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Rpp Silabus Housekeeping Berkarakter Smk Perhotelan downloaded.Synopsis In the early 1960s, the US Navy developed a method of recording aircraft data that would track, for example, where a bomber dropped his bombs; a radar system could then replay these recordings, showing a bomber’s path in real time. Now researchers have found that, after the Navy’s first tests in the 1960s, a similar technique was also being tested on a secret military and civilian aircraft, the U-2, and has the potential to reveal details about how the plane works. Scientists at the University of California, Irvine have detected and analysed signal disturbances that recorded in the airplane’s environment during some of its flights over the Mojave Desert and along the US-Mexico border in the early 1960s. These disturbances were detected by a computer-aided signal-processing system. The scientists then identified the source of the noise by analysing it with high-definition video and special equipment that measures the polarisation of light. In short, the researchers found that the U-2 was moving through a magnetic field created by a generator near an electrical power line, causing electromagnetic interference (EMI) to “radiate” from the noise source. To find the source, the scientists used a technique known as source analysis that’s been applied to power distribution. This clearly has military applications, says researcher Christopher Crockett, an assistant professor of physics at UC Irvine. “The Navy developed this technology to track its aircraft, and this was an incidental discovery,” he says. “The power line was the perfect testbed, since it’s almost constantly switched on.” According to the researchers, there’s a lot about the plane that remains unknown. Crockett suspects that the noise created by the power line may have damaged the U-2’s radio components, which could explain why it failed to remain airborne for long. But Crockett and his co-authors Michael LaRue and Jianli Wang say the power line also could have failed in other ways. The noise could have damaged the plane’s electrical generator and other components, for example. “The technology could have even given us a glimpse of the plane’s structure,” Crockett says. “The Navy’s application for this technology is not a secret, and I

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