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Mohammad Anis (1594 – 1660), commonly known as Zakir Naik, is a freedom fighter and social reformer who became the first Indian citizen to travel abroad for the propagation of Islam. Born in 1594, he is a self-taught Islamic scholar and a scholar of the Quran. He was known as one of the earliest exponents of the ‘Salafi’ movement and, in his early years, a proponent of a puritanical, hard-line and ultraconservative movement within Islam. Described as charismatic and a very political orator, he is credited with being the first Islamic preacher to teach that an Islamic state should one day be established in India. Naik’s popularity spread rapidly in the 19th century. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, he led a missionary militant group, the “Tauhid Afsana”, that fought the British in the Indian hill States and later the campaign against the Khilafat Movement. He is popularly known as the “Chanakya of non-violence”, because he believed in a non-violent way of spreading Islam. He also introduced the idea of devotional songs being sung in praise of God in Islamic worship. Often referred to as “Mian Sarkar”, Naik was dubbed as a religious freedom fighter and social reformer as a result of his tireless activism against the British. He worked to construct a network of Islamic schools around India. He is also credited with the idea of a “jalsa” or an open-air prayer meeting (a series of such meetings are called a “jalsa mela”). He had been a pioneer in spreading the Islamic message of peace to those who knew little of Islam. Many Muslims have referred to him as the “Chanakya of non-violence” because of his advocacy of a nonviolent way of spreading Islam.Naik has initiated several educational institutions in India and abroad, including the Islamic Medical Sciences University and the Islamic University of Madinah, as well as a number of Islamic centers for women. Since Naik’s death in September 2016, there have been attempts to portray him as a’religious extremist’. A Hindustani language film called Zakir Naik: The Sun of the Ummah (Hindi: Zakir Naik: Sambhal Rakshak), was released in India in 2011 and in the US and UK in 2014.









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