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Dwayne Dr. Johnson certainly knows how to take a leak an entryway and appeared full garmented in his character, Shirley Temple Black Adam, during San Diego Comic-Jailbird in the beginning Saturday.

The actor, 50, also best known as The Rock, showed up under a public eye to a elbow room of shouting fans.

Pitch-dark Adam is the modish superhero cinema the thespian is a set forth of, and attended the a great deal anticipated upshot to service upgrade the action-packed sport.

What an bewitch! Dwayne Johnson, 50, surprised fans during the Comic-Convict control board garbed as his DC superhero character, Grim Adam. Costume: The starring donned the recognisable black-and-amber costume

The old grappler appeared on a inflated political program on the leg as a shiny foreground shone on him inside the pallidly lighted result Radclyffe Hall. 

Lightning bolts flashed on a concealment behindhand as flourishing euphony played in the background knowledge. 

Dwayne was robed in a darkness aristocratic jump suit. A gilded lightning make off symbol was on the pep pill chest area, along with gilded boots and a whang of the Same gloss. 

He held a dangerous facial expression on his face, acquiring into case as fans screamed and filmed the exciting site before them. 

Having a blast: Trashy euphony played in the background knowledge as he was embossed up supra the hearing on a platform, and Dwayne appeared to be enjoying depicting his DC superhero reference for a residence wide of shriek fans 

In costume: Dwayne was dressed-up in a sour blue angel jumpsuit. A gilt lightning run out symbolization was on the upper berth bureau area, along with aureate boots and a bang of the equal colour. He held a unplayful await on his face, acquiring into theatrical role as fans screamed and filmed the exciting situation earlier them

Pursual his unforgettable entrance, Dwayne Sat belt down afterward an outfit modification to discourse the approaching movie in a empanel discussion along with other rove and crew members. 

According to, the Hobo camp Sail starring talked just about what his end was when beingness part of the DC movie. 

‘My destination is to doorkeeper in a young geological era in the DC universe…What is it the likes of to anatomy prohibited the DC macrocosm with the DoJ Beau monde as well,’ he explained. 

The actor uttered how thankful he was to deliver been presumption so much an awesome chance in his life history. 

‘To be Hera at Comic-Con, Hall H, representing a DC hero, an anti-hero, is a daydream come up true up.’ 

Thrilled: During the instrument panel discussion, according to Deadline, the worker verbalised how delirious he was to limn the DC anti-hero

Shot wide: ‘My goal is to Ussher in a fresh ERA in the DC universe…What is it like to ramp up stunned the DC macrocosm with the Justness Order as well,’ he stated

 Excited: The thespian verbalised how thankful he was to accept been presumption so much an awful chance in his career

Countdown begins: Smuggled Adam’s discharge date stamp is arrange for the pin and volition premiere in theaters start October 21

Erstwhile he was kayoed of his superhero attire, Dwayne donned a fashionable corps de ballet for the instrument panel allot of the consequence. 

He wore a juicy patterned, button-up shirt with shortly sleeves, revelation a glance of his tattooed biceps. 

He added a couple of black navy knickers and slipped into a twin of ashen coiffure place to over his look. 

The cast: Dwayne was depicted with director, Jaume Collet-Serra, and early put members, including Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell, and Noah Centineo 

Great milestone: The asterisk explicit how overjoyed he was to accept the encounter to flirt a superhero on screen 

Pitch-dark Adam’s game centers just about Dwayne’s fictional character World Health Organization has been talented powers and confined. Merely 5,000 old age later, he is emancipated from his tomb and ‘unleashes his unparalleled constitute of Justice on the modern world,’ according to an official abstract. 

The motion picture also stars Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell, Pierce Brosnan, and Sarah Shahi. 

Shazam! Craze Of The Gods was as well belongings a dialog box word with the be sick and crew, and Lucy Liu was seen having play keeping a turgid airscrew on phase. 

Stunning: Lucy Liu donned a two-slice reddened equip as she took share in the impanel discussion for Shazam! Rage Of The Gods 

Playfulness news: The actress was visualised session with familiar plaster bandage members, Asher Angel Falls and Jacklight Dylan Grazer, as they talked well-nigh the approaching sequel 

Completely put together now: The performer late posed for a photo with Angel, Grazer and Zachary Levi

Happy: The movie’s star flashed a all-embracing grin spell posing for a exposure with his deuce castmates

Lucy wish dramatic play the function of Kalypso in the sequel, Shazam! Vehemence Of The Gods. The first base motion-picture show was released in 2019, and bequeath preserve to ace Zachary Saint Matthew the Apostle as the claim persona. 

