and you can pin your RSS feeds to the panel so you can open them at any time with a single click. And you can easily locate your most used RSS feeds. Optimal Desktop features a completely redesigned intuitive

Optimal Desktop 2010 – Professional Edition Crack Free

Optimal Desktop 2010 – Professional Edition Crack For Windows – FEATURES – Maximized tabs for easy switching between multiple browser tabs at one time – 3 levels of tabbed browsing to suit any desktop’s needs – Organize multiple tabs into suites and master folders – Save multiple tabs into a current project along with the files – Split a window into multiple tabs – Save web pages in an Online Web browser from the Windows Explorer Bar – Full Screen viewing of any web page – Fully customize your desktop to how you like to use it – Experience Optimal Desktop’s unique user interface design – Extend your browser tool bar with many more browser tabs and file explorers – Open multiple browser windows at one time and have them closed when finished – See the desktop as a thumbnail to help you navigate – Open URLs from the system tray in your browser – View all of your URLs at once in a panel from the taskbar – Move and resize windows, tabs and panels easily – Easily navigate by drag and drop – Quickly minimize open windows – Interface changes for Windows Vista – Drag and drop functionality – Undo changes to tabs – Get a quick overview of your most recently used files in an open file explorer window – New inline search function – Save web pages in the Desktop toolbar – Saving web pages to the hard drive will be faster – Fine tuning of your hard drive – You can now type with a Windows key – You can set windows to be always on top – You can work with multiple monitors from one desktop – No Internet Explorer in Optimal Desktop – Receive new Optimal Desktop releases via email – Browse internet, read RSS feeds and browse for your files from a Tabbed Explorer – Open or share a web page in multiple windows – Set one window as the homepage of the Internet – Customize the toolbar and minimize toolbars to suit your style and color scheme – Start and manage multiple web browsers at once – Set up rules to resize the windows automatically – Change the tab size from the configuration menu – Experience optimal desktop’s unified dashboard to easily change settings and personalize – Set the program to auto start – Optimized for Windows XP and Windows 2000 – Optimized for multi monitor configurations – Optimized for small graphics cards – Optimized for old and old slow computers – Optimized for Pentium 3 processors – Optimized for Pentium 2 processors – Optimized for Intel Pentium 2f7fe94e24

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Optimal Desktop is a 3-level tabbed browser and desktop explorer, designed to be your visual search and exploration tool with the following features: – Tabbed Internet, RSS and Files – Hyperlinks on static content – Push style browser windows – Multi-level browsing – Desktop search engine – Supported file systems: ISO, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, 8Z, TAR, FAT, MFS, NTFS – Tabbed file explorer – Use drag and drop functions – Full screen mode support – Local file operations: Open, Save, Zip, Unzip, Delete – User defined toolbar with localizable strings, buttons, icons, window controls – Standardized desktop theme support If you’d like to give Optimal Desktop a try, click on the DOWNLOAD OPTIMAL option to get Optimal Desktop Professional Edition for $29.00. If you have any questions, contact support@optimaldesktop.com. Optimal Desktop Beta Features: – Fully customizable themes – Customizable window controls – Full screen mode support – Drag and drop functions – File explorer in tabs – Interface translations in over 20 languages – Convenient mouse gestures – Automatic Updates via Internet – Localized English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish and other translations – Command line interface – Search through files, folders, and webpage URLs – Localized search results Optimal Desktop 3D Beta Features: – High resolution support – Websites with 3D layers – Localized Windows controls and text – Push style browsers – High res buttons, toolbars and titles Optimal Desktop 3D Professional Edition Beta Features: – Desktop search engine – Popup/popdown browser – Hotkeys Optimal Desktop 3D Beta Features: – Go to website features – Drag and drop – Multiple windows – Separate and sync tabs/browser pages Optimal Desktop Pro Beta Features: – Enhancements to search engine, templates and themes Optimal Desktop Demo Features: – Intuitive mouse gestures – Shell extensions support – Hotkeys for OS X – Permanently save tabs – Search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing – Customizable window toolbar, window controls and title bar – File browser UI with dual-pane tree view (includes custom templates) – Multiple tabs – Tab switching: Auto-incrementing or single click – F

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– Optimal Desktop is an award winning, powerful browser and desktop explorer – Now has 3 levels of tabs to organize your browsing and file management – Now has built-in RSS reader and built-in RSS sync service to keep you updated on the web – Customizable dock for your most used program – Tabbed file explorer and search bar – Search the web with up to 10 Google search engines – Start a new Tab and open a new window easily from the desktop – Save and open pages from the bookmark bar to a new tab – Bookmark any web page or folder to ensure easy one-click re-opening – Always have the most visited, the most bookmarked, and your most recently opened tabs on your desktop – Drag and drop files between folders – Drag and drop files between the desktop and folders – Copy a URL to the clipboard with just one mouse click – Open selected links in multiple tabs with the scroll wheel or Cmd + L – Download pages with a single right click – Open URL in your default browser – Mouse over to see the full URL in the status bar – Click on any image to view it in a new tab – New optimized interface with enhancements including themes, colors, fonts, font smoothing, scrollbars and much more… Unified Tabbed Main Window – Explore your files with the three tabbed window – Open a web page in a new tab – Browse your Home or My Network with the Home and My Network Tabs – Browse your Bookmarks with Bookmarks tab – Open a folder with the Folder Tab – Drag and Drop files between the desktop and folders – Copy a URL to the clipboard with just one mouse click – Open any clicked URL in a new tab – Download a file with the Download tab – Open a file with the Open and Save tabs – Open an image in a new tab with the Image Tab – Open folder and attached files with the Open and Save tabs – Search the web with the Open and Search tabs – Open a selected URL in a new tab with the Web Tab – Open RSS Feeds with the RSS Tab – Open Recent with the Recent tab – Open a Selected Folder with the Select Folder Tab – Open Recent with the Search tab – Open the Bookmark Toolbox with the Toolbox Tab – Open a selected bookmark in a new tab with the Bookmark List tab – Open the Favorites Toolbox with the


System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or higher or Radeon X1000 or higher DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 650 MB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card Additional Notes: The game will only run in fullscreen mode. Recommended: OS: Windows XP