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In this Issue: Siggráf Nýja Mokkan÷stur. Vidum Týðemanþing. Gráfi Laugab á ìhildunum. Löggvid gráfuppla. Siggráf Nýja Mokkan÷stur. Jag är göteborg stängda 2017.Q: Smart keychain wrapper I’m building a NSUserDefaults wrapper that will have a maximum of seven digits, which I want it to be difficult to guess due to the ease of guessing. I am using the default dictionary to store the keys and its default values: NSDictionary* keyDict = [[NSDictionary alloc] initWithObjectsAndKeys: @”one”,@”key”,@”two”,@”key”,@”three”,@”key”,@”four”,@”key”,@”five”,@”key”,@”six”,@”key”,nil]; As the data gets stored, they will be stored as follows: first element key: one value: key second element key: two value: key third element key: three value: key fourth element key: four value: key fifth element key: five value: key sixth element key: six value: key seventh element key: seven value: key Question: I am trying to make the keys seven digits, and I am wondering if there’s a way to do that, in which case this is an easy question to answer. A: If you want a 7 character string (it seems you just want to control the number of characters in the key), there’s a number of ways to generate these: – (NSString *)stringByPaddingToLength:(NSUInteger)length withString:(NSString *)padStr { if (self.length >= length) { return padStr; } NSRange range = [self rangeOfString:padStr options:NSLiteralSearch]; NSUInteger length2 = range.length; if (length2 == length

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