The game integrates a tutorial for beginners, and this tutorial serves as a tutorial to the game itself, making it a very self-contained game.

The game’s interface is similar to Unreal Engine 4, making it easy for developers to pick it up.

The game’s main menu has a similar layout to the Elite Dangerous, Skyrim and Fallout series of games.

The game’s main mission mode focuses on combat and exploration. It also includes a story mode that supports branching storylines and is similar to Telltale’s games.

The game’s main progression methods are through combat, crafting and quests. Unlike most games in its genre, it does not have a progression method that requires the player to reach a certain level in order to unlock more content.

The game includes two social methods: Online and private chat.


In an 8.0/10 review, Eurogamer described the game as “a gentle entréement into world of post-millennial adventure”.

In PC Official’s 9/10 review, the reviewer praised the game’s accessibility, “many, many hours of solo fun” and the use of VR. The reviewer criticized the game for not having dedicated servers and for auto-saving, which he described as a “crutch”.

In a 9/10 review, IGN described Roblox as “a simple game with a great sense of freedom”. In the review, the reviewer praised Roblox’s balance and combat, the ease of which the player can customize characters and weapons, and its accessibility.

In a 9.5/10 review, RPG Site described the game as “lazy fun” with “top-notch design”. The reviewer compared it to the gameplay of Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, describing it as “a game that uses familiarity as a way to ensure that newcomers feel at home”.

In a 10/10 review, US Gamer described Roblox as a “massive playground for endless adventure”. The reviewer also praised the game for its “compelling combat and exploration”, “thoughtful pacing” and its use of “a consistently engaging and to-the-point story”.

In a 9/10 review, IGN described Roblox as “a huge


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