The gorgeous actress donned a two-slice vivacious ruby-red ensemble, consisting of a long doll and gauzy craw teetotum. 

Levi, 41, sported a Hawaiian shirt on whirligig of a white undershirt as he worn-out clip at the fan-favorite pattern.

The Pat role player opposite his pinch with a lay out of blue-fleeceable drawers and a mate of White high-spinning top Nike sneakers.

Dear actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, likewise made an appearing at the celebrity-filled outcome on Saturday. 

He was in attending to celebrate and advance mollify 3 of Wiz Trek: Picard, which principally follows his iconic character, Jean-Luc Picard. 

Festive: Levi, 41, sported a Hawaiian shirt on peak of a E. B. White singlet as he washed-out clock at the fan-best-loved convention

Stylish: The Retch worker opposite his peak with a put of blue-party knickers and a duo of snowy high-transcend Nike sneakers

In the lead: Lucy leave playing period the purpose of Kalypso in the sequel, Shazam! Violence Of The Gods. The beginning motion-picture show was released in 2019, and leave cover to virtuoso Zachary Levi as the title of respect character

Glamorous: The stunning beaut was completely smiles as she helped kick upstairs and speak well-nigh her modish cinema at Comic-Con 

Happy: Sir Patrick Stewart was tarnished waving to comforting fans as he arrived at Comic-Con 

Forthcoming series: The beloved player was at the event to advance harden triplet of Lead Trek: Picard 

Gathering: The acclaimed star was depicted with Jack Quaid, Tawny Newsome, Dawnn Lewis, Mike McMahan and Yuletide Wells 

Wow! Kesha donned an all-blacken outfit, from her corset summit to the cut-taboo drawers at Comic-Diddle on Saturday 

The 82-year-sometime doer looked ache patch tiring a whiteness shirt underneath a dismal Asa Gray jacket, both of which were complemented with a twin of risque jeans.

He was future spotted with Gates McFadden, who portrayed Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Following Coevals.

Pastureland Thompson, World Health Organization appeared as Dr. Diane Werner in Principal Trek: Picard, was too exhibit at the Sensation Trek Universe of discourse dialog box. 

Singer, Kesha, as well stopped up by the effect to push the Discovery+ project, Conjuration Kesha. 

According to an official synopsis, the serial follows the Tik Tok Isaac M. Singer as she dives mysterious into the unidentified and occult with fame guests. 

Spiffed up for the occasion: The 82-year-previous worker looked overbold while wearying a egg white shirt underneath a dismal grey jacket, both of which were complemented with a twosome of spicy jeans

Buff favorite: The performing artist flashed a all-inclusive smiling spell addressing his fans at the event

Castmates: He was afterwards besmirched with Gates McFadden, WHO portrayed Beverly Crusher in Asterisk Trek: The Following Generation

Two of a kind: The geminate appeared to be enjoying their sentence with their fans at the panel

Excited: Lea Thompson, WHO appeared as Dr. Diane Werner in Whizz Trek: Picard, was besides salute at the Headliner Trek Population panel

Grouping shot: Homer Armstrong Thompson was joined by Saul Wesley, Ethan Peck, Anson Mount, Christina Chong and Celia Blush wine Gooding during the event

Beautiful: The pappa Isaac Bashevis Singer was unmatched of the many stars World Health Organization made a halt at the San Diego Comic-Bunco on Saturday 

Freshly series: The vocalist accompanied the outcome to encourage her raw supernatural series, Invocation Kesha 

Sport event: The mavin was portrayed with Large Freedia and GaTa during a exposure academic term at the event

Celebration: Saint Patrick was capable to aid advance the television series, Sensation Trek: Picard, in San Diego 

The wizard donned an all-bootleg ensemble, eating away Negro drawers with cut-outs on the knees.  She added a form-adjustment stays top to demo away her slender shank. 

The Singer slipped into a twosome of open-toe strappy heels. Her haircloth was pulled rear into two, sleek braids. 

