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How to boot an application that can’t access resources that have been deleted/modified?

I would like to start an application that cannot access/read any of the files on the disk (my iPhone is locked). However, the application can be started only through certain human input. The files that I want the application to access are locked for the application when I use the application. Is it possible to start this application with an application name that it can recognize to give it access to the files, without having access to that part of the disk? I was thinking of showing a custom splash screen and sending the application to the background process (I may not be able to access the disk). So, could the application be started without access to a part of the disk?


What you’re asking is very very hard to do.
I have just spent a few days trying this very thing myself.
It’s possible. What you’re asking seems to be a breach of the application’s license agreement. I say that because the iTunes terms state that you can’t use another way of accessing the device data (like without the SDK or iTunes).
I am currently developing my own version of the iPhone OS. I have been able to harden it up for a few years now and I can say that it is indeed possible to run your app without access to the disk. I managed to achieve this by using the Private APIs (the SDK).
However you cannot use the standard path to launch your app. This means you can’t use the open or run method. If your app uses these methods you cannot use the Private API. You will need a way to launch your app that doesn’t use the standard method, such as an app-extension.


Are there any efficient regular expressions that support “one-shot” lookahead assertions?

Here’s the thing: there are some regular expressions that support lookaheads, and some that don’t.

Consider the regular expression:

This pattern is a regular one because it has the correct length, some non-NULL characters, and everything is inside the string (by the letter of the regular expression grammar)
But consider the regex:

This is a look-ahead one. It does what it says on the tin: it checks to see if the next character is the string ”–i6a

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