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Cinematize Pro HD is an advanced tool that enables you to extract and convert both video or audio streams from Blu-ray and AVCHD files, while preserving the initial image and sound quality. It supports batch file processing and allows you to extract list segments together or separately, then adjust their decoding options.
Managing Blu-ray video
The software supports input BDMV, BDAV folders, as well as AVCHD media straight from the camcorder, from the flash memory or from the dedicated folder. You can extract multiple clips, by setting the start and end point of the video interval.
For a more accurate selection, you may load a single chapter, title, menu or playlist and easily manage each clip’s duration. You may view and rename the selected extractions, in the list on the right side of the main window.
Video conversion
Cinematize Pro HD is a reliable tool for extracting video clips from Blu-ray or AVCHD and converting them to editable, multi-purpose video formats. The software supports output MOV, AVI, H264, MPEG-4 files or mobile device formats. You can save a multimedia file, or store the video and audio separately, as compressed elementary streams.
The output files are suitable for viewing in high quality, inserting in interactive presentations, uploading onto mobile devices, such as iPhone and 3GP phones or publishing them on the Internet.
Stream support
The application enables you to select the appropriate decoding and downmixing settings for video, audio and subtitle streams, in order to obtain the desired result. Thus, you may set the MPEG-2 and H264 decoding modes, as well as the intermediate file codec, in order to extract the video stream. The software displays information about the input video settings, such as image ratio, resolution, decoding mode and frame per second rate.
You may select the audio stream you wish to extract, since most Blu-rays include multiple audio streams, in different languages. You may change the dynamic audio range, sample size and increase or decrease the decibel level.
Additionally, the software can extract the subtitle stream corresponding to the clip you have selected. The application can decode integrated subtitles and save them as STL or SRT Timecode formats.
Cinematize Pro HD is a powerful tool capable of managing high quality clips from Blu-ray discs and AVCHD mounted volumes or flash memory, while featuring a user-friendly interface. The software, however only operates

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Cinematize Pro for Mac can be used to create, manage, edit, and render video content for all major video and film formats.Cinematize Pro for Mac is a powerful tool for video creation, editing, and rendering, that includes the following features:

F.E.A.R (Fast Evolved Animation Rendering) – for rendering at significantly faster frame rates than even when using real-time rendering.

Automatic Frame Detection – for easy and effective, real-time editing of motion graphics templates with none of the traditional hassle of frame by frame editing

Manual frame detection – great for animation based projects where you need to see how frame by frame edits look

Videographer – for the ultimate freedom in video creation and editing – literally anything can be animated!

Import and Export Support – for fast and easy import and export of video and animation

Automatic chapter creation – for simple and effective chapters with none of the hassle of traditional chapters

Videoclip – for creating videoclips that flow from scene to scene and are created as content as well as the end of file.

Multilayer timeline – for adding video, audio, text and images to the timeline as well as the ability to combine them at any point in the timeline

Timeline editor – for adding, editing, deleting and grouping timeline items

Keyframe editor – for a timeline editing mode that allows you to fine tune and edit keyframe animations directly on the timeline

Track tween – for easily and easily creating smooth transitions between two videos using the timeline

Color keyer – for customizing your timeline for all kinds of color effects

Fullscreen mode – for cutting in, cutting out, or looping any video you want.

Advanced trim and crop – for the ability to easily cut out any part of a video and to scale, crop or stretch any part of a video

Freehand selection tool – for easy selection of clips and frames within a video

Time remapping – for syncing up your footage in timeline with your music and other source materials

Custom split – for easily separating source material into individual video files based on a specified start and stop time

Discrete trimming – for easy, accurate trimming of source material based on a specified start and stop time

Motion Tracking tool – for easily, accurately and seamlessly animating any object within a video using face recognition and motion tracking

Clip to sound

What’s New In Cinematize Pro HD?

Support for Blu-ray & AVCHD format.
Automatically resume playback after power failure.
Convert Blu-ray to DivX, XviD, MP4, H.264, MKV, OGG, MOV, H.263 & WMV videos for playback on mobile devices such as iOS and Android phones, tablets and other devices that can play these formats.
* Supports Blu-ray, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-J, BD-Video and AVCHD discs.
* * Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
* Support Windows Service Pack 3 and later.
* Support all DVD & Blu-ray discs from all manufacturers.
* Support for DVD R/W from all manufacturers.
* Support both NTSC and PAL video formats.
* Extract BDMV & BDAV folders.
* Extract DivX, XviD, MP4, H.264, MKV, OGG, MOV, H.263 & WMV videos from Blu-ray discs.
* Extract audio streams from Blu-ray discs.
* Extract subtitles from Blu-ray discs.
* Support BDAV & AVCHD videos.
* Export as MOV, AVI, H.264 & MP4 format videos for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, PS3 and other mobile devices.
* * Supported mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, PS3 and other mobile devices that can play these formats.
* * Supported region: all world.
* * Not support Windows Media Player.
* * * Only support Blu-ray and BDAV formatted discs.
* * * * Only support HDTV, SDTV, FHD, EDTV and SD media.
* * * * Only support BD-J and BD-RE formatted discs.
* * * * Only support BD-R formatted discs.
* * * * * * * Only support USB flash.
* * * * * * * * Only support common DVD drives such as TDK, Pioneer and Samsung.
Key Features:
* Supports input BDMV, BDAV folders, as well as AVCHD media straight from the camcorder, from the flash memory or from the dedicated folder.
* Supports batch file processing.
* Adjust the decoding options and switch to the appropriate output mode for each video stream.
* View and rename the selected extractions.
* Easy to select and extract clips, by setting the start and end point of the video interval.
* Select a single chapter, title, menu or playlist, for easy management.
* View and rename the selected extractions, in the list on the right side of the main window.
* Extracts MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, OGG, WAV

System Requirements:

Sonic Generations requires a Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 computer with a DirectX 9 compatible video card. (Note: DirectX version 9.0c is required for the game to function.) The required system specifications for this game are as follows:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.3 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M or ATI Radeon HD 5650
Hard Drive: 7 GB
Additional Notes: The game requires approximately