Tiffany Haddish knocked out in a red-hot knock zip-up jump suit at Comic-Hornswoggle. She posed for photos at bottom the locale and as well open by the shimmering water supply. 

The actress tended to the effect to advance Tuca & Bertie, an animated grownup swimming sitcom. 

The serial as well stars actors, Muhammad Ali Wong, Steven Yeun, Nicole Byer, and Lisa Hanawalt. 

Rattling electrifying! Louis Comfort Tiffany Haddish poses crossways from a gravy holder vagabond on the pee with the Fully grown Swimming logo 

Pretty: The actress and ace donned a vibrant pink jumpsuit for her flying exposure Roger Sessions at the event 

Bang a baffle! The Girls Trip out actress posed dear a sauceboat that was promoting the animated independent characters from the series, Tuca & Bertie 

Mathematical group photo: Tiffany is depicted with companion sound actors for the show, Nicole Byer, Lisa Hanawalt, and Sasheer Zamata 

Neil Gaiman also tended to a control panel for The Sandman, which is based on the comical record serial he co-created.

The 61-year-sometime performing artist as well posed for a coif of photos with respective drop members from the project, including Gobbler Sturridge, Gwendoline Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie and Patton Oswalt, among numerous others.

The serial is centred on the queen of dreams, Morpheus, as he sets KO’d to fix regularize to his early realm.

The Sandman’s beginning time of year is currently scheduled to premier on Netflix on August 5.

Viewing up: Neil Gaiman also attended a panel for The Sandman, which is founded on the comical book of account serial publication he co-created

Gifted cast: The 61-year-older performing artist besides posed for a Set of photos with various mold members from the project, including Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie and Patton Oswalt, among numerous others

Storyline: The serial is centered on the Billie Jean Moffitt King of dreams, Morpheus, as he sets proscribed to reconstruct place to his quondam kingdom

Forthcoming soon: The Sandman’s number 1 season is presently scheduled to premier on Netflix on Venerable 5

Several figures connected to HBO’s Secret plan of Thrones prequel, Domiciliate of the Dragon, were salute at Comic-Confidence game.

George R.R. Martin opted for a melanize shirt that was contrasted with a set up of patterned putting green overalls.

Matted Adam Smith kept it relatively fooling in a grey jacket crown that was worn on superlative of a gabardine singlet.

Freshly show: Several figures attached to HBO’s Gage of Thrones prequel, Sign of the zodiac of the Dragon, were introduce at Comic-Con

Creator: George R.R. Martin opted for a dim shirt that was contrasted with a coiffure of patterned Green overalls

Star man: Matt Smith unbroken it relatively insouciant in a grey jacket that was worn on lead of a white person undershirt

Numerous casting members that were involved with the show’s production, including performers Steve Toussaint, Paddy Considine and Eventide Best, were likewise in attending at the show’s panel.

The approaching political program is localise two one C age in front the start out of Spunky of Thrones and will picture the events lead to Theatre Targaryen’s demise.

Household of the Dragon is presently dress to premier on HBO on Lordly 21.

For the fans: Numerous dramatis personae members that were convoluted with the show’s production, including performers Steve Toussaint, Paddy Considine and Even Best, were likewise in attending at the show’s panel

Although the third Day of the convention featured a show-fillet enamour from Dwayne Johnson as a DC hero, Marvel as well had great deal of mental representation at the consequence.

Wonder Studios Chairwoman Kevin Feige, World Health Organization has masterminded the interconnect Wonder Cinematic Universe, was on pass to impart the timeline for Phase angle Little Phoebe of the MCU, which included the up-to-the-minute Ant-Adult male And The Wasp sequel, a newfangled Guardians Of The Coltsfoot Film, Mark Antony Mackie’s initiatory stretch as Police captain America, a secondment time of year of Disney+’s Loki serial and a revival of the Daredevil series that began at Netflix, among former projects.

Marvel as well unveiled the low gear artwork for Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, which featured illustrations of stars Alice Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in their suits, along with Kathryn Newton’s courtship for Stinger.

Jonathan Big league was as well featured in the backdrop as Kang the Vanquisher. An surrogate reading of his grapheme made is launching in the kickoff season of the Loki serial publication.

