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A licensed copy of AutoCAD is required for any company or organization to purchase the software. AutoCAD is marketed as a stand-alone application, as a part of the AutoCAD Civil 3D suite or with the AutoCAD Architecture and Design (A&D) suite. The software is available as a subscription-based (monthly, annual, or perpetual license) or one-time purchase of a license for either one or five concurrent users. Other editions include the 2016 and 2019 versions of AutoCAD Architecture and Design for Windows.

AutoCAD features include drafting and design functions and a 3D modeling environment for architecture, mechanical, and electrical (MEP) projects, construction, landscaping, and remodeling. 3D modeling includes an interactive visualization of an object. The application enables the creation of dimensionally correct drawings, including plans, sections, and elevations. Common CAD features, such as tracing, dimensioning, and datuming, are provided, along with a wide variety of tools for drafting and editing text and importing and exporting drawings.

AutoCAD is used by architects, civil engineers, drafters, interior designers, mechanical engineers, landscape architects, millwrights, manufacturers, real estate professionals, and many other professionals. It is the leading commercial desktop design and drafting software, having been installed on more than 20 million desktops and 1 million mobile devices. The software can be used on a wide variety of desktop operating systems including macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the various Linux distributions. It is available for use on the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. AutoCAD is installed on most HP PCs and is available for use on a wide variety of mobile devices.

AutoCAD History and User Interface

AutoCAD was originally developed in 1980 by Paul Schmidt and used by the engineering staff at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in West Hartford, Connecticut. It was first marketed in 1982 and was initially available as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. The initial release was for the then-new TRS-80 Model 100, TRS-80 Model 110, TRS-80 Model 120, IBM PC-compatible Model 50, and Apple II computers. A version for the Apple Macintosh was developed a few years later, but the Apple Mac version had to be later discontinued as the original version was found to be incompatible with the new version of the Apple Macintosh operating system.

AutoCAD was first introduced to

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Software development and a programming language called AutoLISP allows creating add-on components, commonly known as “AutoCAD plugins”. These are created as applications in AutoCAD, which may allow users to build their own solutions to existing tasks, and which are also referred to as Add-ins. The AutoLISP file format was originally a Macro file format, but has evolved into an object-oriented macro language and is considered to be among the most sophisticated programming languages available. This is also the base for Visual LISP.
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a sub-set of Visual Basic, which was designed to be a COM-compliant development environment for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft released a beta version of VBA, with Autodesk releasing the final version on October 11, 1999. This made it possible to write macros and routines for Autodesk applications.
ObjectARX (Object Application Runtime Environment) is the.NET development environment that bridges the gap between Windows-based applications and the object-oriented programming languages of AutoLISP, Visual LISP and Visual Basic.


AutoCAD 2012 introduced a new look and feel with a smooth animation for most dialogs, new ribbon, and the addition of a Dynamic Input Manager (DIM), an input manager that can manipulate an object’s properties without having to “select” it first. It also introduced a new drawing system called “rasterization”, which allows moving objects and inserting images into a file. A new feature called “shading” lets users easily control a drawing’s lighting. Shading allows the creation of “shading groups”, so that the shading can be controlled as a single entity instead of having to constantly change the objects’ “materials”. Shading groups also make it easy to control the shading across all the layers, enabling the creation of custom light effects.

AutoCAD 2017 introduced several new features including the ability to lock a drawing, specific 2D tools, data-related features such as charts and graphs and the ability to view planar surfaces in 3D as 3D solids. It also introduced several new 2D and 3D object types: polylines, polylines, polylines, polylines, polylines, polylines, polylines, polylines, polylines, and polylines.

AutoCAD 2018 introduced the ability to quickly add and edit a team and track changes. It also features new features for walls and truss

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What’s New In?

Importing Illustrator CS6 and EPS files into AutoCAD

Designed to speed up your daily life, AutoCAD now supports importing and incorporating artwork directly from Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe EPS files into the drawing. AutoCAD 2023 is the first CAD program to support importing and incorporating artwork directly from Adobe Illustrator CS6 and EPS files.

Import and incorporate vector art directly from Adobe Illustrator.

Use the new “Import Illustrator Files” command to open a file and create a new drawing based on the contents of the document. Create drawings based on multiple layers, styles, and paths in Illustrator.

Import and incorporate layered artwork in Illustrator.

Add and modify the layers and attributes of an Illustrator drawing in the drawing.

Save your work and continue working on another design in your CAD drawing.

Export Illustrator artwork directly into AutoCAD.

This command is available in the “Export/Import Illustrator Files” dialog box (the “Information” tab)

Export and import Illustrator files to the drawing.

Add and modify styles and paths in Illustrator and export them as separate files into a drawing.

Export and import Illustrator files to the drawing.

Manage Illustrator files directly from your AutoCAD drawing.

Save and archive Illustrator files in the drawing for later use.

Manage Illustrator files directly from your AutoCAD drawing.

Use advanced path-finding tools to work on large projects more efficiently.

Draw paths, polygons, and splines.

Create complex shapes by combining multiple paths or splines.

Draw paths, polygons, and splines.

Draw complex shapes by combining multiple paths or splines.

Optimize complex drawings by using advanced path-finding and knotting tools.

Optimize complex drawings by using advanced path-finding and knotting tools.

Create a menu in the drawing window to access your favorite commands.

Now you can access your favorite commands more easily by pressing a key combination.

Create and navigate menus from the keyboard.

Create menus from your keyboard and manage menus from the keyboard.

Create and navigate menus from the keyboard.

Create menus from your keyboard and manage menus from the keyboard.

Organize your drawing windows by saving and

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 are supported
Net Framework 4.6.2
NVIDIA GTX 970 minimum
4 GB RAM recommended
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
AMD Catalyst 16.1
2560×1440 @ 60 Hz (16:9)
1920×1080 @