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The first commercial release of AutoCAD included a program that automatically converted a standard 2D drafting table to a 3D model, allowing the user to explore a floor plan or design space from a 3D perspective. This led to the development of other CAD programs that had multi-dimensional capabilities. AutoCAD is used to draw 2D and 3D drawings of architectural, mechanical, and civil engineering projects.

The latest version of AutoCAD is 2016, which is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The AutoCAD software is capable of working in multiple languages and countries, and is marketed for both commercial and non-commercial use. According to Adweek, AutoCAD is the world’s most widely used CAD software by industry professionals and is one of the most valued products in the market. In 2016, annual sales of AutoCAD exceeded $1.6 billion.

The 2017 data released by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) show that, in total, CAD tools constitute the top tools preferred by different professionals and that the gap between the top tools and the tools preferred by the majority of the users remains significant.

AutoCAD Training Institutes in India

Besides the traditional learning model, there are several other options for AutoCAD training courses in India. The options include private and group-based training classes as well as online training and certification.

According to experts, AutoCAD training is one of the most popular and in-demand courses in India. It is taught at many different levels in institutes, colleges, universities, corporate training centers, and the private sector.

AutoCAD Training Institutes and Colleges in India

CadSoft is a CAD training institute offering four types of courses in the AutoCAD training program:

Entry-level AutoCAD Training in India. This includes Basic AutoCAD Training (AutoCAD LT) and AutoCAD Training with Layout (LT-101). Entry-level AutoCAD Training is ideal for new AutoCAD users. It is designed to cover the basic features of AutoCAD. Entry-level AutoCAD training also includes training on AutoCAD R14 software, which can be used to create 2D drawings and documents.

Advanced AutoCAD Training in India. It is a specific course that helps the user to understand the underlying concepts, principles, and theory of CAD applications. Advanced AutoCAD training can

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2D Drafting and 3D Modeling. This package has an array of functions to provide specialized assistance for different types of jobs. These include:

Shape Editing: Append, Connect and Remove lines, arcs, circles and polygons
Document Editing: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Insert and Modify block references
Arrangement Editing: Select, Expand, Collapse, Flip, Rotate, Shear, translate and Move
Snap Editing: Select, Edit, Edit or Advance, Snap, Snap to Edge and Line to Edge

Also included in this package is Autocad’s Shape Editing Tools which allow the user to draw and edit curves, circular arcs, rectangles, triangles and freeform geometric objects.

Mechanical Drafting
Mechanical Drafting is used for the creation of 2D and 3D models for mechanical engineering and other manufacturing purposes. The Mechanical Drafting family of functions includes a variety of drawing tools for creating both two- and three-dimensional drawings. Some of the tools are:
Drafting: A first draft is created by drawing line segments and arcs and filling them with the specified color.
Cut and Paste: The Cut tool cuts the first draft into several pieces, and the Paste tool pastes the pieces together.
Change Increments: The Change Increments tool automatically adjusts the size of the parts.
Delete: A section of the original first draft is deleted using the Delete command.
Change Dimension: Change the size of the dimension using the Change Dimension command.
Change Dimension Only: Only the dimension is changed and other parts of the drawing remain the same.
Delete Dimension: Delete a dimension using the Delete Dimension command.
Insert Dimension: Insert a dimension using the Insert Dimension command.
Move Dimension: Move a dimension using the Move Dimension command.
Move Dimension Only: Only the dimension is moved and other parts of the drawing remain the same.
Change Center: Change the center of the dimension using the Change Center command.
Change Center Only: Only the center of the dimension is changed and other parts of the drawing remain the same.
Change Size: Change the size of the dimension using the Change Size command.
Change Size Only: Only the size of the dimension is changed and other parts of the drawing remain the same.
Change Skew: Change the skew of the dimension using the Change Skew command.
Change Skew Only: Only the skew of the dimension is changed and other parts of the drawing remain the same.


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What’s New In?

Incorporate updated DXF files directly into your designs using the DXF Import Wizard, while previewing your changes. (video: 3:20 min.)

Import your marker/text file right into the CAD application using the new Markup Import feature. (video: 3:05 min.)

Review and sync with 3D models using the new Markup Assist feature. (video: 4:55 min.)

CAD’s built-in Windows 10 taskbar is a dynamic workspace that helps you to track and access what’s most relevant to you at a glance.

Any file stored on your PC, even those stored in the cloud, can now be accessed in a new file browser.

Model Browser enhancements in AutoCAD 2023:

Highlight any detail element on the model from the Model Browser to speed the design process.

Find and replace objects, markings, and properties in the model.

Keep your designs in sync when you update components in your project, even if you’re in a different project.

Create and update feature tags in the model using the Quick Tag dialog box.

Launch Engineering Assistant directly from the Model Browser, and you can instantly view engineering documents like bills of material, engineering spreadsheets, and other engineering documents.

Multilingual tools and symbols:

Support for 13 languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Urdu.

Hundreds of glyphs are automatically displayed in English and the closest available language.

In the Electrical and Electronics group, display the international circuit symbol on the layout wireframe.

In the Mechanical group, display the international mechanical symbol on the layout wireframe.

In the Engineering group, display the international electrical symbol on the layout wireframe.

Multilingual features include:

Change the global default unit system to metric (where you are).

Switch layouts and view multilingual layouts.

Add multilingual terms to the translation toolbar.

Display the measurement system on the layout wireframe.

More multilingual tools:

Display the Euro (european currency symbol) on the layout wireframe.

Display the Yen (Asian currency symbol) on the layout wireframe.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
1024 MB RAM
1 GHz Processor
256 MB Video RAM
100 MB Hard Drive space
OS: Vista, 7, 8, 10
512 MB Video RAM
1 GB Hard Drive space
Important: A stable internet connection is required for the game.
1 GB Video RAM
1 GB Hard Drive