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A Trip to Yugoslavia: Director’s Cut is a third-person point & click adventure game and the first major expansion of the game that was released in 2015. It contains 13 new levels (plus the last 10 levels of the main game), plus 8 new locations. Four new characters were added, and the game can now be played in German, French and Spanish. A Trip to Yugoslavia is a unique and original point & click adventure game, which covers a period of less than 2 months in the life of two different friends: Arthur, a young adventurer who was traveling around Europe, and Pim, a crazy designer who ended up in the border of Yugoslavia. It was released in May 2015 and is available for free to play on Steam, BFG, GOG, Desura, Humble Bundle, IndieGameStand and The game currently features 13 new levels, 8 new locations, a new storyline, new puzzles, 4 new characters, and a new language. The expanded game comes in 3 versions: – “Special Edition”: adds 8 new locations, 3 new characters and an improved user interface; – “Developer Edition”: adds 13 new levels, 4 new character animations, the new “Adventurer’s Club” where players can share their thoughts and experience from the game, and a new interface inspired by games like BBC Sherlock; – “German Edition”: adds the German language and some translated dialogs. The original game is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian, and features a main story and 14 exciting locations to discover. A Trip to Yugoslavia is a unique point & click adventure game for both newcomers and experienced players. The game covers a period of less than 2 months in the life of two different friends, each with their own unique personality and style of humor. Being on an adventure is stressful at the best of times, and a lot of things can go wrong. This is where A Trip to Yugoslavia will take you. What will you be able to do? + 13 new levels + 8 new locations + 4 new characters + A new storyline + A new puzzle system + A new user interface + A new web-site + 4 new voice-overs and 2 new songs + 13 new animations + Improved hand-drawn animations + Improved textures + Updated game mechanics + 24 humor captions + 13


Jamie’s Dream Features Key:

  • fully reworked art assets
  • new training mode with 50 puzzles
  • Get 1 puzzle completely free
  • full automatic game save

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System requirements:

  • windows 7/8/10 x32
  • 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5/i7
  • 4 GB RAM

Recent changes:


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Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime – Key Features:

  • fully reworked art assets
  • new training mode with 50 puzzles
  • Get 1 puzzle completely free
  • full automatic game save


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Kadath is a mostly linear role-playing game, where choices and actions affect the story and the characters. The game features a campaign and a sandbox mode. Exploring a fantastical world The world you are travelling through is a combination of a variety of locations. Amid these lies a myriad of beautiful and horrifying locations, such as the Nazi death camp of Sobibor, a railway tunnel leading to a bottomless crevasse, or two villages that stand right on top of the train’s tracks. This vast, sandbox world is a combination of fully modelled 3D areas and simple 2D static drawings. It can be replayed and revisited for endless enjoyment. Manage your party Your party of four adventurers is the core of your abilities. As the need arises, you can recruit new characters. Each member of your party can wear different, individual outfits. There are at least three different types of ability points, which can be used to increase or boost the characteristics of your characters. Plan your route The map of the game is presented on an A4-sized sheet of paper. You can use the margins to draw on, and labels to mark your way. Everything you need to know about the area you’re in is inscribed on the map: important buildings, locations and the frequency of enemies. Your train The train can be moved in any direction you wish. It consists of a locomotive and four carriages. Each one is equipped with a set of separate compartments. Each compartment has its own door, and you can walk from one to the next. There are more than 60 different items which you’ll find scattered around the train. Explore and interact You can go into any of the train’s compartments. Completing side-quests or simply visiting all of the rooms in each of the compartments is encouraged. Kadath is a game about exploration and discovery. Portal into the past and the future You can travel through time and space by finding the hidden doors. Only a few are shown on the map at the beginning of the game. Each of these doorways takes you into a completely separate area. You can freely choose from which compartment you’re going to start. If you manage to navigate through time and space, you might even end up in another part of the train… Real time In a real-time environment there will always be things going on. You can of course pay attention c9d1549cdd


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