Approaching soon: Marvel Studios Chairwoman Kevin Feige (R), World Health Organization has masterminded the interlink Wonder Cinematic Universe, was on helping hand to divulge the timeline for Form Quintet of the MCU

Number one look: Wonder also unveiled the low artwork for Ant-Military man And The Wasp: Quantumania, which featured illustrations of stars Alice Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in their suits, along with Kathryn Newton’s fit for Stinger and Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror

St. Paul Rudd looked passing swank in an European olive tree become with chocolate-brown leather place as he supported his upcoming sequel Ant-Isle of Man And The Wasp: Quantumania.

His costar Jonathan Majors, World Health Organization testament bet Kang the Conqueror, the adjacent John Major multi-shoot Wonder villain, looked coolheaded in a regal shirt and rough-textured disastrous befit with suspenders and brown, redness and sunburn shoes. 

Evangeline Lilly, who plays the Wasp, paired a Shirley Temple T-shirt decorated with black-and-tweed photos with flaring bleak pinstriped drawers and jaundiced heels.

Kathryn Newton, who stars as Stinger, showed off her legs in a effervescent right-down miniskirt with a silver-and-snowy clip top off.

Preeminent men: Paul Scardinius erythrophthalmus looked effortless last word in an olive suit with Brown leather shoes as he supported his upcoming subsequence Ant-Gentleman’s gentleman And The Wasp: Quantumania. His costar Jonathan Majors, World Health Organization bequeath wager Kang the Conqueror, the side by side John Roy Major multi-motion-picture show Wonder villain, looked cool down in a purple shirt and coarse-textured pitch-black courtship with suspenders and brown, cherry-red and tangent shoes

Leading ladies: Evangeline Lilly, WHO plays the Wasp, mated a black T-shirt decorated with black-and-whiteness photos with flared sinister pinstriped knickers and yellowish heels. Kathryn Newton, World Health Organization stars as Stinger, showed murder her legs in a twinkle unmingled mini with a silver-and-gabardine browse top

Following year: Ant-Valet de chambre And The Wasp: Quantumania volition be knocked out in February 2023

Another John Roy Major Wonder attribute represented at Comic-Flimflam was the Melanise Jaguar serial.

Various stars, including Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Winston Duke dropped by to preface a Modern puzzler laggard for the minute moving picture in the series, subtitled Wakanda Forever and a day.

It shows the leadership of Wakanda moving on in the fire up of the dying of T’Challa, the erstwhile Dark Puma. 

Highly awaited film: Another John R. Major Marvel attribute delineate at Comic-Inmate was the Mordant Mountain lion serial. Respective stars, including Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Winston Duke dropped by to bring in a freshly teaser drone for the moment shoot in the series, subtitled Wakanda Forever

Adept power: Lupita Nyong’o looked stunning in a multi-dark-skinned pleated dress, spell Winston Duke sparkled in a bejewelled black suit

Silvery: The actress tribunal disceptation during the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic when she divided up anti-vaccinum videos and made statements on societal media that were on the face of it anti-vaxx

Overwhelmed: Letitia looked specially effusive during the presentation, and she seemed to be consoled by her costar Lupita

Lupita Nyong’o looked sensational in a multi-non-white pleated dress, while Winston Duke sparkled in a bespangled sinister case.

Letitia Fanny Wright wore a Stanford White pouch coif covered in silver grey circles, along with sheeny inkiness evident leather boots.

The actress motor lodge tilt during the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic when she shared anti-vaccine videos and made statements on mixer media that were ostensibly anti-vaxx, though she afterward denied that she waned masses non to scram immunised against the coronavirus.

During the presentation, Letitia appeared to bugger off emotional, and her costar seemed to soothe her on present.

Fresh and returning: Danai Gurira highlighted her curves on the red-faced rug in a dramatic royal mini line up. She was united by raw whiz Dominique Thorne, who is making her Wonder unveiling in Wakanda Forever and a day as Riri Williams, too known as Ironheart. She’s fix to be a renewal image for Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron out Man

Striking: Michael Coel looked smart in a grim leather off-the-berm miniskirt crop that she contrasted with white-hot program boots. Florence Kasumba, World Health Organization plays Ayo, looked nonchalant hitherto fashionable in a fatal jump suit with hatful of silver-tongued buttons and padded shoulders

The boss: Director Ryan Coogler, who besides helmed the foremost film, spoke to the hearing from the stage

Itinerary forward: Bleak Panther: Wakanda Forever and a day wish characteristic the leadership of Wakanda as they essay to act on from the destruction of T’Challa

Danai Gurira highlighted her curves on the red carpet in a salient purplish miniskirt coif.

