at one point there was a slew of dating apps just like tinder out there, but not anymore. swiftkey — the programmers of the famous blackberry keyboard — says they wanted to create something that focused on the time spend on their phones, and they think they’ve done that.

okcupid has been my favorite dating app since i discovered it a few years ago. okcupid’s been the buzziest among old and new users since the app launched in 2008. critics often say that the formula for success on okcupid is to send and receive a lot of messages, which is why i’m not a huge fan. but what i like most about the app is its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. before i even met my husband, i fell in love with someone on okcupid and that’s exactly why i love the app. okcupid’s motto is “the only way to find love is online,” which is pretty accurate. though not everyone believes the app is the best way to find love, okcupid has clearly established itself as a player in the online dating space.

plentyoffish has been my go-to for years. i’ve been on plentyoffish since 2010 and i’ve met people who i’ve turned into a couple, but i haven’t been able to pull the trigger on meeting people in person. the app was founded in 2002 and has made a name for itself as one of the original online dating sites. the interface isn’t complex, so finding and going on dates can be relatively pain-free. it also works just fine on mobile devices.

the older i get, the more app options i’m likely to have. and while i appreciate the convenience offered by, i prefer the more private, no-commitment features that hinge and grindr have to offer. i wouldn’t mind seeing my options extended by someone like the match group. but as it stands, there are just so many dating apps out there that i’m not even sure i know which one to pick.