Yadis! Backup is a reliable tool designed to help you backup and protect your important files in an easy and intuitive fashion.
Comprehensible interface
The graphic user interface of Yadis! Backup is constituted of a simple non-resizable window where you can open other tasks in new tabs.
The process of backing up your files is meant to help even the inexperienced users, by offering a step-by-step sequence of actions.
Multiple simultaneous tasks
The application allows you to create and individually customize multiple backing up projects, which can be ran anytime you wish, once they are saved.
Once a task has been carried out or intentionally stopped, you can restart it from the Task list, allowing you to pause the backup project whenever you wish.
Organized projects
With Yadis! Backup, you can create various groups of tasks, with a user-specified name and an informative description.
Each setting you change to the utility is automatically saved to the specified location, allowing you to easily restore the configuration whenever you need.
The application allows you to keep multiple backup versions of the same project, making the process more reassuring.
Easily restore files
After a backup task is finished, you can access extra options by bringing up the context menu, and by doing so, you can restore the files contained in the backup file.
Pop-up notifications are displayed from the taskbar icon of the application, informing you about the success or failure of the on-going project.
The application also allows you to preserve the original folder structure of the backed up directory, making the search for a file much easier.
Yadis! Backup keeps detailed logs and history files about everything it has performed in the past.
Reliable backup tool
The user-friendly interface and the easy to operate functions of the application, combined with its utility and efficiency, prove that Yadis! Backup is a reliable tool for backing up important documents with ease.







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This tool works exclusively with exe files.
Every time you open or run a file (or program), it creates a second copy of the file. This process is usually much faster than using a full system backup.

The first time you run this tool, the program will download a list of hidden exe files. These files are usually system files such as:

driver files

framework files

logon application exe files


My Documents folder

and many more

Some time ago I was working on a SBS 2003 server and a application stopped working. I found the exe file and thought I’d test to see if it can make the computer a little more efficient. Turns out that it does. A exe has two parts. A big one and a small one, the bigger is the main part. The little exe is usually a helper. Just the opposite of a CMD file. I know this is good. I know this is bad. I’ve taken a lot of exes. I’ve never intentionally made a system less stable or a program unstable, but I’ve learned a lot.

A little-known feature of the program is that you can open multiple exe files at the same time in a single computer without getting a “red bar” error. It never stops you from opening the file. I am really satisfied with the quality of this program. This program is recommended to all who want to make their computer 100% efficient, which is important in my opinion.

Easy to use.
Convenient interface.
Fast and reliable backups.
Good with thousands of files.

No cons

When I was in search of the best backup software, I tested many tools, but it didn’t suit me. Finally I found Yadis! Backup. This tool is extremely helpful to easily backup your data and save them in multiple formats. It offers you an easy, personalized, and zero-footprint solution for system backups as well as complete data archives for high-availability and disaster recovery. This is one of the best backup software for Windows.


The name of the application is confusing, to some.

I used to have a couple of computers, and I never managed to use these programs properly.

All of them didn’t satisfy me, so I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just get one that will

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Yadis! Backup is an easy and user-friendly file and folder backup application which lets you backup your files safely and easily. It preserves all your original folder structure, files and folders.
What’s new in this version :
Added a timer to the Backup
Added a dual monitor support.
Added new icon.Lorenzo Pesce

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Can backup a word-processor file from your computer to CD-R or DVD-R.
Can backup a directory and sub-directories to CD-R or DVD-R.
Copies or deletes files in specified directory(s) on CD-R or DVD-R.
Can backup files from different folders in the computer to CD-R or DVD-R.
Includes 8 settings for your convenience:
? Select to back up files only from specific folders.
? Stop backup at specific times.
? Copy backup files to different folders, using 8 different methods.
? Include or exclude files in backup.
? Use a background or system tray icon.
? Change backup folder setting.
? Enable or disable backup on the fly.
? Enable or disable file moves.
? Add or delete backup logs.
Can create backup sub-folders automatically.
Can restore from backup file CD-R or DVD-R.
Can backup the original directory on CD-R or DVD-R.
Can restore to original directory on CD-R or DVD-R.
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What’s New In?

Introducing the second version of Yadis! backup. This new version of Backup is smarter and more efficient, with an easier-to-use interface and advanced new features.
Yadis! backup is a simple, reliable and efficient backup program that saves your documents in the format most used by the operating system. It will automatically backup your music, photos, videos, movies, email, documents, and spreadsheets!
You have the possibility to create multiple backup versions of your important documents. Yadis! backup is suitable for home users, web developers, IT professionals, network administrators and everyone who wants to save their important documents safely and permanently.
New features in the new version of Yadis Backup:
*Create multiple backup versions of your important documents with the new versions tab
*Create backups with encryption of files and folders
*Create separate folder backup
*More system settings
*Easier backup notification
*Preserving the same folder structure
*Easy to use
*You can backup your precious documents instantly, without restarting computer!
*Yadis Backup is multi-thread, multi-users applications. It will run on Windows Vista. XP. 2000.
*Yadis backup does not contain any spyware, adware, viruses, or malware of any kind.
*Download the latest updates of the program.
*Yadis backup in reliable and safe application is 100% safe to use.
Important Note:
Due to copyright issues we cannot authorize the resale of the software. It’s not allowed to distribute Yadis backup software as a free download and this software is not for reselling on the internet or stores.

Love this backup app. I use it to back up my computer, download stuff from the internet, make updates to the OS, just do stuff you would do with the computer. The program is simple and easy to use. It will back up the most important documents, music, videos, pictures, and stuff. I can be on Wi-Fi the whole time and not worry if I’m not. There’s an app for your phone to make it even simpler.

A must have backup application. This is a great tool for home use as well as for business use. I use this to keep all of my files backed up both to my server as well as my external hard drive. From there I can access any of them in case of a disaster.

The application name is a bit confusing. What it does is that it


System Requirements For Yadis! Backup:

OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 or Windows 7.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.73 GHz or better.
Memory: 2 GB RAM recommended.
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS, ATI Radeon HD 3870, Intel HD Graphics 2000 or better.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Storage: 2 GB available space.
OS: Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.
Processor: Intel Core