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Reinventate Hernan Herrera Pdf 12

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REVIEW: L’Oreal True Match Professional Foundation – Light

As you may have guessed from my last few posts, I have been lathering up with makeup and applying it on a daily basis. Oh no, I’m not obsessed. Well, maybe a little bit… But if you think about it, we spend so much of our time in front of mirrors, it’s only natural that you’ll want to make the most of your time doing it. I’ve got some L’Oreal product reviews and swatches up my sleeve, so stay tuned for those! ?

As for now, I’m going to talk about the foundation that I use every day. I’ve been obsessed with finding the right foundation for me for a while, and after numerous tries and trials, I decided to let you all in on my findings. I’ve been using the L’Oreal True Match Professional Foundation – Light shade for quite some time now, and I’m proud to say that it’s one of the best foundations that I’ve used, and you can read my review of it here!

I bought this foundation two years ago, shortly after my first attempt at makeup. It was the first time in quite some time that I actually committed to using a foundation. I was having too many issues with the color that I chose, and it never really worked for me. I figured that since I already had a foundation on the shelf, I might as well use it. So I did