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During the past few years I had developed several internet-based applications at the IBM Hursley Headquarters. One application, utilized in Hong Kong, allowed visitors to see live up to 10 hours of TV programming as long as the Internet was available. Slide Share is an extremely simple presentation application which allows individuals to view and share PowerPoint presentations. Slide Share is incorporating a viewer and a web server and creates custom pages at the visitor’s sites that automatically reload as you modify slides. To get the best out of the Slide Share presentation, you should have a high speed Internet connection. The audio and video features that you can use will be determined by your internet connection. The better the connection, the more you will be able to control the presentation with your mouse, so you should use a reliable connection. Installation The PowerPoint slide presentation to be shared can be saved as a picture, i.e. a Windows metafile or a JPEG file. The Windows metafile format is generally better to share as you can choose to save in one of several sizes. The file size is the determining factor. When saving in JPEG format, the file size is only dependent upon the number of images used in the presentation. The larger the number of images, the smaller the file size. Download and save the Slide Share application Using your web browser and any web browser, login to the IBM S/W Applications Web site at If you have already logged into the IBM S/W Applications Web site, your login ID and password will be remembered. You can use the same login ID and password for all the programs on the site, including Slide Share. The Slide Share application is ready to be downloaded. You can download the application for Windows or Mac. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the download. Next you need to save the presentation as a picture format. This will be in a folder called, sslide. Open the PowerPoint file you wish to share on Slide Share and export the presentation as a Windows metafile. This is the format that will be saved to the folder. Open Slide Share After you have saved the presentation as a picture format, connect to the Internet and point Slide Share to the folder sslide. It is recommended that you use the Internet Explorer browser. When you have done this, you should see the Slide Share logo on the

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■ Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Slide Share is a new service that allows you to share your PowerPoint presentations with anyone on the Web. It includes a graphics viewer and a web server and generates custom pages at the users’ site that automatically refresh whenever you change a slide. Slide Share includes a prebuilt Internet Starter Kit and allows you to easily set up your PowerPoint presentation as an online slide show. With Slide Share you can distribute your presentation to a broad audience or to a specific group of colleagues. Simply save your presentation as a graphic (Windows metafile or JPEG). PowerPoint will create a folder with all of your slides. Start Slide Share and point it to the first slide. Click on the arrows or mouse button in the graphic to advance or go back. Tell your viewers to go to the http address at the top of the screen. No fuss, nothing for the viewers to load. Requirements: ■ Internet Connection Slide Share Description: ■ Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Need to transfer files from a network drive, FTP server, or another external hard drive to a computer on a LAN? PC-Anywhere is a new powerful application that allows you to easily connect to a network or FTP server, specify a share location on a local or remote machine, and transfer the files as an ISO or Zip file. With PC-Anywhere you can connect to a network location, a local or remote FTP server, a Windows share, a shared drive, or even just your home directory. PC-Anywhere easily connects, maps, and transfers files from your PC. The application simplifies the connection process by including a simple interface that allows you to select which share you want to connect to, map files in directories to directories on your local machine, and send your files to a share location. Requirements: ■ Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 With Instant Messenger you can connect your PC to online instant messaging services such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, and MSN Messenger. With a new Windows Messenger, you can connect to your online instant messenger service directly from inside Microsoft Office. You will be able to send IMs directly from a document, spread sheet, or PowerPoint presentation. Requirements: ■ Internet Connection Windows Messenger Description: ■ Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 WordMail is a new windows mail replacement that can help you communicate more effectively and efficiently 2f7fe94e24

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Slide Share is a free PowerPoint plugin that will allow you to share PowerPoint slides with anyone. With the slideshows embedded in the PowerPoint browser, the only thing viewers have to load is the internet connection to get the slides displayed.Relation between alcohol consumption and metabolic syndrome in Japanese men. To investigate the association between alcohol consumption and metabolic syndrome in Japanese men. Data from six independent cross-sectional studies (response rate, 84%) were used for a meta-analysis. The multivariate-adjusted odds ratio (OR) for having metabolic syndrome was 0.75 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.64-0.87) for light (or=45.9 g/d) consumption compared with non-consumption. Compared with non-consumption, light or moderate alcohol consumption significantly decreased the OR for having metabolic syndrome. There was no significant dose-response relationship between alcohol consumption and metabolic syndrome. The present study showed that moderate alcohol consumption has beneficial effects on metabolic syndrome in Japanese men.Q: Text input in Java GUI, entering text with a mnemonic I am creating a GUI with Java. I am creating text fields in the GUI. I would like to know if there is a way to assign a text to my text field, while keeping the text in the field the same and the text in the field’s (such as a mnemonic) to be the same as the text input in the GUI. So when I edit my input, the text in the text field changes but the mnemonic remains, just to confuse the user as to what they entered. The program I’m working on has numerous text input fields, and I would like to keep the look and feel consistent. There are two different mechanisms that use a mnemonic: FileMaker Item Database A: Yeah, you can do that with JTextField(s) and Document.getText(int offset). Something like: JTextField mnemonicTextField = new JTextField(20); mnemonicTextField.setMnemonicAt(0, true); document.

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PowerPoint is a powerful slide shows to highlight your services and to promote your new service. But for many teachers and educators, PowerPoint is only a tool that they are required to use. But is it necessary to use PowerPoint for teaching? With the introduction of Smart Art into PowerPoint, simply turning your slides into an animated PowerPoint slide show is becoming a simple and easy task. With this Step 1: Download and Install Powerpoint Signing Up for the Free Autodesk 123D Course 1. Download Autodesk 123D course for free from the Autodesk University Website. 2. Click on the link below and sign up for the free Autodesk Course. 3. You may have to download and install Autodesk in order to open your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. 4. After the Autodesk course is done, get back to PowerPoint and begin by creating the first cartoon template. slide that informs the teacher how much time is remaining in a 5-minute presentation. Installation of Powerpoint To install PowerPoint from the site, you may need to download and install it. Although PowerPoint can be used without the software, it can be used much more efficiently by installing it. The installation process is very simple. Once the installer file is downloaded, The PowerPoint Templates Classroom Powerpoint Templates Classroom Powerpoint Templates Classroom is where kids and teachers work together to create unique presentations. Students and teachers work on these templates with the help of the teacher’s guide. In this Powerpoint classroom, you will find all the resources you need to start creating your own unique classroom slide shows that are very useful in promoting your product or service. 2. Search Google for your business, products, services, and keywords, and then copy and paste the descriptions and links from the top of the search results to the desktop. 3. Open your document and Paste the information into your presentation. Remember to put the link in the text box where you want it. 4. Save the presentation Overview This chapter is divided into six parts: 1. Powerpoint Office Basics 2. PowerPoint 2007 3. PowerPoint 2008 4. PowerPoint 2009 5. PowerPoint 2010 6. How to Use Powerpoint 1. Powerpoint Office Basics It is recommended that all users have the basic knowledge of how to use Office 2007, in order to be efficient in using To animate a PowerPoint slide, drag a line across

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