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How to setup RingCentral in your Ubuntu 14.04 Introduction Hello Friends Thanks for visiting my site for the RingCentral Setup . By downloading this file , you will receive the RingCentral Setup For Ubuntu , easy to install And very simple to use… Steps To Setup RingCentral in your Ubuntu 14.04 Import your Google Apps Oauth2 credentials to RingCentral 1. Launch Google Dashboard Open Dashboard 2. Click on your Google Apps account 3. Click on your Apps (at the top) 4. Click on All Settings (at the right) 5. Under “Access & security” section, Click on the gear (at the right) 6. Select “Import another Google client ID” 7. Import your OAuth2 credentials (ex:mytoken) 8. Click “Create New Client ID” 7. Configure your Google Apps Download and Install VMware Fusion My host is running Ubuntu 14.04 with VMware fusion installed.  For Linux Users the VMware Player is also available Make sure that you have iTunes installed. If you don’t, here’s a short tutorial on how to download it. 8. After you have installed VMware Fusion and completed the install, you will see the following: 8.1 Open up Preferences 8.2 Click on the File Menu (top left) 8.3 Click on “Preferences” (at the bottom) 8.4 Click on the “VMs” tab (at the left) 8.5 Click the “ADD VM” button (at the top) 8.6 Choose “Create New Virtual Machine” 8.7 Choose “Install Ubuntu” 8.8 Choose “VMware Fusion (ESXi)” 8.9 Click on “Install Now” It’s safe to go ahead and start the VM (step 8.10). 8.10 Launch VMware Fusion 8.11 Once you get to the VM selection screen, choose “ESXi Server” 8.12 You will see the following screen 8.13 Click on “ESXi Server” (at the bottom) 8.14 Click on “Next” 8.15 Specify an IP Address and Hostname

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