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Who is My Sudan?

My Sudan is an organisation formed by Sudanese of different political affiliations, ethnicities and religions to lay a historical foundation for a bi-partisan political solution to the Sudan crisis.

We represent and serve the Sudanese people who do not support the war in Darfur.

We believe in the quest for justice. We believe in the reunification of Sudan. We believe that the GoS has consistently failed to have transparent elections, eliminating democratic space in the country.

My Sudan represents and works for the rule of law and human rights in Darfur. We represent and work for the development of the Sudanese people in the area of health and education.

We believe that if the GoS is free to implement its democratic vision, and if it has the political wisdom to implement transitional justice in Darfur, then the Sudanese people will live with peace and prosperity.

Leaders of My Sudan

Abou Eligal (Sudanese, Muslim, Professor of Public Law)

Waleed ElHaddad (Sudanese, Christian, Founder of The Renaissance House in Cairo)

What does My Sudan?

My Sudan seeks to utilise and increase transparency in Sudan and in the Darfur region.

My Sudan seeks to increase economic, political, social and cultural engagement between Sudan and Darfur.

My Sudan seeks to develop and advocate for modern governance in Sudan.

My Sudan seeks to open a dialogue and reconciliation between Sudanese and Darfuris of different political affiliations.

My Sudan seeks a social, economic and political regeneration of Darfur.

My Sudan is the voice of the voiceless, whose voices are not heard by the international community.Q:

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