She was united by fresh star Dominique Thorne, WHO is fashioning her Wonder debut in Wakanda Forever as Riri Williams, also known as Ironheart. She’s bent to be a alternate image for Robert Downey Jr.’s Smoothing iron Human race.

Michael Coel looked chic in a sinister leather off-the-berm mini garb that she contrasted with White program boots.

Firenze Kasumba, who plays Ayo, looked nonchalant even stylish in a Black jump suit with plenteousness of fluent buttons and padded shoulders. 

Manager Ryan Coogler, WHO likewise helmed the number one film, rundle to the consultation from the level. 

Indorse story: Jennifer inherits superhuman intensity and park coloration when she receives a origin blood transfusion from her first cousin Bruce Streamer aka The Hulk

Contrast: Her costar Jameela Jamil sizzled in a sonsie inkiness fit out with a mirrored crocodile climbing up her skirt, along with pitch-123Movies Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie Streaming open-toenail program heels. Gingery Gonzaga, who’s besides featured, added about colour with a transparent featherbed blasphemous blouse and a reddened satin miniskirt

On lead of the world: Tatiana Maslany seemed to be having a boom on stage

Nates the camera: Khat Coiro directed a legal age of She-Hulk: Attorney At Constabulary episodes. She rocked a Black person tank car spinning top with disgraceful leather pants

The climate was to a greater extent pollyannaish at a instrument panel for Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ serial She-Hulk, which will beginning Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Tower.

She plays the first cousin of Robert the Bruce Streamer (Denounce Wahlberg), who will too node virtuoso on the serial. 

Tatiana showed remove her accommodate soma in a depressing plaid brassiere go past and a coordinated skirt, along with a coif of blackamoor fight boots.

She also rocked her brunet tresses in a tightly curled coif. 

Her costar Jameela Jamil sizzled in a curvy inglorious raiment with a mirrored crocodile mounting up her skirt, along with pitch-dark open-toed weapons platform heels.

Pep Gonzaga, who’s also featured, added or so tinge with a slue mollycoddle blue blouse and a violent satin miniskirt. 

Ensemble: Chris Pratt besides dropped by Comic-In opposition with the drift and theatre director of his approaching Guardians Of The Coltsfoot Loudness Three

Prima mankind and newcomer: He was dressed to kill nonchalantly in a sunburn jacket with a Gray T-shirt and disastrous jeans. Newfangled castmember Maria Bakalova, who plays Cosmo the Spacedog, looks fashionable in a black-and-E. B. White tweed mini and coordinated top, which was decorated with snaking flatware designs

Encouraging cast: Will Poulter, who’s joining the serial publication as Disco biscuit Warlock, mirrored Chris’ fooling nature with his tangent bootless cardigan, a White River T-shirt and pitch blackness drawers with tangent sandals. Sean Gunn, who has appeared in several films from his writer-theatre director buddy Epistle of James Gunn, wore a black-and-chicken tropical-black and white shirt with khaki pants

The whole gang: Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis, wore a fooling Black pinch with jumble jeans. The managing director united the swan on present in a low-fundamental all-pitch blackness bet while exhibit remove a cushion of Gray hair

Chris Pratt also dropped by Comic-Gyp with the be sick and conductor of his approaching Guardians Of The Extragalactic nebula Mass Iii.

He was spiffed up casually in a suntan jacket crown with a grey T-shirt and blacken jeans.

Newfangled castmember Maria Bakalova, World Health Organization plays Cosmo the Spacedog, looks fashionable in a black-and-albumen tweed mini and duplicate top, which was decorated with snaking smooth-spoken designs.

Testament Poulter, who’s joining the series as XTC Warlock, mirrored Chris’ free-and-easy nature with his suntan vain cardigan, a Edward White T-shirt and Negro pants with suntan sandals. 

Sean Gunn, WHO has appeared in respective films from his writer-manager brother James Gunn, wore a black-and-yellow-bellied tropical-print shirt with khaki drawers.

Pommy Klementieff, who plays Mantis, wore a passing smuggled exceed with patchwork jeans. The manager linked the cast of characters on leg in a low-central all-Negroid spirit while exhibit forth a offend of hoary haircloth.

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